Saturday, May 3, 2014

2014 Fantasy Faire: Blackwater Glenn

Meeting of Ways

I awoke once more in the Fairelands, in Blackwater Glenn. It was a dismal and quiet place with the echoes of ages gone past in the tumbling down walls and sturdy but uneven wooden pathways. I had no memories of the time before - it was like a fog I had vanished into - and even the clothing I wore seemed strange on my skin. I peered into the depths of the nearby water, and they returned not my face but instead glimmers of gold and orange which cut through the darkness. In the distance I heard laughter and voices, but where I had landed in the shade of some mushrooms all was quiet. Now and then a shimmer of dust, faintly phosphorescent, fell.

It was some time before walking felt anything but alien.

Sprouting Overnight

For lack of a goal, I found myself drifting off of the path frequently - at first to examine the enormous fungi which sprouted up by the sides of buildings too old to mind them. Sometimes there would be people there, looking as if they had grown out of the houses themselves, offering up fine clothing, food, places to rest and relax, all for some thing they called a "linder" or a "linden." The food tempted me first, savory treats whose scent called to me more strongly than anything else yet, and it seemed the strange, light items in my bag, numerous as grains of sand, were enough to make a few cuts my own.

The first bite was like being named by an old friend who had changed beyond recognition.

Tangles of Glowing Grasses

My sense of time was as absent as my sense of self and place, but it was longer than between waking and eating before I found a clearing with small clumps of people in chatting circles, none of which seemed primed to part for me. Whirls of translucent butterflies lured me deeper into the swampy areas, grasses grown high and scratching against my arms and wings as I walked. Abandoned wrecks lurked here, half stuck in mud which clung to my feet like I was being called home, and I paused with my hand burning against the metal of a car as I spotted from whence the butterflies had come - a towering mushroom edifice which dwarfed, and perhaps birthed, all which had come before.

It lured me with it's colors, calling to me with each dapple shift around the spectrum, but I felt as disconnected looking at it as I did the moment I woke nameless, pastless, under some of it's lesser children.

Broken Down Ride

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Location: Fantasy Faire: Blackwater Glenn
Light Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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