Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fantasy Faire: Grim Bros

GrimBros Cowdress 2


Cow! Dress!

In its full form, the cow dress from Grim Bros (Main Store Link) is an impressive thing, with large cow legs sticking out to either side. You will cut a wide swath through any Second Life gathering (mostly because people will hide from someone wearing two cows!). Even deconstructed, though, the cow dress is an impressive thing. The one thing I wish is there was a separate top so I could wear it with the  calf-length skinny skirt, but I ended up loving it with the short dress over the top (as shown above) and just the short dress alone is a sort of fun, semi-frilly thing to enjoy. I paired it with these amazing flapping-butterfly shoes which are pretty much rainbow, which means I will love them forever and ever and ever. I actually have a bunch of her butterfly shoes, and I love how they flap at different rates, always giving you something interesting to look at. 

GrimBros Cowdress 1

Massive as the cow dress is, though, it is not the only offering from Grim Bros for the Fantasy Faire. Three frothy confections of various shades, complete with hats, are waiting for you. There is also an entirely over the top hat, complete with a carnival on top and little flapping birds! I'm not normally a top hat kind of girl, but these are seriously fun. I'm also sharing a close up of the rainbow butterfly shoes, and these others entirely overwhelming poison shoes complete with complicated whirls and curlicues; I'm really tempted to try to find some over-the-top green outfit to go with these, so you may well see them again sometime in the future. Grim Bros always offers something awesome, over-the-top, and unique, so make sure to check them out at the Ravenshard sim at the Fantasy Faire!



Skin & Eyes: De La Soul
Hair: Underscore

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