Friday, April 26, 2013

Fantasy Faire: Epic Toy Factory and Sax Sheperd Designs

2013-04-25 Final Assigned_007

I'm not normally a decorator - I don't own a sim and I don't have much land - but I got a chance to play with some offerings from Epic Toy Factory and Sax Sheperd Designs, and I really had a lot of fun making a small diorama. First, Sax Sheperd Designs, which is a very new to me store that I'm so glad I'm now aware of. These adorable Loly flowers, in a variety of colors and styles, are really cute and make me wish I could lick the screen and have it taste as good as they look. I was able to make a small field of them, of all varieties and types. I also arranged all the types of gumdrop trees around some of them with only one drop, and some of them two-drop trees. I really like the bright, candy-like effects, and I'm seriously tempted to try to walk around with a Loly flower in hand, or make a crown out of them. That would be so cute. I also rezzed the cutest little dragon that came along with the rest of the Sax Sheperd Designs stuff he's just hovering in place in front of the clocks, waiting to be loved.

2013-04-25 Final Assigned_001

Epic Toy Factory is really the centerpoint of my diorama, though, with this amazingly textured ruins and the gorgeous texture on the base. I really fell in love with the watercolor effect - an effect all too rare in Second Life. The minute and second hand are completely gorgeous, and the fade of purple out from the clock numbers is simply sublime. I also like how everything was woven together when I rezzed it - I just had to add in the Truffula Trees and the enormous watercolor tree in the back - purple and green and gorgeous. The Truffula Trees are also a lot of fun, with a watercolor aesthetic like the books had; big poofs on top of spindly trunks.

2013-04-25 Final Assigned_003

( More pictures here. )


Epic Toy Factory: Ruins, Purple and Green leafed Tree, and Truffula Trees

Sax Sheperd Designs: Drakyn Pet, Gumdrop Trees, and Loly Flowers

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