Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sn@tch - Girls Over Flowers

Sn@tch - Girls Over Flowers

Sn@tch's fishing prize has changed to the new, brief, and lovely Girls Over Flowers, worn by Sainmhiniu here. In the background you can see the vast crowds currently hanging out in the store, fishing their hearts out.

7Seas Fishing is extremely newbie friendly - the basic fishing rod costs 100$L and you can catch everything at Sn@tch with it. The fish themselves are wearable - Sainmhiniu always wears a few of my favorites - and spin in circles around the wearer. If you pay extra for bait you can level up and pick up Rare, Ultra-rare, and Super-ultra-rare fish as well. Setting Sainmhiniu out to fish is always one of my pleasures, and I love seeing the adorable outfits Sn@tch provides.

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