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Mizu: A Rainy Story - Guide Part Two

One day, you dropped and broke a stone that was very important to you.
That day it stopped raining...

Skyline of a mountain lake with the title imposed over it.
Mizu, or A Rainy Story, is an interactive horror story for the hot season. Mortals interfere with the mountain gods, and the gods interfere right back, leaving a legacy for the generations.

This Guide will include the entire story but I will be editing the English for comprehension and syntax. Anything in italics is my commentary; anything in plain text is a quote or paraphrase. All images are from the story and dedicated sim.

== Part One === Part Two ==


[Scene 10]

As you come out of the sparkling water flashback, an old woman will approach you in images.

Old woman: ...Hello, you are. Do you take the stone with you? Did you break the stone, didn't you? The stone was sealed the memories of this village. And now, the memories are leaking because of the stone broke. It means, Izumi village now rise from the dead from the dam floor.

Old Woman: Give the stone back to the shrine immediately so we can have our rain! That's the only solution to a drought.
I gave it.
Old Woman: What did you just say?! Who has the stone now?
I think her name was Awaji
Old Woman: Awaji... What are you planning to do? ... Do you mind to helping me a little bit? I need you to help me find Awaji. If you hadn't broken the stone, it would not have happened like this.
I'm sure there are no alternatives... I decide to help her.

Old Woman: Look, the footprints continue to this old water well. Did she go into the well? Lets go down. Don't be scared. I'm scared, too.

[Scene 11]

Old Woman: ...Is this the grand house? There is a piece of the stone on the ground! You said you'd take good care of it! No way, Awaji! 
I find a piece of the stone.
Old Woman: I can see Awaji over there. Lets go to the courtyard and take the stone from her.

The woman is still with you, and if you click the new figure on your HUD she will tell you about things. A broken up stone is also on your HUD, and three white dots. Go left into the garden (I can here water drop sounds from somewhere) and keep going around the the side (I can hear talking voice through this paper door. Someone is the other side of this door...).

Along the outside wall is a bright red flower. You can touch it. If you don't, the ending is different.

Old Woman: This is the Japanese camellia I planted with Nagakumo a long time ago. Can you see this because of the memories of the stone?

Old Woman: We are in the old memories now. So we have no ability to touch all the things in here. Look at this, we can't even open this paper door.

Old Woman: Look at you! You can touch water to make a noise.
I got it! I can use water to make a noise... I smack the water surface with all my might.

Nagakumo: What's the noise?
We rush into the room. via teleportation

[Scene 12]

Old Woman: So now, we should figure out a way to get out from here. Why don't you put out the fire in the open hearth?

This is a small logic puzzle that's rather fun to figure out, so give it a try before reading the spoilers below! Don't worry about making errors; all of them are correctable and a lot of the reactions are fun.

In the room next to where we enter is a stand with a bright red cloth over it. If you click it, you find another piece of the stone.
There is a wood box next to the dressing table. There is something inside. I find a piece of the stone.

In the other room of the three are a bunch of different things we can interact with.
Old Woman: Here's a stack of firewood. Can we use them?

Old Woman: Having a ladle might help you draw water from the pot.

Old Woman: This is the ladle that I made a long time ago. Look, I shaped it like a camellia blossom.
I got a ladle inscribed with camellia.
I bring the ladle close to the fire.
Old woman: Stop! Stop! Don't burn the ladle!
I ladle water.
click the fire
Tokosame: Oh, fire of the hearth is dying.
Nagakumo: It may be because that air enters through the gap in the door. Well... I can put the new one.
Opps! Nagakumo brings logs from the next room and starts a new fire!

I ladle water.
I make firewood wet using the ladle's water.
Old Woman: The Firewood is useless because of what you've done! We should wait for Nagakumo, he might go outside to get more firewood.

I ladle water.

click the fire
Nagakumo: Oh no, the fire has gone out again. And look, the firewood is all wet. Let me get firewood from outside.

Old Woman: You got him! No we can go to the Courtyard finally!

Teleported out to the courtyard, we can confront Awaji.

[Scene 13]

Old Woman: Awaji, what are you going to do with the stone?
Awaji: I'll swallow it.
Old Woman: Don't be foolish!
Awaji: Yes, I will! So what will you do for it? Will you try to scoop it out from my abdomen like I did to you? Will you?!
Old Woman: Stop it! Give it back!
What are you going to do to take the stone back from Awaji?
            a) Pitch the ladle at her hard
            b) Douse water from the ladle on her.

I'm going to fill in all of the possible endings from the most tragic to with the extended epilogue. All of them are a lot of fun - I actually recommend you go through each to experience all the possibilities!

[Ending A]

Awaji: Ouch!

Old Woman: No way! She gets power from the mountain god! Get back to the well, now! Dive into it!

Old Woman: Oh my dear, wake up! Are you all right? We are back at the shrine, finally. Hurry up. We don't have that much time. Let's put the stone back in the right place. I could make it rain sooner or later. It's good of you to take care of me. Thank you. Now I have to find Awaji immediately and... oh, no worries dear. I can take care of it!


Is this all I can do? I think there must be more that I could do. Anyway, it has begun to rain. Everything will be ok. The village is sinking back into the water. With time it will be completely hidden. Where have the people gone? Who was the old woman? ... Awaji. Will she keep seeking a place with loneliness deep in her heart?

"Please, oh please..."


From then on, this dam became a tourist site which is named...

The dam where people have disappeared.

[Ending B]

Awaji: What's going on here!?
Old Woman: Shoot!! She swallowed the stone! She's going into the water. Let's go after her! Jump into the water!


Old Woman: Oh my dear, wake up! Are you all right? We are back at the shrine, finally. Hurry up. We don't have that much time. Let's put the stone back in the right place. But... that piece of stone is in her stomach. What can we do? We have no choice! We have to take her to the shrine!

At this point you get all three pieces of the stone if you got the Camilla flower, two if you didn't.

Nagi: ... I'm relieved. Now my power is back. The old woman you saw was actually me. I am a sacrifice to the God of Mountains to mollify his anger. Even through I tried my hardest, my effort was not enough. Thank you for all of your help. So now, I'll go back to my place.

Nagi: How about going back together, Awaji? Yes. Would you help me keep a close eye on the safety of this place? To tell the truth, I feel lonely staying here alone.
Awaji: But... Can I get ... a place?
Nagi: I welcome you. You can help take care of God of mountains using your strong power.
Awaji: Excuse me?!
Nagi: Haha, I'm just teasing, Awaji. Here, the water comes back. You should stay here.

Awaji: This place will also go back into the water, won't it?
Nagi: Yes, and the all memories go away to the sea.
Awaji: Thank you what you have done for us.
Nagi: Thank you so much for your help.

[Epilogue Without Full Stone]

Nagi: I sent the letter to a person who had the stone, but why did she have the stone?

[Epilogue With Full Stone]

A few days later... I had a sudden whim to look at my grandma's belongings. There is... a box which I last saw in Nagi's dressing table.
Is she grandma? Wait, this picture is... "Nagi 4th birthday" This is the baby I saw before.

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