Monday, April 11, 2016

On9 Anniversary Hunt

It's On9's Anniversary, and to celebrate they're hosting a hunt! Each store has a cupcake in their section, and inside of each cupcake is a landmark and a hint to find the hunt prize. You don't look for it at the On9 Event - instead, take that landmark to the store and look for another pretty pink and cyan cupcake for your prize. I highly recommend picking up all of the hint folders and going from store to store - nothing is gained by returning to the On9 Sim in between each hunt. All the hints seemed decent to me and there were very few hunt shenanigans like hiding things inside of things or having half a dozen cupcakes in view! Where I thought something was a little above the challenge norm I've included notes.

8+ [Octopus] - buy the cupcake for the prize
Wearable Balloon With Pose

Nails - five colors with glittery texture
"Lolita" Mini Dress
Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, fitted, standard sizes; no invis layer

Single Pose

Dress, standard sizes, fitmesh, Maitreya, SLink


Arisaris/B&W - On9 cupcake untouchable; cupcake at store also untouch/buy/payable
sent notecard

Flower and Berry Earrings


Ben's Beauty & Boutique - no cupcake either at On9 or at Store

Window-style shelf

Photograph on Canvas

ChicChica - Things hide behind other things.
Maple Leaf Earrings

Two shelves with books, one shabby the other color change

Lingerie - textures, plus
Lolas, Matreya, Omega, SLink, and TMP appliers

Large Lavender Chair

Human Ears

Store Brand Hoodie

Hair flowers

Horse shaped clutch purse

Garbaggio - make sure to look under things!
Heels - TMP, Matreya, and SLink High

Dress - standard sizes

Two poses with mirrors

Two Bracelets


La Gazza Ladra - given landmark dropped me in a wall
Pink Ruffled Dress - standard sizes

Large Ring Earrings

LaVian & Co - There are more than one believes!
Top and Jeans - Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, fitted, standard sizes

M Couture - no cupcake either at On9 or at Store

Draped back dress - Matreya and standard sizes

Methos-moda - no cupcake, no store.

Mouth flowers in three colors

Table with plants and pots

Over the shoulder braid in exclusive color

Long Sleeved Dress - five sizes and invis layer

Pose - two similar height people

SLink Mid Heels - Six colors

Shoes - Belleiza, Maitreya, SLink, and TMP High

Dress - standard sizes with arm locks

Mask made of hearts with three color change HUD

Eyeshadow in eight color - tattoos as well as
EVE'Olution, LuLetka, Catwa, SLink, Omega, Akeruka, and TMP appliers 

White dress - texture plus skirt panel
SLink, Belleza, Maitreya, and Omega appliers

Pink Bodysuit - shit and pants, SLink, TMP, Other

[sys] - not set up yet

Single Gold Bracelet

Tank Top - small, medium, SLink, and Matreya sizes


Sun hat with 18 Color HUD

This is a really high quality hunt! I hope these images inspire you to pick up a few things!


  1. Hello! Thanks for the review! Great work! I found everything except the first balloon - you can specify the address?!

    1. It's literally AT On9! No store. ^.^ Buy the cupcake at On9 and you have the prize.