Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come Over for a Bite

Afraid of the Dark

Somehow, the original Twilight Zone television shows are still incredibly creepy despite having no special effects and emerging from our black and white past.

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Skin: De la Soul, Aestali - Cream Rose
Eyes: De La Soul, Roomee Eyes - Rainbow
Eye Shadow: Souzou Eien, Fairy Eyes - Lavender
Lipstick: L.Fauna, Pink II 3
Bites: Fallen Gods, Fangbangers Delight - Messy
Ears: Illusions, Mystic Ear - Fairy
Hair: Truth, Kalia - driftwood
Necklace: Ticky Tacky, Sweet Dreams - Sleepwalking
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Dress: Ho wear, Lady Annabell - purple
Ring 1: Alchemy Immortalis, Nestling Finger
Ring 2: Earthstones, Eternal Blossom Ring - Bouquet
Shoes: G Field, Strap Shoes "Alex"

Pose: Glitterati, 118

Location: New Gothika

Light Settings: TOR, NIGHT Nocturne

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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