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UBUMExORIGAMI - Endings and Deaths

It's All in Hand

August is the month of ghosts in Japan, and Ubume has returned with another if it's Hunt Stories to chill you to your bones! This is the guide organized by deaths and endings, so if you're missing one you can go right to it. I've also added in story beats for the endings, each of which give you a different fraction of the story. I've also written a general introduction and the story hunt organized by location, so head there if that's what you're looking for. Just as a warning - everything beyond here is potentially a spoiler!

Flying Fish

Death 1. (After Newspaper 1) 5PM in Science Room (New School, 2nd Floor)

I sensed something and turned back. A skeleton with a saw blade.
I heard scraping sounds. From where? I don't want to know...
Maybe he's cutting my...

Death 2. (After Newspaper 1) Noon in Science Room (New School, 2nd Floor)

Somewhere I heard metal clinks. Where? ... Above me...
I looked up and what I saw were countless scissors.
 Without being given time to thing, I was thoroughly stabbed.

Death 3. (After Newspaper 1) Run from Girl in Science Room (New School, 2nd Floor)

I caught my breath and hurried to the classroom door to escape.
! ! ! ! !
But she was there already. She is coming.
One step, and another. I lost my will to run away....

Death 4. Knock the wrong number of times in the Girl's Bathroom (Old School, 2nd Floor)
Death 4. Say you want nothing from Hanako (Old School, 2nd Floor)

Sorry you're wrong! You fall with me!
A girl through the door grabbed my head, and...

Death 5. Answer "Yes" after knocking thrice in the Girl's Bathroom (Old School, 2nd floor)

Before I could open it, the door in front of me opened. 
"Come to me..."

Death 6. Knock on the wrong door in the Girl's Bathroom (Old School, 2nd floor)

Bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam
Someone is knocking hard from over the door. I must go away.
I happened to look up. A girl was climbing over the door... 

Death 7. Do Kokkuri-san incorrectly in 2nd Class 1st Year (New School, 2nd Floor)

Suddenly, the 10Yen coin started to move by itself. 
"K I L L" ... Kill? At that moment,
"Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill"
I was too frightened to open my eyes. Then... I was over.
I could've found a secret in the torn part of the School Paper.

Death 8. Go near the Well (Courtyard)

I went near the well and looked inside to listen to the song.
There I saw...
I was dragged directly into the well.

Death 9. Walk through Gate (Courtyard)

Suddenly I was grabbed. 
I had no time to resist, and was eaten by someone.

Death 10. Click the glowing ball in 3rd Class Year 1 (New School, 2nd Floor)

The next moment I was unconscious... and never woke up...

Death 11. Touch the flowers in the Teacher's Room (New School, First Floor)

 Triggered by the word "DIE" on the blackboard, 
I found myself surrounded by a cloud of white shadows, then...

Death 12. Touch doll and scissors on the desk in the 2nd Class Year 3 (Old School, 1st Floor)

I saw nothing but red. Crimson. Bloody. 
Filled with iron smell. I suddenly lost consciousness. 
The last view I remember was the impending blade of the scissors.

Death 13. Walk down along the stalls in the girl's bathroom (New School, 2nd floor)

Whether looking behind or in front of me, dolls, dolls, dolls. 
And the dolls slowly walked toward me...

Guide to the Three Talismans:

Kaede's Talisman:
  • Get Newspapers 1 & 2 from the Hallway (New School, 1st Floor)
  • Get Science Room key from the Teacher's Room (New School, 1st Floor)
  • Get Newspaper 6 from the Hallway (New School, 2nd Floor)
  • Get the 2nd half of page 2 in the Science Room (New School, 2nd Floor) Answers: 3AM, talk
  • Play Kokkuri-san in 2nd Class Year 1 (New School, 2nd Floor) Answers: come here; return
  • Get the key to the Old School in the Media Room (New School, 3rd floor)
  • Get the Letter in 1st Class Year 2 (New School, 3rd Floor)
  • Click on the second stall in the Bathroom (Old School, 2nd Floor) Answers: knock three times; don't open door; talk with the girl
Hanako: "My real name is Kaede, although people call me Hanako. I'm waiting for my mom. I want to remind my mom of me. But she is so preoccupied with her baby. For a long time now. My dad is a liar. He told me that she's gone to heaven. But the truth is, she can't leave from here, nor can she see me. Mom, what should I do? I want you to recognize me. Say, don't you know what I should do? Do you want to get out of here? It won't let you out now. We don't know when it will. If you really want to leave from here, take this with you. But it only takes you to the exit."

