Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SLBA "Law Day" Festival

Until May 31 The SLBA "Law Day" Festival is going on. It is a month-long event held by the SL Bar Association and Justitia Virtual Legal Resource Village. There is a vendor market featuring new, law-themed merchandise from a bunch of awesome stores. There are also displays all over the area about how the law affects users of Second Life and other virtual worlds, and a bunch of very cute virtual law offices. Did you know lawyers like lakes?

I took a picture of each of the virtual kiosks and hunted out as many magical boards as I could, and also picked up a few virtuous items myself, and I really encourage everyone to check it out and then stand by the Magical Boards of Highlights and Shiny Black Words for some Virtual World Knowledge. If you want to go to a specific one, click on the links below to grab a landmark.

Items for the Purchasing

Theosophy - Chess Board, Banana, Gazelle Head, and Stack of Books

!bang - One set of Single Poses and one Couple's Pose

Yummy! - Gavel Necklace and Scales of Justice Earrings

Ison - Lawyerly Briefcases

oOo Studio
oOo Studio - Four sets of Single Poses (two men, two women) and one Couple's Pose

A:S:S - Two sets of free, Natural Nails and three sets of Novelty Nails

Magical Boards of Knowledge and Shiny

Fair Use and the Internet

Second Life Terms of Service

Copyright Issues in Social Media and Virtual Worlds

Copyright and Fair Use

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