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Origami Hunt Guide: 鱗廻RIN-NE - Start

鱗廻RIN-NE is the Hunt associated with the Origami Event, ending on the 25th of July. It's a combination story, quest, and hunt all done via a HUD, and you can do any part of it or all of it in pretty much every order. You can find a variety of helpful guides on their Help Page, but I'll cover the basics in this post. Like all of my Hunt Guides, my commentary is in italics while the plain text is quoting from the storyline. This story is enormous, so I'll be breaking it up into parts for easy of posting and reading.

To start with, teleport to the starting area. Walk through the Tori Gates to a special area aimed at getting your scripts under 1000KB, including instructions on the walls and stands which will check your scripts and tell you if you're all right. I ended up modifying a few of the things I was wearing to make them no script after making a copy of them, but that involved rezzing things and I did it on my platform. There are also no script outfits here, so if your clothing is giving you fits, feel free to change.

Once your scripts are set, you walk through the darkness. You will be stopped partway through as it checks your script level, but if you did your work well you'll be fine. On the other end, right in the middle of the path, is where you get your HUD. It appears at the bottom of your screen and will immediately ask for permission to teleport your avatar - you want to give that permission! Once you're set for permissions, sit on one of the boats and click it to start the events.

Don't go close to the storehouse.

That's what I have been told since I was little.
Because the storehouse is haunted by a ghost.

The ghost must eat those who come close to it.
That's why we should stay away from the storehouse.

I think I know what the ghost is.
You know, the one I've [always seen] in my dream since my childhood.

In my dream, I was always the ghost's victim.
I would be eaten by 'it'... soon... almost...
So, I've never gone anywhere near the storehouse in my yard.

Who on Earth wants to be eaten...

No Sayo, don't go there.
SAYO: But the pot...

I couldn't stop Sayo from running and touching the pot.


Oh my, Sayo has vanished! And so has the pot!
I found one piece of squama (scale?) where the pot was placed. 

Where has Sayo gone? And what was the black creature clinging to her...?

I picked up the squama, which is the only clue, 
and went to the shrine that I have always depended on.

At this point your vision will clear and you will find yourself at the Shrine, which is the centerpoint for all of your activities. The hunt part starts here, and  both delightful and very straightforward. There are a number of large coins all over the main sim, and the center symbol of your HUD will go from black to bright red as you get close to one you haven't clicked. This makes even pickup of coins you missed a breeze - but you can get all of them as you go if you keep an eye on that symbol. Do look behind buildings as well as high up and right below your feet, as they are all easily visible but the angle determines a lot. You'll be able to find two just walking through the gate, so your road to success is well paved.


Beyond the gate are eight figures you can talk to, most of them quest givers, and the Priest up at the top in front of a couple of bouncing corpses. You can talk to everyone, and should do so just to get a sense of what's going on. Expect to talk to the NPCs - cleverly distinguished by being statues with name tags - multiple times.

DAIRO: Welcome, please come in.

SEISHICHI: Hello, do you come here for some prayer? I think you should ask for his protection ad seriously as possible, especially today.

ICHITARO: Something happened to you, too? Well, well, it would be better to go to the Priest's first.

NIKICHI: The Priest is here, inside. But he's now... sorry, never mind.

EIKICHI: Huh, it's not good, too dangerous. What on earth is happening?

SASUKE: Hello. ...I'm so sorry for all the mess. Would you like to see the Priest?

TOUBEE: The Priest is ready to see you. Please come inside.

MATSUNOSUKE: You cannot be too careful now. Pay close attention.
PRIEST: Can I help you?
There is a pause for a brief tutorial about how to use your inventory, here. Touch your HUD inventory button and select an item, then click the Priest again.

Maybe you need to activate those items to accomplish resealing...

