Friday, April 29, 2016

Fantasy Faire: The Echtra Experience

When you land in Echtra, there is a sign you can click to join the Echtra Experience to learn about what's going on and get some shiny gifts! The goal is to look for small golden footprints and stand on them, thus advancing what you know. Initially, a large black band will show up across the bottom of your screen and you have to accept permissions to affect your avatar. Rikkon the Cheerful is standing right nearby; when you move on top of the golden footprints, you're view moves and he speaks to you. 

Rikkon the cheerful

The ice cave leads up inside the hill to the mead hall, i always come back to visit and drink some mead, mmmmm yum! Maybe i will see you in there again soon?

Hedwig the cute
That is the great dragon of time, they say his heart was stopped by the Grey Prince and that is why no one grows older.

Biorf the mighty
Some of us hedgehogs remember more of the Grey Prince than others, speak to Halfdan the fox wounder, he knows most of all,  you can find him watching over the village

Olaf the blacksmith
Ja, the Grey Prince he did plunge Echtra into the gloom, it's all written in the wall of the great hall...
...are you in need of aught to buy? i have a fine collection of work on offer behind me

A Statue of the Grey Prince, a boy god once worshiped by the people of Echtra

Viky the thoughtful
They say a great dragon rests beneath this hill,
best we keep quiet less waken the beast, ja?
(Norse Wool Hat gift)

The Broken Stone
It looks like there once stood a statue here, but now it rests in broken pieces.

Gruff the cunning
Velkomin, this village is not as alive as it used to be, before the grey prince came!

Oinn the wise
The ritual was performed and the grey prince did appear to speak to us...
Who comes to waken me?, I was done the winter prince, beside my sister of summer, we did care for the land of Echtra and taketh turns in the rhyme of time, In Silence she swiftly gone, leáfa me to taken on all winter and summer mine own. Now i am grey, now i am gloom, aerfaeder, forhwon leáfa ús, ic missan hire, ic missan hire ealfela.


Location: Echtra
Windlight Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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