Thursday, May 15, 2014

2014 Fantasy Faire: Wiggenstead Mooring

Little Huts in the Sky

Unexpectedly, I slowed as I fell through the thickening clouds, and on my back my wings stirred into actions enough so I could hover down slowly. This new world was as round and soft as the previous had been hard and angular, the ground spongy beneath my feet and the rocks unexpectedly pliable to the touch. Islands floated here, too, but without the enormous pillows above them - instead they simply bobbed gently in the breeze, stable and gentle.

Little Bridges

It took several islands before I became used to the sensation of walking. The softness of the ground led a bounce to every step - nothing quite close to a bound but significantly more than a step. Few others were about, all of them at a distance bounding along between islands and bridges, the rattling and creak of the wood a gentle counterpart to the bells and jangles hanging from roofs and sides of buildings. By now my limbs were feeling leaden, my eyes heavy, and exhaustion dogged my heels like an old friend. It wasn't long until I was looking here and there for a place to rest, and I happened across what looked like a wintering cottage down a ladder under one of the bounding islands. It was but a breath before finding relaxation and complete unconsciousness.

Tiny Hut

Voices and curious eyes woke me.

In a moment I moved from dreams to waking, looking up into the curious eyes of the creatures surrounding me - their faces a perfect amalgam of human and other animals, their size small enough to explain why my feet were hanging over the end of the bed I had selected. I was surprised at their kindness; had I come home to find a stranger in my bed, I'm no sure I would have shared food with them, nor given them directions for the route through my land. It was with pockets heavier with food and the well wishes of my tiny new friends which gave lightness to my feet as I passed between glowing grasses and into the mists.

Shiny Path

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Location: Wiggenstead Mooring
Light Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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