Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fantasy Faire: Breeze

Sim Sponsor: Solarium by Rynn Verwood & Encaitaron Korobase (Interview)
Builder: Kayle Matzerath

Thursday, April 28 at 5:30PM SLT - LitFest  Region Tour: Breeze
Friday, April 29 at 10AM SLT - LitFest  Region Tour: Breeze

Breeze: Comfortable Dugout

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Breeze: Crossed Flags

Tufts of bright flowers frame the dusty pathway cut through thick grasses by the feet of hundreds of travelers, and places for them to rest from the heat of the sun are on either side, their walls washed with pastel patterns and roofs covered with sod. Everywhere are living things soaking in the sun, the low buildings and long corridors between them channeling the wind to the center of the village. Flags slap and flap in that fitful zephyr, offering encouragement and welcome to even the most footsore. The flagpoles are dwarfed by the taller towers gathering power form the edges, the windmills with their lazy spin, and the watchtowers where sharp-eyed women watch the sleepy crowds below. Speckled here and there on and around the houses, like the absent fall of seeds on the wind, are pine trees. Everywhere is the scent of dust and spices.

Breeze: Wind Catcher

Stairs lead upwards to rooftop routes, the ceramic chimneys grated for a second level of cooking, meat slowly cooking on the fragrant smoke of the fires below. The layers of roof and rock, the long curving pathways, all seem like natural plateaus - the hands of their creators skillfully concealed under the bright growth of grass and pathways pressed down by the passage of time. Everywhere there are flowers bursting out of crevasses and rising up to frame corners and edges of stone shelves. Water joins wind here, pooling where the stone is set lowest and glittering in the light. It's still surface reflects the sky up perfectly, barely moving despite the breezes above. Up the second rise, long boards bridge the gap between pastel softness and old stone ruins, the fountain there hinting at what came before the dug in homes. Long beams of light fall from the four quarters, power gathering in the heart of town.

Breeze: The Central Tent

A wider path leads into the center of town, enormous curving beams of wood holding up swaths of fabric large enough to make homes themselves. They shield delicate patterns painted on the wooden floors, tracing the history of those who came before while leaving space for the newest to make their mark. Wild flowers are rendered domestic nearby, growing wildly out of carved basins flanking the broad staircase and sending their scent to join the whispers of voices and tang of meat and spices which tantalizes even the most sedate toward leisure and gluttony. Beyond, to the east, taller buildings with wilder patterns splattered on their sides catch the light in enormous round windows, double framed doors held wide for visitors to come and go. The heat of the sun lingers even indoors, clinging to cloth and making shadows comfortable for a cat nap. Soft grass lures visitors to linger, bringing rejuvenation to the sore at heart and weary of spirit.

Breeze: Facing the Same Way

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Location: Breeze
Windlight Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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