Friday, April 22, 2016

Fantasy Faire: ColeMarie Soliel's Partical Dances

ColeMarie Soliel: Lunge

While I've used ColeMarie's particles for a while in a variety of contexts from dances to images, and loved them for a long time. Her store is Cole’s Corner (Lucentia) if you want some of your own. I'd always somehow missed her particle shows in Second Life, and was determined to see this one by hook or by crook. She uses her own particles in combination to create elaborate displays of light and movement to music - and they are every bit as astonishing as I had heard. She did six songs in total, each with a quote predating it and a specific mood evoked; I did my best to try to capture some of the mood I was able to enjoy. She has a second show on Sunday. May 1st at 12noon on Lucentia and I highly encourage you to get there early! It will fill up fast.

ColeMarie Soliel: The Purity of Cotton Candy

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