Grave Mound Talisman: 
  • Get Newspapers 1 & 2 from the Hallway (New School, 1st Floor)
  • Get Newspaper 3 from the Hallway (New School, 2nd Floor)
  • Go to Art Room (News School, 3rd Floor) Answer: follow bloody footsteps 
  • Get paper 4 from Grave Mount (Courtyard)
  • Get Onyx Stones from Principal's Office and Nurse's Office (New School, 1st Floor)
  • Get Science Room key from the Teacher's Room (New School, 1st Floor)
  • Get the 2nd half of page 2 in the Science Room (New School, 2nd Floor) Answers: 3AM, talk
  • Play Kokkuri-san in 2nd Class Year 1 (New School, 2nd Floor) Answers: come here; return
  • Get the key to the Old School in the Media Room (New School, 3rd floor)
  • Get Onyx Stone from the Music Room (Old School, 2nd Floor)
  • Go to Grave Mound and place Onyx Stones
Try to use onyx?
  • Yes: See below
  • No: Nothing happens.

There's a woman holding a baby in front of the grave mound. 
"I feel pain, regret and sadness... My dear baby..."
Something has fallen from the sky.

 I got a piece of talisman.

Mother's Talisman:
  • Get Newspapers 1 & 2 from the Hallway (New School, 1st Floor)
  • Get keys from the Teacher's Room  (New School, 1st Floor)
  • Get the 2nd half of page 2 in the Science Room (New School, 2nd Floor) Answers: 3AM, talk
  • Play Kokkuri-san in 2nd Class Year 1 (New School, 2nd Floor) Answers: come here; return
  • Get the key to the Old School in the Media Room (New School, 3rd floor)
  • Go to the old schoolhouse
  • Get Draft Newspaper 7 in the 1st Class Year 3 (Old School, 1st Floor)
  • Approach the well (Courtyard) Answer: search for info
  • Go to Library (Old School, 2nd Floor) and look among many books

(After getting Newspaper No. 7)

I know the song is exactly the same as my mother's. I want to know more about this song. Maybe in the library I can find the local history of this area. 

I got a memo about the lullaby.

I found the local history among many books.
I should consult it about the lullaby of this area. 

"Lullaby of a birthing woman"

This lullaby used to be sung at the small village near this town. 
The lyric is about a human sacrifice that took place at that village.
They cruelly killed an expectant mother, but the details of the story are not known.

Now the village is gone,, and the people have spread out to other villages.
The expectant mother was a daughter of the village leader.
 And the leader enshrined her statue to punish himself, after the sacrifice.

There is an altar at my place.
It's something like a Buddhist altar.

But the appearance was totally different from 
the one at my friend's place, so I was wondering***

 There is a small door in front of the altar, and it was always closed.
We were told never to open it, but I couldn't help taking a look inside.

There was an old statue of a woman with a big belly.
 I'm sure it was a pregnant woman.

 If what's written in this book is true, 
I'm a descendant of the woman and child who died in sacrifice.

 The voice heard from the old well could be the sacrificed mother.
It is most likely that I am her descendant.

I couldn't stay still but went to the courtyard.
 I also grew up with this lullaby. I found myself humming with her.

Then, the voice stopped singing, and the woman holding a baby appeared.
"My little baby boy. You can never grow older. I'm sorry that I couldn't give you a life. They are to blame. I will never forgive them. Never. They not only took my life, but yours as well. What is a human sacrifice? How loathsome it is. I envy those people who can watch over their kids as they grow up.
"Why me? And why my baby?"

