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UBUMExORIGAMI - Room by Room

The Glow of Blessings

August is the month of ghosts in Japan, and Ubume has returned with another if it's Hunt Stories to chill you to your bones! This is the guide organized by room, so if you're stuck somewhere this may unstick you. I've also written a general introduction and the story hunt organized by deaths and endings, so head there if that's what you're looking for. Just as a warning - everything beyond here is potentially a spoiler! Quotes from the story are in italics and I've done some minor grammatical editing. Images come from the locations and videos.

The strange sound of chimes woke me up. I looked around, but I couldn't find anyone. I wonder how long I've been sleeping in here. Outside the window, there's a flaming sunset. I've got to hurry back home.

The New School Building:

I have to go home. Let's hurry to the entrance.

1st Floor Hallway:

The doors don't open. I seem to be locked in the school. I have to find a way to get out......
It's a tennis racket. A tennis club member must have forgotten to pick it up.

Tennis racket and ball: Touch the ball and it bounces and rolls away.

(After Newspaper No. 4) Sounds of a baby crying outside of the Principal's Office.
I hear something... I wonder if it's a baby's cry. It seems to be heard from the principal's office.

(After Newspaper No. 4) Sounds of a baby crying outside of the Nurse's Office.
I hear something... I wonder if it's a baby's cry. It's likely heard from the nurse's office.

There's a paper on the wall. It's featuring a ghost story which everyone is talking about. Let's touch to get a copy.

Newspaper No. 1 (Mystery in the science room)
First half of Newspaper No. 2 (Kokkuri-san)

[ Newspaper No. 1: A mystery in the science room]
Rumor has it that there are lots of unnatural phenomena in our school. The Seven Wonders of our school - are they true or not? We've decided to inspect them one by one. Out first investigation is the "mystery in the science room". Just in case you don't know, let's get into the details of this rumor. "After 3 AM, you'll hear sobbing in the science room."
A 3rd-year student A snuck into school with his friend B after midnight in order to acertain the truth of this rumor. They heard the sobbing on the way to the science room, at the landing of the stairs in the new schoolhouse. As B got frightened and ran away, A decided not to go further. The sobbing sounded like a kid, they reported.
We decided to investigate this room with the help of "Paranormal Phenomenon Research Club" members. Mr. Hirano, the leader of the club, is planning to investigate the science room during the post-exam vacation. According to Mr. Hirano, there may be an elementary school girl in the science room. Whether she is harmless or not depends on the results of their investigation.
We plan to update this column regularly with new posts.

[ Newspaper No. 2: Kokkuri-san (Ouija board) ]

A game called "Kokkuri-san" is secretly getting popular among the first graders, I bet most of the readers know how to play this game, but allow me to explain in detail how it goes. Ko-Ku-Ri stands for Fox, Dog, and Raccoon. There's a quite similar game called Ouija Board in western countries. The Japanese version is Kokkuri-san.
Now let me explain how to play Kokkuri-san. First of all, write down YES and NO on a white sheet of paper. Draw a shape of a shrine gate in between. Add some figures and characters. (Pic 1)

The second page of this paper with the rest of the instructions is missing.

A school layout. Current location is shown at the upper part of this text box. Also, if I click on the current location, it opens the layout.

Principal's Room:

Portraits: Touch them and copies drop to the floor, the ones left on the wall beginning to glow.

There's a stone.

Desk: Approach it and a ghostly, bloody figure appears.

(After Newspaper No. 4) You can pick up the Onyx Stone.
There's a stone, black and shining mysteriously. I picked it up and felt like I faintly heard a baby's cry. I got a black round stone.

Teacher's Room: 

Touch the flowers in the Teacher's Room for Death 11.

There are keys. Which one should I take? 
  1. Science Room Key
  2. Library Key
  3. I don't need any.

Nurse's Room: 

There's a stone.

Pharmacy Cabinet: Approach it and eyes show up all over it.

(After Newspaper No. 4) You can pick up the Onyx Stone.
There's a stone, black and shining mysteriously. I picked it up and felt like I faintly heard a baby's cry. I got a black round stone.

Sit on the sink and see your own reflection with a ghostly overlay.

Broadcasting Room: 

Signs of a struggle in the first half of the room; furniture overturned and drag marks on the floor.

Ghostly figures through the glass in the second half of the room. Ghostly figures on the floor, a wall covered in bloody handprints, shadows, and mist.

Office Room: 

Severed heads in the sink and refrigerator.

When you approach the bed, a figure struggling in bloody wrappings appears.

Touch the tea for your choice of three colors; it will attach to your hand while you're logged in.

