Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Squee: Marshawn Lynch Interviews

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I don;t remember when I first was introduced to the phenomenon which is Marshawn Lynch. He retired in 2015 (announcing tweet) with his characteristic brevity, and while he was in public play he was known for his punishingly aggressive style on the field, and his incomprehension and annoyance at the expectation that tons of people will be able to ask him the same question over and over again while he answered them. His contract with his employers demanded he be there, though, so after he was fined he would show up and answer questions in his own idiosyncratic manner.

With the same words over and over again.

It's a brilliant response to being asked the same questions again and again. He took a lot of heat for it, he received a lot of critique for it, but I saw it as fascinating response to a world which is becoming increasingly intrusive into the thoughts of public figures. There are some who thrive in it, some who endure it, but Lynch made his stand with hints of humor at the predicament that he found himself in.

This has become a culture of display, or public presentation through words, which doesn't suit everyone who comes into the public view. Marshawn offers an obstreperous but honest example of what happens when one of those people won't dance to the media's tune.

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