Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monday Meme: Flat Draxor

I love memes that start in Second Life.

Monday Meme: Flat Draxor - Nelu

Draxor Despres is a vlogger and evangelist for Second Life, and his image has been co-opted for hilarious effect! You can pick up Flat Drax on Strawberry Singh's marketplace store, and then take him all over the grid to get him into trouble for the Flat Draxor Monday Meme. You can also photoshop him into history, as he should be, but I think his real venue is the grid he loves so much. Loki Eliot started the #ImmersiveDrax hashtag, but it was Torley Linden who inspired the meme gridwards to join the historical greats - Flat Rodvik and Flat Ebbe.

Monday Meme: Flat Draxor - Charlie

In previous memes, I've taken the flat CEOs on tours of the places I hoped they'd like in Second Life, but this time I decided to introduce Drax to a few of my favorite people on the grid and take some fun pictures in the meantime, and ended up having a blast introducing friends to friends as everyone came to me. It's always fun to have a flat boyfriend, and I plan to continue to introduce Drax to the shining stars of the grid, also known as my friends!

Deo-colored begins to take over the grid

( More pictures here. )


  1. LOL hope your friends enjoyed meeting him! So funny, thanks for participating.

    1. They had a lot of fun, I think! The rainbow bubbles were mine; I like to hamster ball friends when they go afk.