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Fantasy Faire: The Tale of Exiles Hunt - Part 1

You purchase the HUD from vendors at the landing areas of each sim; there's a standard version, which gives your the HUD, and the deluxe, which also gives out an outfit to wear. You need to be wearing three things out of the HUD folder - Two which say "Attach me" and the HUD. A permission request will come up when you put everything on; accept it so that you can be moved, you can be shown wearing the right things, etc... 

My comments and hints are in italics. Part Two is here.

Chapter I: A Hero is Needed

Meet the Bard Queen in Fairlands Junction

You will be teleported to the Fairlands, right next to the Bard Queen. Click on her and a video will play, telling the story of the Quest you are about to accept. She will also give you a necklace to wear to mark you as her Emissary - a lovely gold harp. 

Chapter II: The Register of Exiles

Find the Register of Exiles in the Golden Delta

Teleport to The Golden Delta to look for the Register of Exiles. It's tucked off to one side but not trying to hide; when you touch it you're given a notecard called "Book of Exiles" and a list of people to try to find on the other sims.

Chapter III: For the people

This is the sims-wide hunt for various figures of importance in the tale. On the HUD is a little button that says "Teleport" which opens up a scroll of each sim we need to teleport to, making getting from place to place pleasantly straight-forward. Interacting with each person takes place in open text and via a series of blue menus. Each person will offer you and item to help you if you ask, but you have to find where they hid it on the sim nearby. The HUD will give you directions as you go - for example saying "Find the [item]" while you're looking for an item and "Return to the [person]" once you've found it. Very handy for reminding you what you're up to!

After you've successfully found the item, each person will give you a gift for your hard work. I then recommend you ask for more information - each person will give some useful information for managing things on Malfience. You have to ask for more info, then if there's anything else, to get everything. Once you've finished with them, they will vanish from your list.   

1) Find the Jeweller in Lucentia

Kalinka, the Dwarf. Once a Gem Carver, now a Jeweller. She likes to admire the beauty of the Great Jewel from a good vantage point on the docks.

Kalina is one of the easiest to find, which is a nice way to start.

Kalina: Greetings! What brings you to my store, Emissary?

You tell her about the Bard Queen and the mission given to you.
Kalina sighs... When I saw the presence of Malfience among the Fairelands, I wondered what the Bard Queen intended.
Kalina: I rejoice that it is to heal my land – but the task will be hard, and dangerous.

Kalina: Hmmm...Help? ... As a matter of fact, I believe I can.
Kalina: I have a precious jewel that I brought from my homeland
Kalina: It was carved from the deepest caves of the dwarflands, and it shines with a beautiful light of its own. Any dwarf will recognize it.
Kalina: However, I do not have it with me. I have hidden it for safekeeping. But you will find it in this land.
Kalina: Here is a clue: You will find it amongst the ruins of the past, where I often rest with a glass of wine, to dream of jewels.
Kalina: Go find it now, I can give you some more information later.

Kalina: Welcome back! Have you found my precious jewel yet?

[YES] [NO]
Kalina: Ah good, you found it! I hope it will help you in your quest to heal our poor homeland. And while you were gone, I packed up a little gift for you, to remind you of your visit to Lucentia.

Kalina: Oh! Yes!
Kalina: The way to the mountain of the dwarves was difficult in times of peace and plenty. I remember some miners talking about some shortcuts, but sadly I never found any.

Kalina: When you meet the King under the Mountain you must bow three times. After that he should be willing to listen to all you say.

2) Find the Smith in Dangarnon

Sergyar, the Dwarf. Once Jewel miner, now Smith. He likes to stand near to the path to the Castle, where he can see the ruin of Cinderella … and the way back to his homeland.

The smith is a little ways from where you land - mostly up. Remember Dangarnon is riddled with stairs and you'll do fine.

Sergyar: Aye! What do ye want?

