Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Second Life's 10th Birthday Celebration

Second Life's 10th Birthday 12

I didn't get to see nearly as much of Second Life's 10th Birthday Celebration as I hoped; my time was taken up by a panoply of other things, other demands on my time and attention, and a surfeit of time to simply explore and enjoy, as well as a desire to linger and take pictures whenever I found something fun - which meant wandering around took a lot longer than it might have otherwise. Definitely, the highlight I saw was the Behemoth, which was an allegorical tale of Second Life with a solid roleplaying aspect created by Loki Elliot. There were a few hiccups with the HUD which worked it, but otherwise it was truly amazing and a lot of fun in a very small space. I really hope he does more along this vein in Second Life - maybe hooking up with MadPea? I'd love to see a few different, financially solvent gaming groups set up, though; that's hard to accomplish in Second Life.

I really wish they would leave the Birthday sims up for a full month - especially now that the creativity is so broad and incredible. No one is phoning in these displays, and it's a shame they have to vanish so soon before even a tenth of them can be explored fully. I'm really feeling the Lack Of Time this year - along with a desire to slow down and not rush through things as much, to linger and let slower thoughts bubble to the surface. We haven't made a world for ourselves with a lot of breathing room, either online or offline. I really enjoyed what I saw, though, and seeing a little piece of me show up again in the Birthday Celebration was really fun.

Second Life's 10th Birthday 6

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Hair: Wasabi Pills
Skin: De La Soul
Wings: Fancy Fairy
Necklace: I forget, but I think I got it at Collobor88
Dress: Schadenfreude
Boots: Schadenfreude

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