Monday, April 25, 2016

Fantasy Faire: Dangarnon

Sim Sponsor: Death Row Designs by Jaimy Hancroft (Interview)
Builders: Jaimy Hancroft and Eowyn Swords

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Storybook: Vix Nirvana (Interview)
The White Armory Bee Dumpling (Interview)

Tuesday, April 26 at 5:30PM SLT - LitFest Region Tour: Dangarnon
Wednesday, April 27 at 10AM SLT - LitFest  Region Tour: Dangarnon

Dangarnon: Defensive Entrance

Sanctuary RP Community (Interview): ["The Rise of the Blood King"]
  • Thursday, April 21 at 2PM SLT - Dire Words
  • Saturday, April 23 at 4PM SLT - Creation of the Blood King
  • Monday, April 25 at 2PM SLT - Plan to Defeat the Blood King 
  • Wednesday, April 27 at 2PM SLT - The Quest Begins
  • Friday, April 29 at 2PM SLT - A New Threat
  • Saturday, April 30 at 4PM SLT - One Final Condition
  • Sunday, May 1 at 1PM SLT - The Final Confrontation
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Dangarnon: Heart of Town

Dangarnon bristles on the outside like a porcupine, needles of wood and metal piled over each other and resting on top of cannons left rusting. The remnants of the navy float nearby, gray from the weather yet still sound enough to float. Neat paving stones cut through the sod in a smooth curve, flattening out into a plaza form which houses sprout like mushrooms made of rock, stacked upon each other with gables balanced precariously on triangles of wood. Everywhere there are staircases folding back on themselves, leading up to narrow courtyards and even narrowed houses up the mountainside. Tucked in against batches of stone are the rolling carts of the Travellers, boxes and chests stacked up around them as they hawk rare wares from far places in the Fairlands. Customers sneak out from behind their heavy doors to bicker before scurrying back to their bolt-holds to gloat over deals and mourn lost chances.

Dangarnon: Out to Sea

Alleyways sneak up on you, pressed tightly between competing walls and hiding under steps and apartments alike. There is never just one way to get from place to place; instead intricate mazes of corridors, stairs, jumps, and balconies brush up against each other and offer any number of escapes for the fleet of hand and nimble of foot. Gangs of children creep over rooftops to catch minstrel shows in the plazas and swarm over abandoned bags and free items left on the side of the road. Farther into town, shops stand with open doors, welcoming the purses if not the people to partake in what pleasures lurk within. Surprisingly, they also maintain small patios above the fray where townspeople and tourists alike can settle in for a snack while watching passersby. In the heart of the city, only the highest sun creeps down through layers of stone to touch the lowest areas; for light and warmth, metal braziers and heavy lanterns are lit and relit, guiding people through even the most treacherous of pathways.

Dangarnon: Tilt and Ring

The center of town is where history still holds her sway, surrounded by the newest wooden growth of town as her inhabitants outstrip her space. Vandals have had their way, the last remnants of Andolys left blind and destitute as her grandchildren swarm around her. Even her castle has given way to the grime of the invaders, new structures added onto the sides as the newcomers leave their mark. Even the massive retaining walls which failed to protect the city have given way to additions, wood braced into stone to ass massive extensions to house the wealthiest far above the rambleshank rabble below. Houses creep right up to the edge, resting the weight of the lives they contain on the history of stone. No matter the changes to the surface, there is something enduring in the bones of the city which remains below the damage.

Dangarnon: Remnants of Glory

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Location: Dangarnon
Windlight Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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