You tell the Smith about the Bard Queen and the mission given to you.
Sergyar: I was naught but a boy when we left the halls under the mountain. I remember little of it, just the hard journey we had of it – out of the mines, through the Killing Fens and up into the mountains through the snow to freedom. It was too hard for my Ma, and it weakened my Da ever after.

Sergyar: It was long ago. Dwarves are like those cursed elves in that we live long, but memories fade over time. I don’t remember much of the mines; they were deep underground and I was too young to venture there – but I remember the glow of many beautiful jewels, and my Da speaking of the joys of the hall and creating tools and weapons.

Sergyar: The Killing Fens? Aye, I remember those right enough.  They were deep green bogs, close to the caves. Some said the Elves had created them with foul elvish magic, to poison us all.  The fumes were deadly – and they seemed to be spreading – there were bodies of dwarves and animals around the edge – but some had been half swallowed by the bogs. I’ll never forget the smell of them – it stank like rotting fruit.

Sergyar hesitates...
Sergyar: The only thing I have from me old land was me da's pickaxe. There's none other like it. Cleaves any rock in two!
Sergyar sighs... But I guess you'll need it more than me... Here is a small clue for ye: I should have it right here … hmmmm. I must have put it down somewhere. I was repairing barrels the other day and didn’t quite finish. It must be there!
Sergyar: Now bug off... return when you find it, maybe I'll get something else for you.

Sergyar: What do ye want? Found me pickaxe?


Sergyar: Finally!
Sergyar: Use it well, Emissary of the Queen. It was a good pickaxe to my Da. He’d have been happy to know that it was returning to the old country, even though he never will.
Sergyar: Now, here’s something else for you too – to remind you of Dangarnon.
Sergyar: ... Now that ye have everything... Leave me be! I have too much work to do...
Sergyar: ... also ... good luck to ye...

3) Find the Warrior in Echtra

Tiuca, the Dwarf. Once Dwarven Shieldmaiden, now Woodcutter. Look for her at the Meadhall—she’s never far from the mead

Tiuca is very far from where you land, but obvious once you find the building she's in.

Tiuca: Who are you and what do you want?

You tell the Warrior about the Bard Queen and the mission given to you.

Tiuca growls... Malfience is close by, I know.
Tiuca: Though I've not seen it. Why hover at the edge of a land that defeated me?  Once I was the greatest of the dwarven shieldmaidens, Guardians of the Gate. Now I chop down trees.

Tiuca frowns...Tiuca (Warrior... now Woodcutter): Fine! I guess... For precaution I brought with me a rare phial of liquid... Was planning on using it in case I had to return... but since you are going, you may find it more useful than I do at the moment.
Tiuca: Here's a clue: It’s true I like a drink from time to time ... and I know where some can be found!
Tiuca: Would get it for you, but as you can see, today will be a busy day...

Tiuca: Have you found my phial?

Tiuca: Well done! As I said, you can keep it.

Tiuca: It can be used to light your way in the caverns. But you might find another property more useful – it will glow red when trasgu are near and it can be used once to blind an enemy – make sure that you cover your eyes when you use it so, or you will be blinded too for a time.
Tiuca: And you might as well take this too – it’s a gift from Echtra.

You: willing to tell me more information now? What about the gate you were guardian of?
Tiuca: Ugh... fine! The gate was located within the tunnels that led to the Dwarven Halls - Beautiful construction... Until... you know... everything happened...

4) Find the Musician in Blackmoor

Zander, the Elf. Once Court Musician, now Street Musician. He has found an open space, where he regularly plays for visitors.

Zander is another deliciously easy person to find!

Zander: Greetings! Can I help you? Do you wish to hear my new song?

Zander: Yes! A lullaby that speaks of the wind in the trees of Belfience, and the messages they carried on the wind.

Zander: The words carried by the wind are messages of love and friendship between the elves and the peoples of the Land. Once all people understood the words, but now that language was lost to all but the elves although, I believe, if the mer on the shore could hear that song again, they too might remember the song. But probably there are no mer left – a foul thick slime, brought by the minions of the Unweaver, choked the bay where the mer lived. Either they are deep beneath the waves now, or dead.

