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Fantasy Faire: The Tale of Exiles Hunt - Part 2

Part One is here.

Chapter IV: Preparations

Bard Queen: Before you leave, emissary, I would like to give you another gift myself. Please pick one of these items...
Bard Queen: The elven knife has the keenest of blades. It will cut through the hardest roots, the strongest vines. It may even cut through rock, although that would take time and blunt the edge.
Bard Queen: On the other hand, I could give you instead this very special candle. Burn it and it will surely calm down even the most aggressive creatures. Or you may find use in the special unguents worked into the wax or its magically enhanced wick.
Bard Queen: The choice is yours, which one do you prefer?

Bard Queen smiles
Bard Queen: I wish I could give you both. But the Unweaver’s influence still spreads, and we must fight back in so many places. The item you do not choose will serve another’s quest. Now, what is your choice? Blade? Or candle?


Bard Queen: May this candle light up your path!
::: Special Candle received :::

Bard Queen: I have two more gifts for you now, and they come with advice.
Bard Queen: The first gift is from the realm of OtherWorld, a beautiful place filled with music and lively conversation.
Bard Queen: Because you’ll need all your strength in Malfience, I suggest you go by way of OtherWorld to rest and refresh yourself.
Bard Queen: Then, as soon as you’re ready, you can continue on to Malfience.
Bard Queen: The second gift is from the people of Sapphire Mirror Lake, a realm devoted to the arts and performance.
Bard Queen: If you can bring the warring peoples of Malfience together, you’ll deserve the reward of some first-rate entertainment.
Bard Queen: Safe travels, Emissary, and good fortune in your quest.

Chapter V: Enter the Divided Land

Talk to the guards in Malfience

Teleporting to Malfience is easy, and you're dropped right in front of the guards you need to talk to.

Malfience: Human Guard

Gary (Guard): Hold up right there! Where do you think you're going?
Gary (Guard): Hey! I remember you! Were you not looking for Princess Flora a while ago?
Christian (Guard): Are you sure?
Gary (Guard): Damn sure! - Welcome! I'm assuming the Queen sent you here... probably to solve up this mess, am I right?


Gary (Guard): Ah! I knew it!...
Christian (Guard): Welcome – but watch your back in there. The whole place is tainted.
Gary (Guard): Right, and the same goes for everyone inside. Don’t trust them for a minute.
Christian (Guard): A little fellow came through a while ago to scout the area, but we haven’t seen him since.
Gary (Guard): If you have the time, you should look for him.
Christian (Guard): Or what’s left of him...
Gary (Guard): Yeah. Bet he knows something that can help you.
Both guards:: Good luck!

Chapter VI: The Scout

Explore the center of the sim to find the scout (Suggestion: look nearby the trees)

As you walk forward - things happen!
You hear some strange noise...

You: Who is it? - Whoever you are, show yourself!

You keep hearing the sounds - they seem coming from the tree nearby...

You: I am not here to hurt anyone - do not be afraid of me.
Scout: That is sweet and all - but I can't move! Come here, please!

Malfience: Scout

Scout: Sooo... Who are you? Have you come to help me? Or are you one of the Unweaver's demons?

[I have come here on bequest of the BARD QUEEN]
Scout: The Bard Queen?
[01:15:53] Scout: So... are you the emissary?

[YES] [NO]
Scout:  Very pleased to be making your acquaintance. I am – you may have guessed – the Scout who was sent by the Queen herself. I have some very important information to give you - but I need your help first!

Scout: I was poisoned when I stumbled into some killing fens. I managed to make my way here ... but I carry the infection with me.
Scout: It should not harm you ... but I will grow weaker and sicker till I die, without help... Would you have some sort of medicine?

You offer the Scout some water
Scout: A few drops added to the water should revive me wonderfully.

What can you tell me about [YOU?] [MORE INFO]
Scout: Well – some time ago, the Bard Queen asked me personally to explore the land and learn as much as possible...
Scout: And so I did, until I ended up... poisoned...
Scout: While exploring the land, I managed to gather some information...
Scout: First of all, there are still some active enclaves... Second, dragon eggs had been stolen, and now they won't communicate with everyone ... which is problematic...

