Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fantasy Faire: Creations of Twilight Illusion

Creations of Twilight Illusion

Pulling out the wonderful things made by creators in Twilight Illusion, I definitely had one of my big challenges! I laid down the foundation using a literal foundation - part of the ruins created by BamPu Legacies (Twilight Illusion) and available in a ton of styles and colors. These are a pleasant tealy green with bits of yellowish orange in the texture and has enough pieces to put together some interesting layouts; I'm showing a fraction of what's available here. The wall is up front with the fireplace-bearing house foundation beyond the wall's archway, so even here you can see how th epieces can be layered over each other to create visual interest. The palm trees and monkey sandwiched in between them is actually a quest gift - so check out the Tale of Exiles to get that!

In front of all of that I put a couple of monument pieces from Silent Sanctuary (Twilight Illusion), complete with flowers and, in one case, an animal to shine things up. The larger one has a lot of standing stones and a dragon skull hanging from the center stones; the smaller has an opening rubbed with red ocre for effect, and with a badger sneaking around it. In front and to the left is a hollow tree with inhabitants from Beyond Persuasion design (Twilight Illusion), a very cute interaction between a fae and her dragon friend. It's more difficult to see that the tree itself has a face - a lot of cute in a very small space! The final touch, and by far the brightest and purest, is from United InshCon (Twilight Illusion) - a pixie home with several pixies to fly around it. This is a really adorable addition to show your local pixies that you're interested in making space for them as well! Tucked into it's stones I added one final detail from Fantasy China (Twilight Illusion), a tall-standing rose plant to add some color among all of that white!

( More Twilight Illusion images here. )


Hollow Tree: Beyond Persuasion, A wee bit of magic: The Caregiver (Fantasy Faire)
Henge: Silent Sanctuary, Standing Stones - Dragon (Fantasy Faire)
Monument: Silent Sanctuary, Standing Stones - Badger (Fantasy Faire)
Wall and House Foundation: Bampu Legacies, Legacy Ruins (Fantasy Faire)
Palm Tree: Bampu Legacies, Dazzle Zazzle Sequin Monkey Tree (Fantasy Faire)
Pixiehouse: United InshCon, Elven Cotes + Fairys (Fantasy Faire)
Roses: Fantasy China, Fantasy Tree with GLowing Flowers (Fantasy Faire)

Location: Imagine Isla
Windlight Settings: TOR, MIDDAY Rebranded skies
Water Settings:Mirror water

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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