Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fantasy Faire: Giant Deoridhe

The Golden Delta: Eye to Eye

The Fairelands has closed for another year. I may have a few more posts of the echoes of the Fairelands, but these are the last of my pictures of the sims themselves - taken as a small Colossi. Perhaps some year I will see if I can top ten meters, but I quite like my three meter form from Quixotic Dreams. I took advantage of it being Omega-compatible and added skin and eyes from .:Soul:. - one of the two skins available at We <3 RP. Shoes and hair were resized to fit - I just wish I could do the same thing with mesh clothing! Or rigged shoes, for that matter.

Malfience: DwarfinElveg s

Fantasy Faire in Review

Fairlands Junction: Pawn

I am very happy with how this year's Fantasy Faire went! While we enjoy the lingering days of the faire before they vanish into the mists, I thought I'd reflect on how this year went and explore the sims in both micro and macro.

The Golden Delta: Anubis

Monday, May 2, 2016

Fantasy Faire: Creations of the Golden Delta

Creations of The Golden Delta

I made this entire cute scene around the secret prize around Yoga Frogs from meadowWorks (The Golden Delta) - specifically around the secret rare prize of a yoga mat, which was the first prize I received! I couldn't resist a slew more of frogs to play with, and then moved on to the Tomb Traders Gotya (aka gacha) and managed to land uncommon and rare items, but not all the Canopic Jars - I'm in the market if you have duplicates! This ended up being a totally cute and unexpected side trip through what meadowWorks (The Golden Delta) has to offer, and a few of the items which made The Golden Delta incredible.

Fantasy Faire: A Traveller in The Golden Delta

The Golden Delta: Landing

The Golden Delta glows under the sun like a jewel, and the wonders available there are equally glorious. Beginning with one of my favorite hair stores, Wasabi Pills (The Golden Delta), I have this adorable pigtail style which is - glory be of glories - perfect for my enormous ears. So often pony tails are set to be tight to human ears, so it's really a treat to have one which tucks around and under my ears perfectly. I thought they were a cute style for a jiniri, and fit the light and playful style I was going for to contrast with my more somber surroundings. The ends of my hair are tied with simple cords in two colors, and a HUD lets you color them separately. The rough and thick style is echoed in my bracelets from BluPrintz (Twilight Illusion), heavy forearm guards which work as well as jewelry as armor! The color and weight are awesome, and they really add to my overall styling.

The Golden Delta: Fountain Dance

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fantasy Faire: The Golden Delta

Sim Sponsor: Fallen Gods Inc. by Alia Baroque (Interview)
Builder: Alia Baroque

Event Sponsors: 
Curious Kitties by Ameshin Yossarian (Interview)
meadowWorks by Garvie Garzo (Interview)
Building Daydreams by AineMari Flanagan (Interview)

Thursday, April 21 at 5:30PM SLT LitFest Region Tour: The Golden Delta
Friday, April 22 at 10AM SLT - LitFest Region Tour: The Golden Delta

The Golden Delta: Life - Death - Grief

Other Stores on Sim:
The Golden Delta: A Caravan of Camels

Dark Anubis guards the barriers between worlds, beside himself in dark marble and gold and holding life in his hand.  The sands beyond bake under an unforgiving sun, reeds drying where the river has abandoned them. Ahead, a caravan of camels dig their hooves deep into the shifting ground, the youngest of them monopolizing the slim shade cast by palm trees. A tent is stake out nearby for the driver left to mind them all as the company explores the desert town built around the Nile, a friendly cobra soaking in the sun nearby. This driver has abandoned sand for shore, tired feet and dusty body half submerged in the river as she watches the pretty boats carry fragments of souls into eternity, each of them in their own canopic jar.

The Golden Delta: River End

Higher above, crowds move between darkly shadowed interiors as the gods watch all without. Basalt Bastets, majestically coiled, stand tall on pillars between larger replications of Sekhmet and Anubis in relief carvings and sandstone statuary, and heads of Wadjet, her winged hood unfurled. Obelisks painted with dark pigments and crowned in gold are supported by pillars depicting Hathor and Ra, long messages on them for the dead. A layer above, crowned Horus guards pillars marked with red ocher and flanked by Sekhmet's lions while on the street scorpions skitter across stone looking for places to hide. Tucked into corners where the sun rarely reaches and walled off from encroaching animal life, fountains are built into layers and planted with exotic flowers.