You tell the Musician about the Bard Queen and the mission given to you.

Zander: My homeland ... I left, long ago, with my beautiful Danaee.
Zander: ... But in our flight, she fell from the boat, slipped beneath the waves and was lost. I sang the song of my loss for the Bard Queen – now she is ready to act. I am glad of that.
Zander: Once before, I sailed to the borders of my homeland and heard the words of the breezes, but I left, heavy hearted.

Zander hesitates for a moment ...
Zander: I'm not entirely sure how helpful it can be to you in your mission. But if the mers are still alive, perhaps that can help you...
Zander: I have an old enchanted lyre, hidden in this land. Find it and return to me after it...
Zander: My clue for you is the following: Fierce guardian, tranquil in a place of meditation, light the way to my music!

Zander: Welcome back! Have you found my lyre?

Zander: Marvelous! Glad that you found it!
Zander: Before you leave however, I prepared this for you... as a sign of appreciation for your efforts!
Zander: Good luck in your journey... May I sing of your success in the near future!

Zander: Welcome back! Need any help?
Zander: As you can deduce, I'm from the elven community. However, I used to be friends with most mers of the lake as well... They loved my... music.
Zander: If you find trouble with them, sing them a song, or play them a ballad.

Zander: Well, you'd imagine that me being an elf means I love the forest... and you would be right. However, the opposite is not always true...
Zander: ... What I'm trying to say is... beware the trees and plants in the forest. Ever since the land was cursed, things have not been the same.

5) Find the Archer in Twilight Illusion

Ordell, the Elf. Once Captain of the Elven Guard, now an Archer. He loves the higher lands, and is often to be found where the small fae folk have their tiny homes.

Ordell is nearby, so don't get to distracted by the shiny - just look up.

Ordell (Archer): Well? What do you want? For I do not imagine you have come to admire my feats of arms.

Ordell: But of course! I'm elf... therefore a great archer... And you just happen to be talking to the greatest of all.

Ordell: It's fact... But anyway, I really doubt you came here to talk about my skills...

You tell the Archer about the Bard Queen and the mission given to you.
Ordell: I see. Long are the years since I walked the woods of Belfience. I would not have fled, but my lover was sickened by the Killing Fens and we hoped that in another land we might find a cure for their evil.
Ordell: But, alas! Our way was long and hard, and when we reached lands untouched by war, they shunned us and said we brought disease among them, that they worked hard for all they could get and why should they share it with the likes of us? Sherpas grew sick and died; I buried him under a rowan tree and moved onward until I came here to Twilight Illusion.
Ordell: Many years have passed – yet still I remembered the sound of his laugh, the way he would narrow his eyes against the wind ... Ah, much is lost.

Ordell: I can give you several of my arrows and a quiver to carry them in. The quiver will display my emblem, which the guards will recognise. The fletching on the arrows will convince the Elven guards that you have spoken with me – I have always used black wood and raven feathers, and this was well known.
Ordell: Take a perilous path through the fiery land to find my quiver and arrows.

This one is hard to see but there are actually two - one hanging from something and the other leaning against a tree - quite near each other.

Ordell: And you're back!... Got the quiver?

Ordell: Be careful with how you use those...
Ordell: Remember, you'll need them to identify yourself to the guards. However, if the need arises, do not be afraid of using them against monsters...
Ordell: I doubt you'll be able to use this other gift against monsters... but perhaps it may help you as well.
Ordell: Good luck...

Ordell: It has been many years since I left my homeland. Much I have forgotton over the years... One thing I can tell you, however, be careful with how you talk to the queen... As you dh'oines would say, she tends to be too sensitive...

6) Find the Priestess in Serenity

Nieana, the Elf. Once High Priestess to the Elves, now a Seer and Companion to the Bard Queen. In tranquil Serenity, she loves to watch and listen to the sound of the Falls.

You have to walk a ways for Nieana, but she isn't hiding at all.

Nie: Greetings... I see you come from the Bard Queen.

