Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fantasy Faire: Sapphire Mirror Lake

Arts and Entertainment Sim
Builder: Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis

Sapphire Mirror Lake: Crouched in Wait

A tree, surrounded by fluttering leaf shapes in green and gold leans it's narrow arms over like a crouching figure reaching forward with branching arms. Statues kneel, coated in brilliant colors and wrapped in large-patterned cloth, to either side of an equally large bridge hanging like those same cloths stretched out for travelers to pass over the inky dark lake, brimming with weird reflections. Orange, blue, yellow, and green cling to tightly woven linen threads, making a bridge as sturdy as it is beautiful. Some of the statue heads are bare, hats held proudly under the sun, while others are stacked high with gravity defying boxes. Here and there the pathway ceases for a time, large silvery stones offering purchase for steady feet and wide leaps from point to point. Overhead, delicate spiderwebs have caught the stars which fall form the sky, letting them shine gently to light the way around the edifice of entertainment, the nearby mountain upon which stories are told and dances are performed.

Sapphire Mirror Lake: Across the Depths

At the far end of Sapphire Mirror Lake, statue's grips give way to stone steps which lead upward to a gallery filled with chairs as brightly patterned as the bridges which led to them. Centaurs wrought in supple stone stand frolic and leap in celebration. Some stand tall, bows in hand to send sharp arrows flying across the sea. Others hold up broad skirted dancers, poised in midair, their skirts lifting up even more improbable arches to frame the audience. Below them is a cacophony of color, every shade imaginable mingled and laying over each other in patterns of increasing delicacy. Nearby, flowers fly up and out over the statues in waves of blossoms, scenting the air with sweetness and drawing you up to the gallery of past art of the Fairlands,

Sapphire Mirror Lake:

It's beyond the gallery where the wild ones walk, a giant train of dancers, singers, musicians, and the remains of a centaur taller than the town itself. City Elders, resting on soft litters and shielded by grand cloaks and pretty covers lead the way across the waters, surrounded by crowds in solemnity and celebration alike. Wide umbrellas in warm colors with cool rings wave in the air in the hands of chattering revellers coming together to bring life and brilliance to the waters, and to honor the Centaur who once held dominance over the Sapphire Mirror Lake. They move in a wave of jubilation, heard long before they're seen, to where more musicians and the places of repose await them for the grandest celebration of the year! The biggest secret is beyond the crowd, though; down a secret curving staircase and under the waves is a second, larger gallery ringing the coral covered memories of the deep.

Sapphire Mirror Lake:

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Location: Sapphire Mirror Lake
Windlight Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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