Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Meme: Friends List Meme

Stealing Me Away OHNOEZ

Berry has a new meme for us, this one to be done with a friend and about our friends' list. I picked one of my oldest friends, Keaniez, because he was online and I can boss him around.He showed up on one of his many alts as a dashing pirate, so I became the innocent faerie lass he is stealing away to ravish and we ended up on a Romance Novel Cover. I made him pose, chatted him up, then asked him these questions. Berry broke hers into separate lists, but I'm going to combine our answers, with me in italics first, and Keanies in plain text second; Keaniez is on one of his army of alts, which is why he refers to a few different accounts - and I had him answer the questions as him the person, not him the alt.
  1. What is the number of contacts on your Second Life Friends List? (visible in firestorm viewer or your web profile)
    Deoridhe: I have 237 on my list; about fourty of them are my alts, and perhaps another forty are alts of friends - I know a lot of people who roleplay.
    Keaniez: The most I have on an account is 53; this one is 22. I try to clear them out. (The 53 is one I havent gotten to yet)

  2. Are you picky about who you add to your list or do you usually add most people?
    Deoridhe: I have a tendency to parry people who have been around a while but friend newbies who ask politely so they have a contact in world. I'll sometimes quietly defriend them later, especially if they don't come back. Other people haven't logged in for years but I keep them on my list so that I'll know if they ever do.
    Keaniez: I'm picky. I only add people I know I'll talk to again, or people I know I'll still be friends with even if we don't talk as much. The only time I've added people I know I wouldn't keep in contact with is when I admined on a roleplay sim. I'd add people for their initial 2 weeks on sim if they needed help. I'd make notes of who I added. At the end of 2 weeks I deleted them.

  3. Who is your oldest contact? (check your calling cards)
    Deoridhe: Rowan Scarborough; she brought me to Second Life and was my first friend here.
    Keaniez: Deoridhe Quandry (Deo: Awwwww~)

  4. Who is your newest contact? (check your calling cards)
    Deoridhe: Katherine Hoxley; she added me after we hung out a little while, though we're still in the "acquaintances" stage.
    Keaniez: Hmm..of people I talk to regularly, who isn't one of my best friend's alts. (Loves Ianira who's an alt and added her today) I'd say Ʈφƿħƴ Nyҳ (headshot397) She's someone newish thats been a good friend thus far.

  5. Do you know every single person on your list?
    Deoridhe: Not even close. In fact, looking at my contacts folder there are a bunch of people I don't remember at all - maybe people are passing contact cards without me friending them? Like, someone named "Bitchin Resident" is in my folder - why?
    Keaniez: I do! :D

  6. How many do you speak to on a daily (weekly) basis?
    Deoridhe: There is a lot of variation in this. Anywhere from 0 to 50, depending on how social I'm feeling and whether I'm getting chatty in a group chat.
    Keaniez: Hmmm... *Thinks about it* Maybe 5 on a daily basis.

  7. How many do you see/get together with in-world on a daily (weekly) basis?
    Deoridhe: I rarely plan to see people, but my platform is over a friends store, so I'll randomly drop in on him, or other people who show up on the sim. Every now and then people will be doing things and I'll be invited, but I'm rarely the invitor. I'll also see people at events or when roleplaying.
    Keaniez: I'd have to say 3.

  8. Who on your list do you have the closest relationship with?
    Deoridhe: Rowan, Keaniez, Charlie, and Aydryan in terms of time spent talking and amount of personal life overlap. I have a fairly solid core of extended friends I feel like I can bug a lot, though, which is nice. If I've sent you a random gacha prize, you know who you are.
    Keaniez: You because you know all my RL information. The skeletons in my closet. I cant open up to everyone, theres someone I wish I could cause I doubt she'd care. I know I care more then she would. I want to and cant XD. Your the only one that knows it all.

  9. Who do you wish you knew better?
    Deoridhe: Strawberry Singh. I know this seems like total brown-nosing, but she and her friends always seem to have such fun and I'd like to join in. There are a few other people who seem to have just friendly and loving friends groups, and so sometimes I get a little envious.
    Keaniez: You and Serra. We've been friends a long time and you do share things, but as friendly and open as you are I think you hold back alot too. Which is fine muh Mysterious Fae! It just makes me curious and want to know more.

