Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Squee: Rainbows

The Sunday Squee is when I can talk about things that make me happy and excited. The main focus will be on different things people created, from books to movies to television shows to podcasts, and my effort will be to highlight less commonly known things as a way to share what I love. If you want to join in the Sunday Squee, please link back to me so I can enjoy what you love!

Dryad Reflection

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love rainbows. I consider them my favorite color - all together; I love the in order fade, and how each can move smoothly into the next, creating harmony in diversity. I have dear friends who create rainbow things for me, and both of the custom creations I've paid for in Second Life involved rainbows - in one case a whole outfit, in another case an awesome set of wings. I also semi-regularly make rainbow outfits, or try to make top to bottom rainbow fades, and all of the things I create come into the world with a rainbow texture from Fortunas Creations; I'm very blessed, he has a tendency to drop rainbow textures into my inventory unasked for, but always appreciate!

What I love about rainbows is fairly straightforward - they seem like magic to me. They also represent all that is ephemeral and lovely, they are caused by the meeting of two unlikely things, and they embody not just tolerance but acceptance of variety and vibrancy. I love all the different options, from pastel to flaming neon bright, and the way I can add rainbow in as wither a pop of glory, or use it as an entire theme for an outfit. When I created my look for RWBY for a past Sunday Squee, my theme was rainbow and my name was Tuar Ceatha, the Irish word for rainbow. Along with a few other common, adored things, rainbows are central to my aesthetic and drive a lot of what I do and how I do it both online and offline - and they make me incredibly happy. I even have a rainbow unbrella for rainy days, so I can give everyone a smile!

#DeosSecondLifeProblems - Make Your Own!

Many, many, many more rainbows below the cut!

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  1. So many gorgeous photos, Deoridhe! I'm turning into a rainbow lover as well; can't get enough of the gorgeous, colorful ombre hair colors that we can find on the grid. If only we could so easily translate them into real life! :)

    1. One of my dreams when my hair goes all silvery is to do rainbow strands so I have a full on rainbow fade around part of my head. 8D

  2. No one rocks Rainbows better then you muh Dayo.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! I had a ball pulling it together, and the sim was lovely.