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Fantasy Faire: Dwarfins

Dwarfins A

Edit: The Dwarfins Website  is the best place to get accurate information on the product.

While I have some history with breedable creatures, I had little experience with Dwarfins (Main Store Link) outside of running across a group of them on one of my hunts and snapping a picture. I was struck at the time by how detailed they were (only ten land impact each) and also how they could interact with different things in their environment, like a chair they could sit on. As part of the fantasy faire, I got one of their special starting packs of male and female enchantor Dwarfins, and I really think their look is fantastic; all purple and blue with a special staff on their back. There is also a special release of a magical book they can interact with, a stone outcropping they worship, and mushrooms for them to eat. Sometimes when they're walking around, they also pull some mushrooms out of heir pocket to peer at - I'm not sure whether I should trust them near my food or not.

Dwarfins B

I have to admit, the more I watched them the more I felt a weird ethical dilemma. Keep in mind, I know these are scripted things, I know they have neither sentience nor sapience, but I'm somehow deeply troubled by raising and breeding bipedal creatures that sit on chairs and read books. Even through Meeroos and other breedables had sentience, somehow the bipedal seems different to me. I did end up greatly enjoying watching them move, and interact with the different things which came along with them, it was just weird watching what I think of as "people" as puppets. I suppose it's more similar to the Sims game, where you make people, but it somehow feels different - don't ask me to explain. I do really like them, though - from the big glow when they are "born" to watching them wander around and do things.

Dwarfins C

There are also two object releases for the Dwarfins, one which is part of an ongoing storyline involving the Dwarfins and the god they worship, and one book of magic they can read and cast spells at. The stone offers four approaches; at each one they can sit and contemplate the stone, or set down their wand and engage in worship. It's a really neat effect to watch them sort of wander around, pausing every now and then at their phallic god. The magical book has Norse Runes in it, and someone can pause and look at the book, as if reading, or actually cast spells which causes a particle effect. The one distracting aspect of the objects is that each of them have large red arrows pointing toward the access points of the object; I'm sure there's a way to turn it off, but I have to admit after the initial confusion I kind of liked it. Strange me, I know.
Dwarfins D

One other thing available for Dwarfins, which is completely awesome, are actual rigged mesh avatars so that one can become one of the Dwarfins.I haven't yet gotten into it and wandered around - I've been really caught up in a lot of different things - but I'm looking forward to doing so. You can't breed as an avatar, of course, but you can fool people into thinking you aren't actually there when you are - so awesome. Both these special RFL Enchantor Dwarfins are available, and the special single-release Dwarfins below are also available as an avatar - the Auctioned Dwarfins are unique starter Dwarfins which makes them very special and awesome for all who embrace this truly unique breedable.

Auction Item: One of a Kind Dwarfin Rinn Rockbeard Auction Item: Dwarfin Rorek Rockbeard

Head on over to the Dwarfin store on Luminaria to check out everything available at the Fantasy Faire.

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