Scout: It doesn’t matter which we are visiting – elves, dwarves, men or mer.
Scout: But we need to steer clear of the dragons – they’re still angered about their eggs being stolen. And we would appear to them ... well, crunchy. And tasting good with ketchup.

Scout: This is what I’ve learned. The mother dragon left her weyr for a short time. When she returned to the weyr, she discovered her eggs were gone.
Scout: She set up a cry. The other dragons came to investigate but could discover no trace of the eggs.  What they did find, very clearly, were the footprints of an elven foot in the sand. No other species could match its size or shape.
Scout: As you can imagine, tensions between the enclaves are at the highest they have ever been.
Scout: We could visit the elven enclave – although it might be dangerous to visit them just to accuse them of theft. They have a reputation for being somewhat touchy, oh dear me yes.
Scout: Or... begin with the mer over in the Eastern Sea.
Scout: Or the human village nearby.
Scout: Or try to be making our way through the Dwarf King's halls.

Do you want the scout to join you? [YES!] [NO!]
You: You should probably come with me - I doubt it's safe for you to return on your own.
Scout: I completely agree with you - besides, how do you think you’ll be avoiding the bogs and the fens and the trasgu and the creepers and the wild beasts without me to guide you, Emissary?
Scout: And anyway, I’m in no condition to make it back to the Bard Queen’s Court and even if I did, I’d probably just infect everyone there.
Scout: Besides, why should you be having all the glory of this Quest after all my hard work?
Scout: Also I may need more water, or even klagu, if you have it, along the way, I'm still very weak.
Scout jumps into your shoulder
Scout: HIP HIP! Let's go!

Malfience: Scout in Attendance

Chapter VII: Malfience

This is where the interactive part starts. First a few reassurances - you can't break things by using them by and large. Trying things won't hurt you, and you don't have to do things in a particular order. I do recommend flying more than not; the landscape is unfriendly, but an in-the-air target is harder to grab! I've included hints from the past and a few notes where I got particularly frustrated, but I also tried to preserve an air of mystery about the absolute details of a challenge. I have kept notes on the actual answers and modes of play I used, but I'm not including those dialogue options below so this is more of a guide than a walkthrough. That being said, if you're particularly frustrated, feel free to contact me in world- Deoridhe Quandry - before you throw your computer out of a window! I'm happy to help.



You: Suggestions welcome...
Scout: Think now... wouldn’t you usually find elves among trees?
Scout: And please... don't storm the queen's court like a mad creature... talk to the guards first.

Hints from the Past: 
Ordell: I can give you several of my arrows and a quiver to carry them in. The quiver will display my emblem, which the guards will recognise. The fletching on the arrows will convince the Elven guards that you have spoken with me – I have always used black wood and raven feathers, and this was well known.
Ordell: It has been many years since I left my homeland. Much I have forgotten over the years... One thing I can tell you, however, be careful with how you talk to the queen... As you dh'oines would say, she tends to be too sensitive...
Nie: When you come before the Queen, treat her with respect, but do not bow. If you stand proud before her, she will see you as an equal. But to begin the conversation by bowing would seem weak to her.

Malfience: Elven Guard

Elf Guard: Hold fast, Stranger! Whither go you?

Elf Guard: Oh really?
Elf Guard: Many might tell such as tale to gain admission to the Queen. What proof do you bring to show your good intentions?

Once you've shown your good intentions, head past the guards to the Queen.

Malfience: Elven Queen

Elven Queen: So... the Bard Queen prefers to send someone else, to talk to me directly? - So typical of her... Tell me, 'emissary', what is it that you wish of me and my people?

The best response comes from straightforward diplomacy!

Malfience: Auberon

Auberon: Vedui' (Greetings)!

Auberon: Lá' (Yes)!
Auberon: Auberon is my name... What do you want?

You explain your mission to the sage and tell him that the Elven Queen has sent you to him to gather information ...
[01:51:34] Auberon: I see...
[01:51:36] Auberon: I see that the Queen lacked the courage to tell you the truth ...
[01:51:38] Auberon: A shame...

Auberon sighs
Auberon: Explaining this may take a while... and I am in a delicate stage of this potion I am making; it protects our guards from the poisons of the Unweaver.
Auberon: Before we continue this conversation, please do me a favour... find me some wythanwort, dark honeycup, and heartsheal. They are plants peculiar to this area. You can find them in the forest nearby.
Auberon: I need them to finish this potion. After that, I'll have all the time in the world to explain you what happened.