The Golden Delta: Shadowy Garden

Through narrow breaks in the wall, glorious Isis presides over the waters with her wings spread wide. Out in flat plazas, shallow pools of water are refreshed as they frame overwhelming obelisks crowned in golden statues of Isis, which are then overshadowed by even taller pyramids carved in basalt with gold lettering and sandstone edges. The main temple is framed with Bastet, mirror and Ankh in hand, while Anubis as both jackal and man stands guard in solemn lines. From here is he best view of the river which flows endlessly outward, and gatherings of both grief and joy play out on the wide patio warmed by fires in shallow bowls and cooled by the river itself. Life and death, hot and cold, fire and water - it is in the place where opposites co-exist that symbiosis may emerge.

The Golden Delta: Great Temple

( More Golden Delta images here. )


Location: The Golden Delta
Windlight Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

Fantasy Faire: A Traveller in Lucentia

Lucentia: Dancing Life

I wanted something dreamy and mystical for Lucentia, and this dress from AiShA (Lucentia) fit the role perfectly. It not only looks like bark and branches, it's literally shaped like a trunk down to the roots at the bottom instead of feet. This is a really fun outfit, with branch style jewelry that comes with it. There is also a mask - that is sold separately but really adds a lot to my red carpet dryad look. The dress part comes rigged in standard sizes; the jewelry is unrigged. What I had the most fun with was finding ways in which poses modified the root system to fit against the world around me. The pointy, ragged edges hint at a larger purchase on the earth without spreading out too far - though I have to admit I would love to see different trunk and root shapes as well; it would be so fun to be able to make a forest out of my friends!

Lucentia: Morning Meal

Fantasy Faire: Lucentia

Sim Sponsor: The Looking Glass by Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee (Interview)
Builder: Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee

Friday, April 22 at 5:30PM SLT - LitFest Region Tour: Lucentia
Saturday, April 23 at 10AM SLT - LitFest Region Tour: Lucentia

Lucentia: Arch

Other Stores on Sim:
Lucentia: Water Color

Fantasy Faire: Creations of Lucentia

Creations of Lucentia

These are some of the cutest details on the grid, all arranged by the side of an unusually useful teleportation pool. The pool itself is from *Figment* (Lucentia) and comes with a HUD and instructions. I love it just for looks - inky dark with a shiny surface that is continually moving - very magical! The clock and fountain are both adorable accessories - and both actually perfect for being inside a location. Dragon Magick Wares (Lucentia) did fantastic work making delicate and fun accents to any stylish design. Finally, the dragons are rezzable and wearable both, from Bliensen + MaiTai (Lucentia). One of them is a gift from the Tale of Exiles Hunt while the other two are for sale. These are completely adorable, brightly colored with interesting mesh shapes which fit into a variety of places, both as a friend and a decorative element.

Fantasy Faire: A Traveller in Twilight Illusion

Twilight Illusion: Turned Around

Twilight Illusion is a place of contrasts, and a broken angel seemed like a perfect traveller to go through these unforgiving and extreme environments. The demonic angel part could only come from BluPrintz (Twilight Illusion). The horns are part of a gacha - commons get you horns of various colors and the shown rare adds a halo for a really confused creature. The severed wings on my back come in black or white - I chose white but the black is equally well done. Finally, the Cerafina Heels are striking in their focus on just being the heel part, except for a band over the ankle, leaving one in a precarious if pretty situation! There's matching armor, and one of the RFL vendors sells a prism set that includes the heels.

Twilight Illusion: Miasma

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fantasy Faire: Twilight Illusion

Sim Sponsors: Merchants of Dreams
United InshCon by Eldowyn Inshan (Interview) 
~*Sweet Revolutions*~ by Sweetgwendoline Bailey (Interview)

Builder: Sweetgwendoline Bailey and Eldowyn Inshan

Saturday, April 23 at 5:30PM SLT - LitFest Region Tour: Twilight Illusion
Sunday, April 24 at 10AM SLT - LitFest  Region Tour: Twilight Illusion

Twilight Illusion: Bloody Fungi

The Great Alliance (Interview): ["A Suitor for the Queen"]
  • Friday, April 22 at 4PM SLT -  - The Queen’s Dilemma
  • Saturday, April 23 at 5PM SLT - The 1st Challenge: Test of Courtly Manners
  • Sunday, April 24 at 5PM SLT  - The 2nd Challenge: Test of Metal (Fencing)
  • Tuesday, April 26 at 5PM SLT - The 3rd Challenge: Gifts of Gratitude 
  • Thursday, April 28 at 4PM SLT  - Mysteries Revealed
  • Saturday, April 30 at 5PM SLT - The Final Challenge

Read the Timetable of Events here.
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Twilight Illusion: She Waits