You tell the Priestess about the Bard Queen and the mission given to you.
Nie: I have discussed this with the Bard Queen. The mission is dangerous but she believes you have the courage, the resources and the wisdom to tackle it. You will also have a gift from me.
Nie: You must find a cunningly carved box that I have hidden here – the contents will reward your search.
Nie: In our world one must brave all the elements to discover their secrets. For what may fall, may also hide.

Nie: Welcome back! Have you found the box?

Nie: Well done! Just don't open the box now.
Nie: Keep the box tightly closed until your hour of greatest need. It contains a spell of powerful force that will give you the power to disperse those who would attack you, whether they be mortal, fey or creatures of fire, water, wind or earth.
Nie: I have prepared also this small gift for you, as a sign of encouragement...
Nie: I wish you all the luck possible, if the need arises, feel free to return.

Nie: You have returned! Greetings!

Nie: As a matter of fact, I do... When you come before the Queen, treat her with respect, but do not bow. If you stand proud before her, she will see you as an equal. But to begin the conversation by bowing would seem weak to her.

Nie: Yes! Beware the Norn!... They are cousins of ours – but they chose to work with the minions of the Unweaver. Now they tell my people that they have forsaken that allegiance and have returned to the true path of the Elves. But they delight in the deception and divisions that keep the Enclaves of our land separate. Do not trust them! They are silver skinned and dark of hair and eye.
Nie: Safe journeys!

7) Find the Silk Seller in Bright Haven

Azania, the Human. Once a Weaver of fine silks, now a Silk seller. She is usually busy at her work near the water’s edge.

It really is that easy. These hints are awesome!

Azania: Hello my fine traveller and how can I help you today? Perhaps a length of this beautiful silk, fine as gossamer, soft as a sigh on a summer evening?

You tell the Silk Seller about the Bard Queen and the mission given to you.
Azania: Oh, forget your mission! Tell me – what was the Queen wearing? Was she going with the new style of sleeve, tied at the elbows, or is she going for the whole shaped look? I can see the sign for my store now – Summer Fashions … as modelled by the Bard Queen. Tell me EVERYTHING.

Azania: Oh Malfience. What a dump that place was. I mean, the only people with any sense of style at all were the elves and, to be honest, they’re not the most … adventurous when it comes to new styles. I mean, green and flowing is great but it gets a bit limiting. Like ... throw in some red there, people! And if you’re living in the town with all the other humans ... dead in the center of the island – in more ways than one!

Azania: You sure you really want to go to the town? I mean – it was like totally grim when we left and fardlins only knows what it’s like after all this time. And the woman in charge ... !!! Oh my giddy aunt ... she was a sight for sore eyes. Wrinkles that you could go caving in and her clothes ...

Azania: Well, she’s probably the one to talk to – if she’s still around. She always liked to test people – make sure they had some wits before she’d tell them anything. But she knew where all the bodies were buried … maybe I shouldn’t say that because … um.  Back then, there were a lot of bodies. But anyway… ;let’s talk about the Bard Queen, right? Have you heard about her and the musician? I bet they make sweet music!

Azania: My, aren’t you the workaholic? Well ... if you have to be going there ... I have got something from the old land that might help. It’s a bit fragile but ... well, somehow I hung onto it. It’s a roll of silk.
Azania: To find it follow this little clue: Where the way leads from higher to lower, I found a way to brighten the walls! And it goes so well with red too ...

Azania: You're back - found the piece of silk?!

Azania: You found it then? Actually, you can use it to bind wounds. Some people say it’s enchanted, and that the wounds will heal quickly. I don’t know. Other people say if you unfurl it, it can act as a shield to deflect magic. I doubt that, though. I mean, it’s just silk, isn’t it? Anyway, take it. I don’t know why I’ve hung on to the stupid things so long. Oh, and here’s a souvenir of Bright Haven. Keep me in mind when you decide you need a new outfit. I’ll have just the thing for you.

