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Origami Hunt Guide: 鱗廻RIN-NE - Ichitaro's Quest

鱗廻RIN-NE is the Hunt associated with the Origami Event, ending on the 25th of July. It's a combination story, quest, and hunt all done via a HUD, and you can do any part of it or all of it in pretty much every order. You can find a variety of helpful guides on their Help Page, but I'll cover the basics in these posts. Like all of my Hunt Guides, my commentary is in italics while the plain text is quoting from the storyline. This story is enormous, so I'll be breaking it up into parts for easy of posting and reading - see the menu below.

Ichitaro's Quest - Inugami

ICHITARO: Do you know Inugami? It's a kind of old black magic. A man kills a dog cruelly, separates its head from [its] body, and using its vengeful spirit, controls it. It's an immortal magic. And now, it's something like that Inugami here is ranging... We don't know if it is a true Inugami, since it's somehow a dog head that is raging, and no one seems to be controlling it. Anyway, it's still a god, so we can't understand its wish. Please be careful not to be bitten, or you'll be in a trouble... 
INUGAMI: Grrrrrr! Wooooooof, Bow Wow!

You're teleported to a new area, now, with four figures lurking on a path, and an Inugami dog head in the yard on the other side of the house. If you get too close to it from any angle your screen will fade out and you'll be teleported back to your start point.

SUZUHIKO: How scary. Too fearful. Are you stupid? Want to speak to such a horrible dog head?

OKANE: I warned you. It's dangerous. Are you looking for Komainu, shrine dogs? Then you can find it at the shrine's entrance.

YASHICHI: You went to take a look? It's too horrible, isn't it? It just keeps barking but we can't understand what it's trying to say.
CHOGORO: We are not human, we are both Ayakashi, specters. But it doesn't mean that we can understand each others language. It has to be dogs to understand dogs, [so] why don't you ask Komainu, the shrine dogs.
The Komainu are back at the shrine where you start each time, standing on either side of the entrance. You get there from walking back along the path from the four figures, around the corner and through the water (which triggers some creepy effects) and across a bridge before turning right into the shrine. Once there, you can walk up to and touch the Komainu, which has a label over its head.

KOMAINU: What? Do you need our help to talk to the dog head? Well, we might be able to help you, but we have to stay here, we can't move now. I guess... I can give you this. Wear it, and you can talk to it. Hope the head can understand what you say. Wanna go back? I'll teleport you.
In your inventory is a mask like the ones the Ayakashi wear, but with a dog face, and now you can approach the Inugami and speak to it without being munched. As a reminder of what happened to others, though, there is an injured person crawling away. You can't save them, which made me really sad.

INUGAMI: Give my body back to me! Where is my body! Where is MY body!!! 
INUGAMI: !? What, you can understand my words! Where IS here? I couldn't find my body no matter where I searched. ... oh, we're in the human world? Now I know why my body doesn't show up here. I guess it must be on its way here, but... I want to go back to where I'm from. It would be difficult for me to go back after the body entered this world. I think I can sense where my body is once it comes close to the entrance. Could you please keep my body around the entrance so that it will not enter this world? Then I'll go back to my world. 

Head back the way you came for some direction and pretty soon mention of snakes will direct you to where this seal must be.

CHOGORO: Snakes? Yeah, I see them a lot these days. Are they the head's friends?

SUZUHIKO: A seal? Well, I think I might know it. I wonder where it is...

OKANE: You're asking if there was something unusual before the head had come? Um... yes, I think snakes began to appear here since the dog's head arrived.

YASHICHI: A snake came out from there.

Your camera will be taken over and will show you the way to a broken down shrine on the edge of town that you might have looked at on your way to the main Shrine. Walk towards it and the end of this particular story kicks in.

I hurried to the sealing place, and I found the dog's body was right coming to our world. 
The seal would be broken completely if the dog came here. I stopped the body feverishly. 

INUGAMI: Wooooooooooof!

INUGAMI: Thanks, you human. Now I can go back to my world. Please reseal here as soon as I go there. 
INUGAMI: I wonder how Orochi felt when Kushinada was selected as its sacrifice. But, Kushinada knew the true identity of the by, who played with her for a long time, to be Orochi. Of course, they were attracted [to] each other. But no one else knew that. And at the [critical moment], Susanoo appeared. Under the condition [of marrying] Kushinada, he [butchered] Orochi.
INUGAMI: This will be our final meeting. Take care.
I stuck one of the fudas. Now this place must be sealed again. 
Then, I heard a sound like a snakes crawling...

This is the end of another Quest and so you're teleported back to the Shrine to start another one.Now we know what happened to Kushinada after she was sacrificed to Orochi - personally, I wonder what she thought of seeing her childhood friend defeated, and getting given to the one to defeat him.

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