2nd Floor Hallway:

Newspaper No. 3 (Art room bloody footprints)
Newspaper No. 6 (Hanako in the restroom)

[ Newspaper No. 3: Art room / sanguineous footprints ]

It already is the 3rd post of this series. Happy to know that it has been met with a favorable reception. We plan to keep on compiling data on these affairs.
This time, we'll feature the rumor about the art room. It says: At midnight, some bloody footprints appear on the art room floor. They lead to somewhere, but if you follow them you will die. Luckily, as far as we know there's no news that somebody has really died. On the contrary, there's been neither evidence nor witnesses so far.
If you happen to have some information, please get in touch with us.

[ Newspaper No. 6: Hanako in the restroom ]
How did you feel about the shocking facts in our previous post? Our investigation on the grave mound is still going on.
Our 6th edition is featuring a typical ghost story in school. I'm sure everybody's heard about "Hanako in the restroom". She even appears in this school. In the ladies' room on the 2nd floor of the old building, you knock on the door 3 times and ask, "Is there Hanako inside?" You do this at the 2nd door. Then you'll hear "yes..." in a small voice. But be careful. If you open the door before the girl does, you'll see a girl in a red skirt and she'll drag you into the toilet.
This is just a rumor and we haven't found anybody who got dragged into the toilet. There are, however, many who've heard her voice, especially among the 2nd graders. We'd like to investigate this matter further, but to our regret all of the members of our editorial department are male, so it's rather difficult for us to investigate further.
Please let us know if you are will to challenge it.

1st Class, Year 1: 

Glowing handprints on the floor leading to a corner of the room.

Books with a glowing orb on top of one of them.

A giant eye moving on the blackboard.

2nd Class, Year 1: 

The sound of a crowd and glowing figures along the far wall when you walk in.

I found a 10Yen. I got it.

10 Yen pieces on the floor, desks, and cubbies.

Kokkuri-san on the desk.

It's a... Kokkuri-san. Shall I play?
  • Yes: Ah, let's remember how to speak to Kokkuri-san first...
    • Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please help me: Death 7
    • Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please talk to me: Death 7
    • (With 2nd half of Newspaper No. 2) Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san,  please come here.
      • Please tell me how to go to the old school-house.
        •  M E D I A... It must be referring to the media room.
      • Please tell me how to get out from this school.
        • O F U D A... meaning a talisman. I wonder where I can find it?
      • Please tell me my fortune today.
        • W O R S T... I should never have asked...
    • Will you continue the Kokkuri-san?
      • Yes: Select a different question.
      • No 
        • Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, good bye: Death 7
        • Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please return to where you were.
          • Move away from the Kokkuri-san.
        • Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, thank you: Death 7
  • No: Leave and Live

Boy's Bathroom: 

When you walk up to the mirror, a woman with bleeding eyes appears in it.

Girl's Bathroom: 

Walk down along the stalls for Death 13

3rd Class, Year 1: 

Click the glowing ball on the teacher's podium for Death 10.


When you walk toward the desk in the middle of the room, a pool of blood, swirling white shapes, and hanging people appear in the room.

Science Room: 

You need the Science Key form the Teacher's Room (New School, First Floor) to go here.

When you walk in, your view shifts and the room is filled with skeletons. Head past them into the second room to find the clock and the pharmacy cabinet.

It's a clock.
  • It's 5 PM Now: Death 1
  • It's noon now: Death 2
  • It's 3 AM now:
    •  Run: Death 3
    • Calm down and see the ghost of a girl: She points to a shelf.

(After interacting with the girl) On the shelf, I found a piece of paper.
Pick up Second Half of Newspaper No. 2 (Kokkuri-san).

[ Newspaper No. 2: Kokkuri-san ]
Place a 10Yen coin on the shrine gate. Put every player's index finger on it, and perform a ritual to call Kokkuri-san. "Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please come down. If you're here, move the coin to YES." If it's successful, the coin moves to YES. Kokkuri-san answers your questions with a 10Yen coin. After each question, you ask it to return to the shrine gate position by saying: "Please go back". 
When you finish you say, "Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please return to your home". Then Kokkuri-san says "YES" and when it comes back to the shrine everybody releases their fingers. If Kokkuri-san does not go back, you cannot finish this game.
The paper you used should be cut into small pieces and thrown away. The 10Yen coin should be spent within 3 days. There is no guaruntee that you'll stay safe unless you finish this game in a proper way.
FYI, if you go to Class 2 in the first grade, you can try Kokkuri-san. If you are interested, just drop by.

