Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Windlight makes amazing changes to what we see in Second Life.

Every now and then I play around with a single setting and a variety of effects - in this case I was particularly struck by a sculpture at the place I did my White Week photoshoot, and stuck around after I was done to play with windlight and record the effects.


I'm in each of these pictures, giving a sense of scale to the enormous Angel at Imagine Plus. All of the sculptures her are gigantic, lending a feeling of being dwarfed and made miniature - something which suits me, as a faerie!

Some of my favorites follow, but to be honest I think all of them are worth a look. Sadly, I didn't record the windlights as I went - call me lazy! - but they're all presets included with Phoenix and most, if not all, of them were made by Torley Linden.

Closer to God 2

A Momentary Pause 1

Communion With Chaos 1

In My Unworthy Hand 1

I Think We Have You Surrounded 2

Of Ants and Angels 1

Edge of Eternity 1

( See more pictures here. )

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