Friday, April 22, 2016

Fantasy Faire: Creations of Tinker's Hollow

Fantasy Faire: The Fae of Tinker's Hollow

Tinker's Hollow offers up glorious details and whimsical details to make a moonlit scene. I started with the Unicorn from Bad Katz (Tinker's Hollow), a lovely curled horse with a gleaming horn and placid eyes. She served as a fantastic centerpiece - what can draw more magical beings than the purity of a unicorn? I flanked her with a set of rocks & spiral flowers from ChiC Buildings (Tinker's Hollow ); they come fully lit from both flowers, but are also editable if you don't need the glow. The texture of the rock is subtle and the spirals are simply a lot of fun. Along the edges and around the sides is fantastically colored grasses, spaced to blend in easily with their surroundings. I was also pleased with how the orange of the rock worked off of the redwood wind chimes hanging in the foreground; they're from ~Lantian/Flox~ (Tinker's Hollow) and exist both as static decor and as windchimes which respond to different degrees of wind - changeable via touch. The chimes are sweet and nicely mixed up, and the metal tubs bend in response to wind - a delightful touch.

The rest of the decor I'm showing off are from Petite Plunder (Tinker's Hollow ), and they're a delightful set festooned with a few gem-like gacha faeries. Each fae is a gacha prize, with several of them being rares. The rest of the decor - fountains and gazebo - are part of a large collection of sylvan items using similar tones and textures. The birdhouse fountain also has bird sounds associated with it, but I think my favorite touch is the merrow fountain with a tiny fae peering out of it. A lot of the items also come in smaller sizes perfect for our smaller brethren - a delightful touch alongside these charming flower and element fae.

( More Tinker's Hollow images here. )


Unicorn: Bad Katz, Mesh Unicorn Laying - Blue Eyes (Fantasy Faire)
Orange Rocks & Spirals:  Chic Buildings, Fantasy Rock with Spirals (Fantasy Faire)
Wind Chime: Lantian/Flox Wind Chime - Redwood / Brass (Fantasy Faire)
Fairies: Petite Plunder, Sylvan Fae Gacha (Fantasy Faire)
Left Fountain: Petite Plunder, Sylvan Birdhouse Fountain (Fantasy Faire)
Right Fountain: Petite Plunder, Sylvan Glade Merrow Fountain (Fantasy Faire)
Gazebo: Petite Plunder, Sylvan Glade Gazebo (Fantasy Faire)

Location:<a href="">Faladria</a>
Windlight Settings: Phototools, Moon Light 06

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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