>>> Locate the missing ingredients <<<

Malfience: Heartsheal

Malfience: Dark Honeycup

Malfience: Wythanwort

Auberon: Vedui' (Greetings) Emissary - do you have what I've asked for?

[I DO!]
Auberon: Diola lle (Thank you)!
Auberon mixes the final ingredients into the potion and finishes it in front of you...

Auberon: What is the potion for?
Auberon: Simple - it is what allow us, elfs, to live in this forest while keeping our sanity...
Auberon: ... Things are far different now than they were prior to the Unweaver's arrival...
Auberon: However, I believe you are more interested in 'another' subject than my potions...

Auberon: Our darkest secret and our greatest shame.
Auberon: Long ago, when the Unweaver sent his minions to invade the land, there were some of elven kind who were seduced by his wiles.
Auberon: They became dark and cruel ... and were known by us as the Norns. They retreated into the darkest places while we fought the Unweaver’s minions. But after the Unweaver’s forces left, the Norns remained, willing to do what mischief they could to keep the Land divided...
Auberon: Three nights ago, one stole into this forest. I heard the rustle among the trees and I believe that he brought something with him. From what you have told me, I believe it may be a dragon egg. I will advise you to look for the Norn -- but be careful... very careful...
Auberon: Accomplish your mission successfully -- and it will be easy to convince the queen to participate in the healing ceremony.
Auberon: Take this runestone – it should protect you from the poisonous fumes that some plants produce and numb the strength of even the most aggressive creature.

 >>> Find the Norn <<<

Malfience: Norn

Norn: Oh my! Oh my! It seems someone has found me!

You: I have no time for your babbling, Norn! Give me the eggs, or prepare to fight!
Norn: Ah… YOU wish to challenge ME?
Norn: This should be easy.
Norn: Oh… and I do hope you weren't expecting to beat me with a puzzle.
Norn: On your guard!

This is not a fight won by a single thing; there are several items which don't get you thrown away; use them and look for some new thing which pops up on the blue menus to win. I didn't find any hints that helped - just trial and error. If you fly before engaging in battle, you won't get thrown to the ground. Once you defeat the Norn, you'll get a dragon's egg.

You: Now... give me the eggs you stole — or the next rock will finish you off!
Norn: Curse you!
Norn: Fine! Take it, for all I care!
Norn: It's no longer useful anyway...
Norn: I scattered the others near the enclaves of the Dwarfs, the Humans, and the Mer ... I threw them randomly so that not even I would know where they are. And you will never find them all...
Norn: My curse upon you… you have wounded me unto death ...! Begone!
Norn: ... Else I recover my strength and make you extremely sorry!
Norn: UGH!


You: Any suggestion?
Scout: Look for a village, you'll not find that many people there - but there are still some humans there...

Malfience: Lauren

Lauren: Here, kitty kitty kitty...
Lauren: Yes? Child! What do you want?
Lauren coughs...

Lauren: We have no leaders here, Stranger. I can speak for our village.

You tell the old lady about your mission - and your current goal to find the dragon eggs...
Lauren: As I said, I can speak for us...
Lauren: But I don’t care iffen you be the Queen herself. I don’t know that what you have to say’worth listening to.
Lauren coughs...

Lauren raises her old eyebrow
Lauren: Do you know how many years I've been in this world?

Will you make a guess? [YES] [NO]
 You: No, not really...
Lauren: So very young.
Lauren: Therefore, if you want my help, you'll have to prove you’re at least half as wise as me.

Lauren: Prove yourself by answering three of my riddles — then maybe I’ll think you worth talking to...

Lauren: Ready for the challenge?

Three riddles, infinite wrong answers, and make sure to just use the word without including any articles.

Lauren: Not yet as wise as me -- but you do seem an intelligent young person.
Lauren: There's hope for you yet...
Lauren points to the ruined temple at the top of the hills...
Lauren: You'll find what you seek there...
Lauren: Some time ago, a strange egg appeared in the middle of our temple, surrounded by a strange flickering light... To keep others from harm, I locked the temple door.
Lauren: Here, you may have the key...
Lauren: Iffen you succeed in your quest, these old bones will travel to the healing ceremony to represent our people. Good luck to you!
Malfience: Ruined Temple

You: ... Good thing the old lady locked this door...

