Monday, September 26, 2011

Lost in a Jungle of Magic


The 25L Tuesday Fall Fete, celebrating a two years of 25 Linden goodness on every Tuesday, is opening on - wait for it - TUESDAY! The store owners have come out in force to offer up inexpensive treasures and a healthy example of their full price store items. I'll have some more things to show you (I went shopping!) but first I wanted to show off my fantastic new duds from De La Soul - including a special version of her Aestali and Aestalian skins called Marked Copper! For the fae inclined, they come with matching ears with a new 'tipped' style which I really like. I've never done dual colored ears before, but I may be converted.

De La Soul's new tunics are out, too, including this one in aqua. I love the patterning at the cuffs, and these are unisex - included are prim parts sized for the guys, and everything is modify ok anyway, so fitting is a breeze. I ended up shrinking my tunic quite a bit, as it was more 'dress' than 'tunic', and it only took me a few minutes. I'm also showing off her new backpacks - in this case the scribe backpack though there are bunches of others - decorated with all the tools of my trade. Next to this one, I think the cook one is my favorite, which a frying pan hanging off of one side!

The hair is an awesome new-ish one from Secrets Hair, and I really love it - from the flower details along the top, to a fantastic set of beading in the bun at the back (look below). It fit like a dream, and I am particularly fond of the cute little curls on either side of my face, right in front of my ears.

Hoof Above the Rest

These leather and buckly leg warmers are also for De La Soul, and like the rest are up for 25$L for 25$L Tuesday in grand style! I wore them over a set of digi-legs from De La Soul's daemon style, but they can be worn with regular shoes as well.

The sim I'm on is showing a temporary display from Soror Nishi. I had wanted to catch one of her in-world shows for a long time (she's mostly moved to another grid), so when I read on her blog that she was going to be showing not one but TWO sets of her amazing, other-wordly plants I made solid plans to get there as soon as possible. And take pictures. She totally did not disappoint, but I'm being quite honest when I say my pictures do not do it justice. Most of her plants are semi-transparent or outright transparent, which gives everything an imprecise and vague feeling that I love. The textures she uses are unique, and amazing, and witht he transparency they can layer over each other creating new colors where they cross. Some of the plants let loose with spoors of colors making fuzzy straight lines that cross over each other as well, making layers of boxes with open ends. The effect is amazing, and mesmerizing, and making windlight changes will just improve it for you! Go go go now!

Marshmellow Branches

I've been thinking a lot today about experiences, and how our knowledge in one area can make us dismissive of people with different areas of knowledge - sometimes rightly, but other times wrongly, and always with the risk of being rude. My brother told me the story once of a girl he met at college doing her laundry for the first time, as she'd never needed to at home. He was drawn to the laundry room by the smell of grinding gears and her dismay; she had packed the laundry machine so tightly with laundry that it literally couldn't move, much less let any water in to wash things. This experience, he said as he told us of it, gave him a new appreciation for our mom insisting we took part in doing chores.

I had a friend, also, who once cooked us a dinner but who didn't know a lot about cooking. He wanted to do a beef fry up, and purchased stew meat, since it was already cut small; for those who don't know, stew meat is the cheapest, stringiest cuts and is meant to be boiled for a minimum of three or four hours. Luckily, he asked me before he cooked with garlic, as he had assumed a clove was the bulb, and not the individual, smaller piece. And I have gratitude toward my mom for teaching me to cook, and some of the basics in the kitchen, even though I still have a lot to learn.


( More pictures here. )


Skin: De la Soul, Aestali - Cream Rose Marked Copper (promotional item)
Eyes: De La Soul, Roomee Eyes - Rainbow
Ears: De la Soul, Wooby - Tipped Ear
(promotional item)
Hair: Secrets Hair, Spring - Dirty Blond (promotional item)
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Dress: De La Soul, Celtic Tunic - Aqua (promotional item)
Ring 1: Alchemy Immortalis, Nestling Finger
Ring 2: Earthstones, Eternal Blossom Ring - Bouquet
Panties: katat0nik, Holiday panties
Stockings: Kyri Style, No 2 Chocolate
Leg Warmers: De La Soul, DigiLegwarmers Belted
(promotional item)
Hooves: De La Soul, Deamon Digi Legs (promotional item)

Poses: Glitterati

Location: Imparafacile Island
Light Settings: Surreal Brazil

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only


  1. Hi, so glad you enjoyed the build at Arte Libera, it was a lot of fun to do. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. I'm so glad you liked the post. ^.^