Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fantasy Faire: There are Giants in the Land

One of the fun things every year is seeing the giants go around the Fairelands.

Ceri in Dangarnon

Usually it's Ceri Quixote alone, but this year several more giants joined her in wandering the Fairelands and putting everything into perspective. Lady Lorelle joined slightly smaller than Ceri, but the true ground-shaker was Kraven Moireau, who clocked in at significantly larger than even Ceri! Seeing them all together, with standard sized avatars nearby, was really striking. I only wish we could have lured a petite and a mini size to get the full range of sizes in Second Life! I love all of the variety found on the grid, and a chance to see so many of them congregate during this very special celebration.

Colossi in Serenity

( More pictures of Giants in the Fairelands. )

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