Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Genre: Family

Off Angle

The Genre event this month is family, which really doesn't speak to me in Second Life. I tend to not roleplay being in families, and I only once even considered making my character pregnant, and the sim ended up closing before any decisions were made. I love helping my friends, though, so when a call went out from the lovely Faery of Studio Sidhe, I hopped right over and brought one of my oldest friends - who had been seeing the new apartment I set up for myself in my latest roleplaying sim - with me. I actually ended up being int he picture twice; in the pink dress I'm Deoridhe Starr, who is quite old, and the tiny orange fairy in the top corner is me as Deoridhe Quandry. Sometimes, having many mes really comes in handy. Evne if you're not of the family sort, you might still find things you like at Genre this month; I know I did.

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