Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunday Squee: Diamond Quest

The Sunday Squee is about things that make me happy and excited. From books to movies to television shows to podcasts, I'll highlight less commonly known things as a way to share what I love. If you want to join in the Sunday Squee, please link back to me, magnifying both of our joy.

One of the longer standing match-three games on my phone is Diamond Quest (iOS), a match-three with a collecting twist - as you collect keys in the game, you unlock boxes to "rescue" different animal companions from the evil Lucien who is capturing them for unknown nefarious purposes! I love the capturing them all quality of it, and how each has different abilities (they start to duplicate at higher levels, but it's not too bad) that you can use to beat the levels. Mixing and matching the abilities with the circumstances is a real challenge and makes it a lot more fun. As you match different colors of gem, you feed your puzzle companions who help you once they're fully charged. Leveling up the puzzle companions using more keys makes them go a little faster and unlocks special puzzle companions to help you out.

Like most match-threes there are special items. If you match four in a row, you get a special piece that clears an entire row in the direction you made the piece with, and if you match five in a corner you make a bomb which blows up nine spots at once. Mixing one of each makes you clear three rows horizontally and vertically - a powerful effect! Matching five in a straight row gives you a magic pot which can remove all of the pieces of a single color. There are a ton of other quirks, from blocks which can be gradually broken up, to geodes which release new crystals, to bombs and candles which count down in a variety of ways to make your games that much more challenging. It ramps up slowly, but by the time you're at the level I'm at they're throwing everything plus the kitchen sink at you! You face off against all of Lucien's minions, chasing him along a never-ending path and making a ton more friends along the way. If you like match-three games, definitely check this one out and see if it's for you.

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