8) Find the Brewer in Breeze

Juran, the Human. Once Innkeeper and Mayor, now Brewer and Innkeeper. He often sets up to sell his wares or exchange gossip between two bridges.

It really is between two bridges, one high and one low.

Juran: Greetings, traveller. Ah, no, my mistake. I see you wear the Queen’s emblem, blessing on her! Her lands provided a good home for me and mine when we fled our homeland. What can I do for you, your Worship?

You tell the Brewer about the Bard Queen and the mission given to you.
Juran: To unite the land will be a hard task. There are long years of bitterness between all our peoples – to tell truth, I am not sure I would return even if I could. I have a good life here now with my tavern and my wife and children. I make a good profit and we’re prosperous and happy.
Juran: In any case, I know exactly how I can help you! - You see, not long ago I brewed some Klagu - and that, my friend, can be very helpful for your journey.
Juran: To find it follow this clue: There’s grass where a fishy tail should be.

Juran: You don't know of it?
Juran: Klagu is a very old type of drink, with some very strong effects on one's body.
Juran: Brew it properly and you have one of the most powerfull known healing substances!
Juran: The real stuff is hard to make – there are rites and rituals that go into the making, you see. The klagu we sell here in the tavern ... well, it satisfies the locals. But I always keep a flagon or two of the real stuff, should any from Belfience stop by.

It's a bit of a walk, but not bad.

Juran: Hello there! Any luck?

Juran: Fantastic!
Juran: Aye, that’s it. It’s about half full so don’t waste it. And don't share it with dwarves.

Juran: Give them a small sip and it makes them very aggressive – not that they need encouraging for that!
Juran: Unless they’re already “changed” in some way, just a sip of klagu can make a dwarf go mad.
Juran: Good luck to you, Emissary! And here’s another gift – a memento of Breeze!

Juran: Hello, friend! How's your mission going?!

Juran: Beware the creeping vines in the woods. They were left by the Unweaver’s minions and – from what I have heard from people who pass through – they have grown worse. The vines get thicker and stronger each year, and in the end I fear they’ll twist and strangle the life out of any who walk through the forests.

9) Find the Sergeant in Tinker's Hollow

Sebastian Suarez Sanches (known as Suarez), the Human. Once a Sergeant in the Army of Malfience, now a Sergeant-at-Arms for the Bard Queen. He mounts patrol where he has a good view of the land he guards.


Suarez: Oh. Yes. I see. You serve the Bard Queen. How may I aid Her Majesty?

You tell the Sergeant about the Bard Queen and the mission given to you.
Suarez: When we retreated from Malfience, the Colonel, he said to me, Never look back, Suarez. Never think on the old days. We’re a brave band of men — we’ll fight well and prove ourselves to our new leaders.
Suarez: We reached Blackmoor and found service here. Never looked back. Now then, I’ve got something that will help your mission, but I’m short-staffed here. So I’m making you my recruit. That’s an order. Ready?

Suarez: I give the orders! And you’ll move out on the double — UNDERSTOOD?

Suarez: But me no buts, soldier! Fall in line – NOW! Ready, soldier?

Suarez: Are you ... refusing ... a direct order, soldier? I'll repeat, are you ready, soldier?

Suarez: Yes? Just YES? You address me as Sir — you think of me as Sir! So when I ask you if you understood... WHAT DO YOU SAY?

Suarez sighs
Suarez: Just go find my old battle horn. The Colonel gave me that horn as he lay dying. Bring it back here. <CLUE> Now OUT! Move it, soldier!

*my clue - a lone unicorn high on a plateau points the way.

Suarez: Welcome back, soldier — mission complete?

Suarez: Well done, soldier! That’s one powerful horn you have there. It can summon most creatures in the land, even underwater. And if they’re close enough, a blast from that horn is loud enough to stun. It’ll get attention from friends and intimidate foes. Use it well! Now, I can’t put you in for a medal for this duty but I can give you this gift. DIS-missed!

10) Return to the Bard Queen

When you return to the Bard Queen, there's a lovely cut scene and the rest continues in part two.

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