  10. Who on your list is the funniest/most entertaining?
    Deoridhe: Keaniez. He's always doing something fun, or being silly; he is the go-to person for cheering me up, too, and he thinks I'm the best thing ever which is totally good for my ego.
    Keaniez: The funniest.....That would be Serra I talk to her every single day and she's hilarious even when she doesn't mean to be! But that's why I think shes funneh she doesn't try to be, it's just there.

  11. How did you meet most of the people on your list? (work, parties, etc…)
    A few I knew on other worlds, and I met a bunch through group chats; a few times I've spoken to someone so much through chat that I swear I friended them and then discover I didn't. A bunch more are store creators that I blog for or have sent notices so often that they give in and accept me. I met a bunch more through roleplaying and my habit of friending noobs and then forgetting to unfriend them. My most recent are through roleplaying and friends of friends who I meet and who seem to like me.
    Keaniez:  ROLE PLAY! Hands down, it's my top reason for being in SL. The Role Play. It's just always an added bonus when I get to meet really great friends and people through it.

  12. Do you ever clean out your list?
    Deoridhe: I kinda suck at it, and I'm always worried I'll delete someone's rarely used alt, so I hardly ever do. I did once, ages ago, and tried to organize people in folders, but it backfired and now my calling cards are all messed up.
    Keaniez: Yes ma'am; I should do it now actually. I'd say on average I try to clean it out bi-monthly... maybe I'll do it if someone pisses me off and I'll look for more people to take off, or maybe I'll just be lazy and forget to do it...but I'd say I clean it out bi-monthly
    Deoridhe: Wow, wanna clean out mine?
    Keaniez: Hahahaha hell no. You have friends, business associates, and then people with connections. Your FL is bound to be a 3 ring circus with you as the Ring Master

  13. Do you have a crush on someone in your list?
    Deoridhe: Not really. Most of my close friends are not really available to me in that way, and most of my acquaintances are female. I have crushes on a few different creators who make awesome stuff and seem really neat, but most of THEM aren't on my friends list and I always worry that I come off like a complete sycophant when I'm even vaguely in their area, so I'm totally self-conscious.
    Keaniez: Not right now, thank the Gods. I've been happy keeping out of SL Romantic Drama.

  14. Is there anyone on your list that you would trust with your password?
    Deoridhe: A few, if there was a real emergency. They have my back, online and off.
    Keaniez: Yes, I'd trust you, my friend Serra and all the alts, because, I need to not only trust you initially with the PW but know that if Drama ever went down that you wouldn't then use my pw against me. You have to trust people that you can trust not only in good times but those you know won't screw you over if there's bad times too.
So there is my friend Keaniez, one of my oldest and dearest, and I'm so glad to have shared him (and his very different friends list style) with you all! And I'm glad to have shared the torrid romance novel covers we ended up making, because man... that's some torrid. 

  Torrid Romance

Credits Deoridhe: 

Skin: Izzie's, Irene
Sparkles: Folly, Rainbow Sheen
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Sanna
Ears: Illusions, Seelie Ears

Earrings: Illusions, Mystic Chains
Eyes: De La Soul, Rainbow
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe
Hands & Feet: SLink, Rigged Mesh Hands & Feet
Clothing: Aisling, Laura Dress
Shoes: Aisling, Indiana's Roses

Credits Keaniez:

Outfit: Tamiron Forge
Hat: Illusions

Hair: Discord Designs
Ears: By Tiaggo Writer (No longer available I think)
Eye Patch: Illusions
Skin: By tresleches123 (No longer available) 

Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos
Facial Hair: Fruk

Credits Both:

Couple's Pose 1: !bang - all the more
Couple's Pose 2: Poise, Summer Loving 1

Location: My Platform
Light Settings: TOR, DUSK Briony

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only


  1. Holy crap how do you track 40 alts? LOL I can barely keep up with Berry alone. Also, I am now kicking myself for not setting up the question and answers like you did lol. Would have made so much more sense!

  2. My thoughts exactly! I have a couple of alts that I rarely log on and that's hard enough to track!

  3. I have a list. Some of them have extended purposes, like my Zoe who is in charge of fishing, but most of them are just for turning over lucky chairs.