The woman disappeared.
There's something around the well.
It's a scrap of prayer talisman (ofuda).

I got a piece of talisman.


Ending A - Just Kaede's Talisman:

As soon as I stepped out of the exit, I knew that escape was in vain.
A cloud of dark figures are moving toward me saying something.

There's nothing I can do.
 Dark figures are approaching me, but I can't move***
 When they stood in front of me, I could hear what they were saying.


Ending B - Just the Grave Mound Talisman:

I must hurry to get out of the school.
I ran from the grounds as fast as hell. 

The school gate is right over there.
Be quick! And escape from this weird place.

"You also want to be my kid?"
 There stood a bloody woman with a baby in her arms.

"No! Somebody help me!"
Of course, nobody could hear my screams***

Ending C - Just the Mother's Talisman:

I need to run away quickly! 
I should be safe if I can get out of the school grounds.

 "Don't ever think of being the only survivor!... You can't leave from here!"

 I stood in surprise. Where did that voice come from?

"Let's all go together."

 The voice is heard inside my head. The exit is almost there***.

"Wherever or how far you go, you will always be with us."

"You cannot escape. Let's go together."

Then I lost consciousness.

Ending D - The Grave Mound and Kaede's Talismans:

"I'm sorry. I can only help you a bit. You've*** met my mother. I wonder if she will remember me some day. I'm really sorry for what she's done to your school. I apologize for my mother. Let me tell you a bit about myself, from a long time ago, when I was still alive.

"When I was younger, my mom was killed with her baby in her tummy. The ones you met at the well were my mother and the baby. They did nothing wrong, but were just killed. I didn't understand why they had to be killed.

"But, my father told me that they were sent to the god's place. I was so sad. I wanted to stay with them. But I thought it was okay if they were staying with the god. Because of their sacrifice we were supposed to be able to eat again. Everybody was thankful to my father. But it did not happen, and everybody was still starving.
"I died soon after. But I was not afraid. Coz I thought I could meet them again. I could follow them to the god's place, but what I saw was...
"a scary horrible looking*** clump far from god."
There at the center I saw my mother holding the baby. She looked like an ogre. Even though I called her name many times, she never recognized me. I want my mom to become gentle as she used to be. What if*** you*** You might be able to bring my mom*** oh, never mind.
It's okay. You can probably go back to your school by tomorrow. 
Hurry back home, before my mom finds you. Thanks for listening to my story.

I left the school as Kaede urged me to. How long have they been like that, the mother and daughter?  And how long would such a situation last for them? It's sorrowful to bear. But there is nothing I can do about it.
Next morning, the school was as peaceful as usual. I almost believed that it was just a strange dream I had. I went to the grave mound to offer some flowers. The truth is not known, but there I saw***

Ending E - Kaede's and her Mother's Talismans:

I've been looking for you.. For a long time. Finally, I found you. The one I can talk to. The one who can understand my thoughts. Say, I knew that you would understand me. You and I are linked by a thread of fate.
I've been here all alone. I was at a loss for what to do. I didn't know what I should do, but I felt so happy to find you. You, the one who is related by blood. I am the one who brought you here. I thought you and I together might stop my mother's rampage***
I'm so sorry that I made a hard time for you. I will try to stop my mom, so please get out of this school. I'm sorry, but happy to talk with you. Please enjoy your life. For the sake of me, my mom, and my brother. Say, please hurry to get out of the school!"

As soon as I left the school, the weird color 
of the sky turned back to the ordinary evening glow.
I felt like I stayed in school for a long time, 
but it was still evening and the night hadn't come yet.

What did she want from me?
Who was the "mother" she referred to?
That is unknown at this time. 

Next day the school seemed as usual. 
Nobody knew about the weird things that happened the day before. 
I felt as if it was just a nightmare I had. 

Strangely, people have gradually stopped talking about School Ghost stories since that day.
Nobody talks about the school news paper anymore.
I actually still keep all of the issues though.