Malfience: Hidden Egg

TDL - Dragon Egg is protected by a magic barrier...
You: Ok... now how to break this?
You: Any suggestion?
Scout: Hmmm...This is some powerful defensive magic... Do you have any sort of magical artefact? Something that may counter this magic?

Think about it....

You: What? No big epic effect?
You: So anti-climatic...
Scout: Will you stop complaining and do your job?... The magical barrier... it seems weaker now...
You retrieve the dragon egg...


You: Any suggestion?
Scout: Unsurprisingly, you'll find the dwarfs within the caves - make sure you have some light sources with you.
Scout: Don't forget to talk to the guards before talking to the king.

Hints from the Past: 
Kalina: When you meet the King under the Mountain you must bow three times. After that he should be willing to listen to all you say.
Azania: You found it then? Actually, you can use it to bind wounds. Some people say it’s enchanted, and that the wounds will heal quickly. I don’t know. 
Juran: Give them a small sip and it makes them very aggressive – not that they need encouraging for that! Unless they’re already “changed” in some way, just a sip of klagu can make a dwarf go mad.

Malfience: Mine Entrance

Walk into the mine and you'll be automatically teleported. Look around and see if you can find someone to talk to.

Malfience: Fergus

Fergus: Oy! Mate! Help me please! Argh!

Fergus: I threw me hammer at it and probably got it - the maggot hasn't attacked me since - probably waitin' for me to die bleedin' !
Fergus: Please, mate! Help me!

There are a number of ways to respond to his distress - one which gives you a definite shortcut.  On the other side is a great hall with guards on either side.

Malfience: Dwarven Guard

Dwarven Guard: Oh? What do you want, mate?

Dwarven Guard: And why should we allow it? Who are you even?

Dwarven Guard: Oh?! You have some important friends it seems! Very well... you may talk to the king. Be respectful!

Malfience: Dwarven King

Dwarven King: So... an Emissary from the Bard Queen. What do you wish?

Be mindful of your manners.

You tell the Dwarven King about the Bard Queen and the mission given to you... you tell him also about your search for the Dragon Eggs.
Dwarven King: Hmph! Let me tell ye … about the theft I know nothing! No dwarf has put foot into the Dragon's land since the last wars …
Dwarven King: However, not long ago, some miners reported that, while digging in the nether caverns, some days before, they heard heard some strange sounds.
Dwarven King: The nether caverns are out of bounds! Ye know that they’re the haunt of the trasgu! They’re too dangerous to venture into – and besides, sounds in the nether caverns can trick 'ee.
Dwarven King: Well, if it was trasgu, they show up when there's magic around, the tricky bakshees.  And if it weren't trasgu ... ye're on yer own.

When the healing ceremony is ready, will your people [COOPERATE?] [STAY HERE?]

Dwarven King: But of course! No other race wants peace more than we do! Do yer part, and we should do ours!

>>> Find the missing egg in the caverns <<<

Malfience: Cavern Entrance

You: What is this sound?
Scout: RUUUN YOU FOOL! - I'll try to use my magic!
Scout: Ufff... we were lucky

It's tricky timing, but I have faith in you!!! It's the travel that's the problem, not the finding of the egg.


You: Suggestions are welcome...
Scout: Better look near the water, of course...

Hints from the Past: 
Zander: If you find trouble with [Mer], sing them a song, or play them a ballad.

Malfience: Tala

You found a mermaid...
Tala stops singing...!
Tala: Do-do you mind?!

Tala: What? What do you want?! Came to make fun of me too?

Tala: You don't?
Tala: ...
Tala: Of course not! - Why would you? RIGHT?!
Tala: So... what do you want, then?

You tell the Mermaid about your mission - and your current goal to find the Dragon Eggs.
Tala: Oh, no! That’s awful!
Tala: Poor babies! You must find them!

You: Do you know anything?
Tala: As a matter of fact, I know many things...
Tala smiles.
Tala: Oh! You mean about the eggs!
Tala: Actually, I do know something...
Tala: A few nights ago, I saw the thief! A great dark elf – the other elves won’t speak to them; they call them 'Norns'.
Tala: One of them rowed out into the middle of the poisonous algae field and lowered something into the water – I heard the oars and then a gentle splash as though something was dropped underwater.
Tala: Which was strange, because no one has visited here in quite a while.