Skull in the bottom of the locker.

3rd Floor Hallway:

Bloody footprints on the floor leading down the stairs and out from the art room.

1st Class, Year 2:

Glowing, moving hitogama pointing toward a desk in the back.

By looking inside of the desk, I found a letter.

This seems to be an information letter to the School Paper Club. "You have to wait till the door opens, even if you get a reply." I think it's about the Hanako in the Restroom.

2nd Class, Year 2:

Abandoned toy on the floor.

Boy's Bathroom: 

Figure in the window.

Girl's Bathroom: 

Nothing obvious.

3rd Class, Year 2: 
Desks on the ceiling dripping read, and haunting girl in the corner behind a pile of glowing books.

Art Room: 

Those are the bloody footprints. Shall  follow those?
  • Not Now: Stop and nothing happens.
  • Let's Follow: Triggers the footstep following section.
I saw the bloody footprints leading to the outside classroom.

I saw the bloody footprints lead to the 1st floor.

I saw the bloody footprints lead to the courtyard.

I saw the bloody footprints lead to the grave mound.

This grave mound must be the ending point of the footprints. Some letters are carved here but I can't read them. A pedestal is in front of the mound, and black stones are on it. It has some holes for the missing black stones. There's something near the mound. It's a Sakura School Paper.

I got Sakura School Paper Vol 4. Open the Paper Menu to read.

[ Newspaper No. 4: The cry of a baby ]
This mysterious incident does not occur at a specific place in school. Reports say that people have heard a cry at several random places.
Here's what  witness C reported to us: She was in a hurry to go home after a club activity. She heard a cry on the way to the entrance. She had searched around the area but couldn't find a baby anywhere. The cry was most likely heard from the principal's office. Naturally, however, the door was locked so that she couldn't go inside to check. 
There is also another rumor that if you see the baby you will die, but as a publisher we hope everybody treats the baby with a tender heart.
Up until now, nobody seems to have found the baby, but the cry was hear around the 1st floor of the new schoolhouse, and the 2nd floor of the old schoolhouse.

Media Room:

The screen is flapping with ghostly images on it.

(After successful Kokkuri-san) There's a key. I got the key for the old school-house.


I hear a song from the well. I think I remember it...
  • Go near the well: Death 8
  • Get away: Live
  • (With Newspaper No. 7) Search for info about the song

Walk through Gate for Death 9.

Grave mound on the upper part of the courtyard; it has a pedestal in front of it with three missing Onyx Stones.

(With the Key to the Old School Building) I used the key of the old school-house. (*HUD will TP you by touching the right triangle button)

The Old School Building:

1st Floor Hallway:

Shoes: glow and walk down the hallway.

Newspaper No. 5 (The Grave Mound)

[ Newspaper No. 5: The grave mound ]
It's the 5th post. This time we're focusing on a story from the past, before this school was founded. We learned that one of our students' grandfathers is closely related to this place. After patiently investigating, we've found the following information We thank all who helped ups. Please understand that we cannot share the personal information of the people involved.
Editor: What was located here before?
Grandpa: There used to be a small village. It was long before I was born. I've heard that my ancestors were from that village.
Editor: Then, what was here when you were a kid?
Grandpa: Nothing. But our grave yard was near here, so I came to visit at times.
Editor: Do you know why your ancestors abandoned this land?
Grandpa: Oh well... I heard stories from my grandpa about a year of famine here. Everybody was suffering from hunger, especially in this area, and many people died. Some starved to death, and some committed suicide as they had nothing to eat. It's an awful story. Some even abandoned their kids. 
In order to solve this problem, the village leader came up with a hideous idea... to sacrifice a human life. Such a cruel story it was... the one who got sacrificed was an expectant mother. Not long afterwards the famine ended, but strange things had been happening in the village. Suspicious deaths of kids and women. Finally, there were almost no kids or women left. Villagers got frightened and left the village one by one. Then the leader build a grave mound as a memorial for the sacrificed mother & baby...
I think that the grave mound is still there, somewhere inside your school grounds. 
Editor: Do you know precisely where it was?
Grandpa: Hmm, I am not sure, as I haven't been to your school, but I believe they didn't destroy the grave mound. If they did, you wouldn't have been able to stay safe.
Editor: Do you know what it looks like?
Grandpa: Well, it's like a tombstone. There's a little stone table in front of the tombstone. It's easy to spot. You haven't seen it? Anyway, please don't forget about this story. Please let many people know about it.
Editor: Okay, I sure will. Thank you very much for your time today.

