Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fantasy Fair: OtherWorld

Sim Sponsor: Cerridwen's Cauldron (Interview)
Builder: Elicio Ember

Fairechylde Dock on Otherworld is where most of the DJ sets will take place.

The Pavilion on Otherworld is where the Lit Fest story events will take place.

OtherWorld: Glittering

Light flashes and reflects off of surfaces of glass, metal, and water - dazzling the eyes. The glass makes up an improbable bridge over the sparkling sea, the brittle surface chiming under hard shoes and whispering at the caress of bare feet. More glass hangs within metal cages, some standing at the top of poles and others hanging from heavy chains. Delicate patterns are pressed into the sides of poles and gateways, outlining large and small pieces with indentations in swirls and whirls that intricately double back on themselves. More panels of glass are set into metal archways; below them hang flags as intricately decorated as the metal it hangs from. Small islands rise out of the water nearby, stone edifices piled upon them. Some glow with more intricate patterns while others funnel water up through the depths to spring into fountains. Plants alive with light sprout form otherwise unremarkable soil, taller stands of palm trees and bamboo standing as shadowy neighbors.

OtherWorld: Rhomboid

The pathway is nothing if not indirect.

Glass ends; stone begins, but at a right angle and leading into a forest of oversized crystals, rhomboid and gleaming. Stone ends equally abruptly with water, the way forward unclear except for the hint of an open wall that supports a delicate roadway above. Mushrooms the size of buildings sprout from surfaces of stone, their delicate gills casting irregular shadows on their undersides. Stone returns with the same abruptness, leading up to a complicated layer of glass and metal which radiates light upward and outward, seeming to move with pulsing waves. More buildings lie beyond - ones with quiet areas for conversation and contemplation on the second level and a second half sunk into the water, it's stone towers swooping through the air. The path through is off in another directions, though, glass returning first as stairs and then as a pathway through high walls decorated with the shadows of fungi and hung with vines that have their own illumination.

Otherworld: Hex

More pathways lead through the jungle, revealing hidden gathering places, relics of creatures whose vertebrae are bigger than the buildings which welcome travellers in to rest, drink, and take sustenance. It's easy to get lost in the jungle, to take a narrow path around corners and find oneself at a dead end. Forks in the road, and even the absence of a road at all, are commonplace. New delights await in all of those directions, however - some leading above the water and others below. It's only when a side path leads through and above the first layer that the full structure of the islands is revealed - an island on stone stilts over the depths of crystal and mushrooms which serves as a haven for those rising above it all. The head which was once attached to the vertebra far below looms through the mists, almost distracting from the trail through the root system for a vast tree which bites into the sky, offering docking for airships and sky pirates. Here, where the air is thin, deals are made and tales are told which cannot survive below.

Otherworld: Sprouting

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Location: OtherWorld
Windlight Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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