Ending F - The Grave Mound and Mother's Talismans (6th)

As soon as I stepped out of the exit, I was astonished by the scenery ahead of me. 
A cloud of dark figures are moving toward me saying something. 
It's really hard to catch what they are saying. 
There's nothing I can do.

 Dark figures are approaching. I can't move. And***
When they stood in front of me, I could finally hear what they were saying.

"You die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die***"

"Hurry and get out of here! Now!"

When I looked back I saw a girl standing there.
"I cannot hold it any longer. Hurry and get out of school! What you are going through is because of me. Sorry, but I won't let you die. I'll send you back home safely. Be quick!"
I ran like hell.

Who was that girl?
Anyhow, I survived because of her.

The next day, school went by as usual, as if nothing had happened. 
I went to the courtyard. That old abandoned well*** and the grave mound***

 All the stones around the mound were fixed there.

 And there was a paper talisman to seal the well***
Even though I tried to gather all the pieces of scrap, they didn't make one who sheet of talisman.

I remember the girl who helped me yesterday.
If she did all these, I wonder how she is doing now.

True Ending - All three pieces of the Talisman / Ofuda

If you have all three pieces of the Talisman / Ofuda, going to Kaede with it before you can exit through the front door of the New Schoolhouse.

"Oh, you collected all of the pieces of the talisman. Pass me them... Here, I restored them. I'm sorry that I involved you in this matter, but I really needed your help. You might have realized already, but you and I are related by blood. That's why I could let you stay in here. This is my mother's world. The truth is that no human is allowed to come here. 
My mother is trying to bridge her world to your world. If that ever happens, spirits who are in my mom's world will brim over. Those ghost stories are caused by these spirits. The seal is broken and those two worlds are almost connected. Then this school would become ghost-ridden. I don't want my mother to do such things. 
My mother has been suffering since such phenomena started to happen. I want to release her from her pain, but she's unable to see that I'm here. Nor can she hear my voice. She can only see her baby. If you, who are related by blood, are with me, my mom will perceive us. So please, please give me a wish. Using this talisman, break my mother's seal."
I pasted the whole talisman. Then the doors opened.

"I'm sorry that I involved you in this matter. If you are with me, my mom will perceive us. If she realized what you did, she would come over here right away. There's not much time left*** so please help me*** Now."
Kaede reached her hand to me.
I took her hand with mixed feelings.

"I'm sorry that I involved you."

"Lullaby, and good night, close your eyes and rest~
Oh my! You, as a mere human, could break the boundary I made?"

 "You won't allow me to fulfill my grudge?
You are nothing more than a mere happy human.
Why don't I eat you up?"


 "Don't bother me! Who the heck are you?"

"Look at me, Mom. You forgot about me?"

 "You are*** Kaede?"

"I'm your child too! I want you to look at me. I've always been here with you. I've been calling and calling you, but you never recognized me. You look so sad, and in pain. You don't have to suffer any longer. Let's go together*** and let three of us be reborn together. Let's all have fun, and be pleasant.
"Say mom, I had a hard time t the end, but I am basically happy. Mom, you had some happy experiences too, right?"
"I'd totally forgotten about you***  I've been too preoccupied with my baby boy, as it was too sad and too painful. I'm really sorry*** You must have felt so lonely. Yes, we'd been so happy when we were together. I had lost such happy memories... 

Thank you Kaede. If you didn't come here, I would have stayed as an ogre."

"Oh, mom***"

 "Kaede, come here and hold the boy in your arms.
"Yes, let's all go, together."
"Thank YOU very much. We can go together at last because of you,"
said Kaede, and she ran to her mother and got the baby from her.

They held each other's hands, gradually turned into light and flew into the sky. 
There were rays of light following them as shooting stars, one after another. 

It certainly was a splendid scene. 

I left the school. 
What happened today was too overwhelming to understand everything at once.
But, I bought some dumplings on the way back home to place on the altar at home.

I'm sure they'll like them.

It was ordinary peaceful school life the next day. 

I went to the courtyard and offered many dumplings at the grave mound, 
hoping that those who suffered here will be soothed 
and someday will be reborn with vigor into this world.

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