We're so surprised to learn that such a tragedy had happened in this region. BTW, some of our readers may happen to know of the stone monument. Most likely it is the stone monument at the corner of the courtyard. After we heard about it, we went up there to see it. To our surprise, some of the stones were missing. We have a very bad feeling that something really terrible may happen at school.

1st Class, Year 3: 

Newspaper No. 7 (Lullaby from the old unused well)

It's Sakura School Paper Vol 7. I wonder if this is a draft version.
I got Sakura School Paper Vol 7.

[ Schoolpaper No. 7: Lullaby from the old unused well ]
It's already the 7th edition of this special feature Maybe you're already aware, but occultism is a recent fad in our school. In general, most of the school ghost stories are nothing more than rumors and just based on fantasy. Ont he other hand, the stories of what's happening in our school all come from those who have actually experienced the phenomena. That's why we started this feature. If these are not rumors but are the truth, there should be reasons.
How do you feel about the issues we've featured so far? Do you feel they were just rumors? Or ....?
In this edition, we are featuring the old unused well in the school courtyard. There you hear the lullaby coming from the old well. It is said that if you get closer to the well to hear the lullaby, your body and soul will perish.
Needless to say, nobody has been killed by the lullaby in the past decade. (It would have been big news if it really had happened.) Has anyone heard the lullaby? We interviewed a student who actually heard it.
When she was in charge of cleaning the courtyard, she got irritated by some boys who'd been too lazy and were just messing around. She heard the lullaby when she was about to finish cleaning. As she knew about the rumor, she got scared and asked the boys for help. The boys started throwing stones at the well. At that moment, she felt so dizzy that she couldn't remain standing and had to sit down on the ground.
As she looked up, she saw the boys all gathered around and looking very pale. Beyond them she saw a lady holding a baby. They both vanished in a second and her dizziness was gone, too. 
This mystery is related to the grave mound featured in our 5th edition. If we're guessing right, we should do something with that grave mound as soon as possible. We interviewed the boys who threw stones at the well. They didn't dare throw the grave stones, but threw stones that were nearby, within their reach at that moment. 
When they returned the thrown stones, the rest of the grave stones were gone. As our readers may have guessed, they were not simple stones. The stones were Onyx, the powerful talisman gemstones to protect you from evil. If those missing onyx stones were there to restrain some evil spirits, they might have been set free to go on a rampage. We can surely sense that through what's going on in this school. 
We, including our readers, should all be careful.

2nd Class, Year 3: 

Touch doll and scissors on the desk for Death 12.

Boy's Bathroom: 

Head in the toilet; body in the corner.

Girl's Bathroom: 

Bloody girl leaning over the top of the toilet stalls.

Home Economics Room: 

Smokey effects, swirls of white, heads and garbage bags.

2nd Floor Hallway:

(After Newspaper No. 4) Sounds of a baby crying outside of the Music Room.
I hear something... I wonder if it's a baby's cry. It's likely heard from the music room.

3rd Class, Year 3: 

Skeleton at the chalkboard turns to look at you.

Music Room: 

There's a stone.

(After Newspaper No. 4) You can pick up the Onyx Stone.
There's a stone, black and shining mysteriously. I picked it up and felt like I faintly heard a baby's cry. I got a black round stone.

Ghostly figure appears at the piano.

Red figures appear around you when you approach the Onyx Stone.

Boy's Bathroom: 

Nothing obvious

Girl's Bathroom: 

You can knock on each of the doors. Knock on the second to begin the Hanako interaction. Knock on any of the others for Death 4.

Shall I knock on the door?
  • Let's knock twice: Death 6
  • Let's knock three times: "...Yes" I head the reply. Shall I open the door?
    •  Yes: Death 5
    • No:  Hanako "What do you want?"
      • Nothing Much: Death 4
      • Talk to the girl: Get Kaede's Talisman
  • Let's knock four times: Death 6


(With Key from the Teacher's Room) I used the library key. 
(*HUD will TP you by touching the right triangle button)

A bunch of book shelves in a T shape in the room. Starting from the top bar nearest the door:
  • They are playbooks.
  •  These books are for internal use only, must be expensive....
  • They're young-adult fiction books, especially parallel universes.
  • It's a comics shelf, having all volumes of "Dragon Ball".
  • These books seem old.
    • (With Lullaby Memo) Get the Mother's Talisman
  • This shelf is for the foreign literature books.
  • References corner.
  • This shelf is for the modern literature books.
  • Are these many picture books necessary for this school?
  • Modern novels. The authors are familiar to us.
  • This shelf is for the children's literature books. I used to read them. 
To the Heavens

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