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Fantasy Faire Hunt Part One: Fimbley’s Wager

Palace of Tears Hunt HUD

The Fantasy Faire is doing a two part hunt again, using a HUD which costs 250L. After looking around a few landing spots, I found my HUD at the Sanctum, in a standard Fantasy Faire Vendor off to one side of the landing point. It's fairly complicated, with a variety of menu options, and the HUD Instructions covers that, as well as a series of notes and encouragement to click on the sponsors links at the bottom. 

The first step, after putting on the HUD, is to go to Wiggenstead Mooring in order to talk to Mr. Fimbley. The Jolly Crocodile is a ways from the landing point but brightly colored and easy to find. Mr. Fimbley is inside, and when you click on him a video window will open from your HUD and a video will play of him challenging you to a series of riddles in exchange for a golden key. Also, some trash talk. Once the video ends, you are given a new, very specific objective.

Palace of Tears Hunt: The Jolly Crocodile

[ Fimbleby ] Ahhhh.... yes... Yes, you'll do very nicely. Another adventurer, hmm? Yes, I thought so. I can spot the type a mile off, I can. Old Fimbleby knows an adventurer when he sees one.

But it's not just about skill at arms, is it? Oh no. Adventuring's about brains, too. Living by your wits, yes. Making a living by them. Making your fortune...


So tell ye what, how about a wager? A wager, yeah... I'll set ye some riddles, and all you has to do is solve them. Ante up, and if you manage to solve 'em I'll give ye what people have put up before you. And from me? Oh from me... I'll give you this shiny golden key. Oh yeah, such a thing this one opens... oh aye....

So, what do you say? Will you do it? Hah! I knew you would. Right, off ye go then! And I suppose, yes, I should probably wish you luck... but I won't.

NEW OBJECTIVE: Find all clues and solve Fimbleby's challenge.

If you click on "Get Progress" on the HUD, you get a list, which suggests that one puzzle is on each sim. This is consistent with last years' hunt. I started where I was, and then tried to follow the list given, though it seems like this can be done in any order.

If you click on "Get Clue" on the HUD while in Wiggenstead Mooring, then Fimbley says: We'll start you with an easy one, eh? If you're going to get wet you'd best know where you're drying off - just don't get caught up!

The hint gives you a direction to look - near water - and I started out looking for things to dry off in. I have to admit I assumed I was looking for a clothes line, so it took a while to find what I actually needed to click on. 

Deoridhe: ... just don't get caught up...on fire!

Palace of Tears Hunt: Wiggenstead Mooring

If you go back to Fimbley at this point he makes fun of you rather than giving you another clue - instead you need to travel to another one of the Fairelands sims before clicking "get clue" so that you can solve the riddle for that area. In a way this is perfect, since point to point teleportation isn't allowed in a lot of the sims, so having to return to Fimbley each time would be time consuming.

Fairlands Junction: Fimbleby: They say nothing's for sale in Fairelands Junction, but that's not *strictly* true. I even got a little something of my own up there!

This requires you to really explore the edges of the sim, so strike out from the teleporters in the core and explore the lovely edges that have been built for us. Once nice thing about this hunt is it's really inspiring me to explore places I wouldn't otherwise go.

Deoridhe: "...something of my own"...clever.

Palace of Tears Hunt: Fairlands Junction

Asperatus: Fimbleby: Ahh, she's got fire in her belly, this one. Flashing eyes and connections all over the place. But who is she?

Around now is when you may have crashed, or logged off, so I want to point out the "puzzle" button at the top of the menu on your HUD. Clicking that will open up the "Get Progress" and "Get Clue" buttons again. If there is significant lag, than it will take a while for it to kick in; I ended up relogging to get a cleaner open.

Deoridhe: Fire... flashing eyes... and connections...

Palace of Tears Hunt: Asperatus

Medhir Woods: Fimbleby: Now here's a challenge for you: find a place you can see across the water and back through the entrance to the woods... Without turning your head.

This one is a lot closer to directions than the usual, though a bit twisted directions. The view is gorgeous, however, and I'm looking forward to returning to take more pictures - these sites are gorgeous.

Deoridhe: Hmmm the entrance to Medhir Woods... and across the water...

Palace of Tears Hunt: Medhir Woods

Hopes Horizon: Fimbleby: You can see so far from here, oh yes. But can you see where you *are*?

This one can be a lot more finicky, and I recommend flying over walking just for time's sake, but the view is completely gorgeous.

Deoridhe: I am... at Fantasy Faire!

Palace of Tears Hunt: Hopes Horizon

Heavenslough: Fimbleby: Now in Heavenslough it's time to get your feet wet! Can you make an omelette around here without breaking yourself? I'd like to see you try - those draphigator things have a nasty bite. And those cages don't seem much good, either...

The direction for this is obvious; once you land on the spot you need to look downa nd explore around the marshy bits.

Deoridhe: There are some eggs... for an omelette.

Palace of Tears Hunt: Heavenslough

The Faery Court: Fimbleby: A play within a play, a dream within a dream, a tree...

This one is distinctly giggle-worthy, I'll admit, and positively Shakespearean. Flying is again a really good idea so that you can get up close and personal.

Deoridhe: You can't fool me Fimbleby!

Palace of Tears Hunt: The Faery Court

Mourningvale Thicket: Fimbleby: They say the trees in Mourningvale Thicket feed on the blood of the unwary, but some of them show it more than others...

This one is a little bit macabre, and there is a bloody spot off a ways, but there is a source of red closer to where you land.

Deoridhe: Blood red trees! The blood of the unwary.

Palace of Tears Hunt: Mourningvale Thicket

Blackwater Glenn: Fimbleby: Ah, Blackwater Glenn... I don't know what makes the water black there, but some of the things that grow by the shoreline are best let off your dinner plate!

I adore the glowing mushrooms in Blackwater Glenn, but these are extra, extra, extra special.

Deoridhe: Glowing mushrooms? Never had that for dinner.

Palace of Tears Hunt: Blackwater Glenn

Sanctum: Fimbleby: There's a place everyone hopes to see, but they never seem to be in much of a hurry. Where might that be, I wonder?

This is another long walk, or in my clumsy way a short flight - I ended up nosediving to the sod before finally making it all the way the other way.

Deoridhe: A place everyone hopes to see!

Palace of Tears Hunt: Sanctum

NEW OBJECTIVE: Tell Fimbleby of your success!

Palace of Tears Hunt:

Now it's time to head back to Wiggenstead Mooring to the Jolly Crocodile, to let Fimbley know what we accomplished - and at first he dismisses us, but once it becomes clear we solved every riddle he has no choice but to give us a prize box form each sim, and a shiny gold key. The latter is the starting point for the next phase of the hunt, based out of the Palace of Tears.

[ Fimbleby ] So, have ye done it? Of course not! Another silly adventurer foxed by Fimbleby!

Wait... what? You've... Bah! Fine, then – take yer booty! And yer accursed key! But I'm not telling you what it opens, oh no! If yer so good at riddles ye can work that out for yerself!

Get away with ye – go on! Git!

NEW OBJECTIVE: Talk to the Bard Queen in the palace's gardens.

Mysterious Key acquired.

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