Tala: If you mean getting you the egg... I'm afraid I cannot.
Tala: It's impossible for any mermaid to swim in those waters... even being here is not pleasant for me. But I had to have a little peace — my friends talk ALL the time!
Tala: You would need a puffer fish to get the egg – their skins are nice and thick. But I doubt you can speak their language ... can you?

[NO] [YES]
You: Not a word...
Tala sighs... As I thought
Tala: I'll help you then... I can sense some nearby, so I'll ask their help. They are a bit shy, but they are friendly.
Tala: In the meantime, please don't make any noise, I need to concentrate!
Tala: Oh! Even better! Do you have any musical instruments?

Tala: Marvelous!
Tala: Please, play me a song - it will help me concentrate!

Mermaid: Ready when you are...

There is a Lyre game! If you're good at it, something else happens I'm sure, but if you're as bad as me...

Scout covering its ears! Please kill me!
Tala: OW! Careful with that!

Tala: Are you sure you're not working for the Unweaver?!
Tala: Seriously! Stay there! QUIET
Tala: We'll get the egg for you, IN SILENCE!

Tala: Shhh! I'm concentrating!
Tala: Mhm... mhm...

Tala: Almoooost...
Tala: Here! The egg... I will give it to you under one condition...
Tala: NEVER play that lyre again!

Tala: Thank you -- the world appreciates your sacrifice.
Tala gives you the egg... As promised...
Tala: Best of luck in your mission! I'll convince my sisters to participate in the healing ceremony when it's ready!

Chapter VIII: The summoners

Go to the dragon's temple gate.

Malfience: Dragon Gate

At the gate is a word puzzle - 7 letters. It's a word which has come up a lot during this Quest, so I'm sure you can figure it out! Each key corresponds to a different letter, and once you shift the keys the gate will open.

Malfience: Dragon

Talurth: What do you want, puny mortal?

You tell the dragon about your mission
Talurth: I understand what you are saying...
Talurth: But why should we help? What matters that to us? We are in mourning for our lost eggs.

You show the dragon the stolen eggs - 'The people you accuse are innocent - it is the Unweaver and his minions you should blame'...
Talurth: Are those?!
Talurth sighs
Talurth: The Unweaver you say? - That is hardly surprising and, in our grief, we could not even see that... Thank you, emissary.
Talurth: Our eggs are returned! What was lost has been found – and returned to us by the Emissary of the Bard Queen!

Talurth nods
Talurth: It is only fair, after all you have done - The Dragons will help you in the healing ceremony!

Chapter IX: The ceremony

Step into the temple

Malfience: Temple Entrance

You hear the dragons' horn roaring...

Malfience: Rulers of Malfience

Dwarf King: Well, we have come together over the cup of healing – thanks in large part to you, Emissary.
Elf Queen: The time has come for us to unite, to rebuild, and to call home the Exiles!
Mer: Our waters will be clean and pure once more!
Old Lady: Our forests will be green and vibrant, and our towns and villages alive with beauty!
Dragon: And the song of the dragons will again echo through the air, thanks to you, Brave Emissary!

Chapter X: The End

Time to collapse under a pile of Prizes!!!

Game Credits:

Produced and directed by Aisling Sinclair
Written by Saffia Widdershins
Scripted by Encaitaron Korobase
Designed and built by Kilik Lekvoda and Rynn Verwood
Grafic Design by Alia Baroque
Sound recording and mastering by Zander Greene
Music and foley by Lorin Tone

The Bard Queen portrayal & voice by Aisling Sinclair
Cutscenes filmed and edited by Saffia Widdershins
Still photography by Wildstar Beaumont
Promotion by Zander Greene
Promotional photography by Alisaundra Andel
Website management by Sonya Marmurek
External servers supplied and supported by

Fantasy Faire: Malfience
Fantasy Faire: Breeze
Wayward Peaks (Tales of Ashenbourne)
Atoll Tel Ma'at
Moots of Elmandria

Deluxe HUD version Karah & Kilyn outfits by Vae of Plastik

Music license SonicPro SDS and Long Road Ahead B Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Location: Malfience
Windlight Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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