Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Squee: A:S:S Nail Polish

The Sunday Squee is when I can talk about things that make me happy and excited. The main focus will be on different things people created, from books to movies to television shows to podcasts, and my effort will be to highlight less commonly known things as a way to share what I love. If you want to join in the Sunday Squee, please link back to me so I can enjoy what you love!

You, Stop... Come Here

It was a challenge to select three images for this post highlighting A:S:S's dramatic nailpolish style. I'm only showing three of a truly impressive panoply - at the top is an example of his graphic designs, drawing from inspirations like gemstones and (as shown above) butterfly wings. These are by far the most unlikely nails offline, requiring either wraps or steady hands and a lot of time, but in world they're available at the touch of a button. For obvious reasons, the butterfly variants (ah! if only there was a rainbow one!) are one of my favorites, but the Gold Thread abstract designs and the crisp lines of his pastel Tiara and bright Rainbow are equally striking and work with a variety of outfits, either as a complement or a contrast. Sometimes he adds in more subtle textures, like the seemingly embossed Royal Purple, or the Victorian Velvet I need to pick up soon, and the variation in texture given he's working with a static surface and has to accommodate different lengths of nail is impressive.

Rawr Giggle

He does equally well with solid colors, as you can see above, and earns my eternal gratitude by usually including all six of the main rainbow colors; orange and gold are in shorter supply in my inventory, so when I need them I almost always turn to A:S:S. He also makes a mean teal, and when I can find perfect matches to one of his colors, well... its bliss. These single colors, either dark or pastel, are among the more offline-realistic of his shades, but there are also some which straddle the line like his Superglitter nails or the Mahi Mahi sparkle-tips shown below. I've actually replicated a Mahi Mahi adjacent look offline with a brighter color - it has to do with layering glitter-polish over a solid shade. For the realists among us he even offers up a set of chipped polish in shiny and matte, in addition to his basic shades and dirty nails.

Into My Own Hands

A:S:S is mostly known for his mens clothing - and believe me, someday when I'm feeling generous I'll be back to kit out my poor mAlt Quatre - but his nails are wonderful for the ladies as well, and they really make me happy! I also feel the need to note that there are lucky boards in his nail store, and I and the alphabet alts may be making a showing in the next few days in the drive to get me shiny, glorious nails.

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