PRIEST: Thank goodness, it's you. I was needing to see you. To tell you the truth, I've got a little problem.
PRIEST: ...What!? Sayo? ... so now it's too late...
PRIEST: The fact is, something wicked is happening here and there around this village. Yes, not only your home. If I'm not wrong, probably this is because... the seals have been broken. I guess you know the storehouse at your home? And the pot? That's one of the entrance[s] for another world and there are eight pot-shaped entrances in this village. 
PRIEST: Now that the seals have been almost broken, those are connecting our village and the world which is supposed to be closed. I'm trying to find a solution... Do you mind if I keep the squama for a while? I think I might know what it is... Well, it won't take that long to find out.
PRIEST: I can find some things while you look around here. The guys outside are also looking for some clues. It would be best for you to hear what they have to say. I'll return this squama to you after you speak to all of them. 
The Priest speaks truly - now it is time to make a circle of the guys. I went counter-clockwise, starting at Sasuke, and that seemed to give the story in a very satisfying order.

SASUKE: Would you like to know about the seal? Well, there are eight seals in this town. They work as a barrier to protect us from the other world of realm. Yes, your storehouse was sealed by one of them.

NIKICHI: A place is haunted by Soul Sellers. As the name implies, they collect and sell human souls. No one wanders at night there, these days. Because the Soul Sellers will take away their souls. [If only] we could find out where they sleep...

ICHITARO: In an area, a dog head appears that attacks people. It seems to be Inugami, the dog deity. Its angry because it wants its body, thus the head is looking for the body.

SEISHICHI: A place is plagued by [an] unknown strange disease. It is said to be because of Yako, the fox spirit. If that's the case, someone must be controlling it but where can we find him or her?

DAIRO: My acquaintance's acquaintance seems to be enchanted by a ghost. He is said to go out every night and become dispirited.

TOUBEE: You can't believe this, but some people saw Gashadokuro, the giant skeleton. We won't be able to survive against it. I DO wonder where it comes from...

EIKICHI: Kappa, the water imp, is going on a rampage. People sink into fatigue one after another. They make no sense when we try to talk to them. I think they've lost their Shirikodama, the mythical balls...

MATSUNOSUKE: Oh? I feel a strong power from you. I wonder if it's a spirit? Um, I guess no, t might be a deity? Well, I'll help you to be able to use the power.
MATSUNOSUKE: Takamagahara ni Kamuzumashimasu Kamuromi no Mikoto wo Mochite ....... Yaoyorozu No Kamitachitomo ni Kikosimese to Kashikomi Kashikomi Mamousu
MATSUNOSUKE: Now, let's practice how to make a rune. Remember the mark in your mind and draw the same sign. Let's try!

Matsunoske teaches you several runes that you will be using those to finish each of the quests. A ring of six hexagons shows up on your screen followed by a countdown. Select hexagons flash in a certain order that matches the rune in question. Kindly, if you don't do well the first time during the quest, you are given other chances with help, and I'm showing the lines of that help up front in case your Simon Says skills aren't up to par. If you screw up again, the hexagons you need to hit will literally light up so you can hit them; really, there's no way to fail.  
MATSUNOSUKE: Power Rune: To strengthen your fist 
and sword attack power, which will allow you to chop the steel skin.

MATSUNOSUKE: Shooting Rune: To add power on 
throwing or shooting, which will allow you to make a hit-without-fail arrow. 

MATSUNOSUKE: Onslaught Rune: To attack at full power, 
which might injure yourself unless you catch the opponent unguarded. 

MATSUNOSUKE:  Shield Rune: To build [a] very hard barrier, 
which will allow you to protect your life from a catastrophic attack. 

MATSUNOSUKE: Sealing Rune: To seal the opponent. 
It is good to use this rune after you weaken the tough opponent.   

You won't be able to easily get all of these - there's a tendency for only one or two to repeat endlessly no matter how many times you click on Matsunosuke, but the ease of them is consistent for each quest and the final battle, so don't worry! Once you've finished with Matsunosuke and the others, return to the Priest for the final setup before the quests begin.

PRIEST: You arrived here just in time! I figured out who the squama belongs to. I mean, it's... Yamata-no-Orochi, the eight-[headed] snake. Sayo has been no doubt taken away by it. I hope she's safe...

PRIEST: Anyway, we have to reseal the storehouse as soon as possible. I wonder if the storehouse is the cause for all the unsealing since the Yamata-no-Orochi was there. It would be better to go back to your home and investigate the storehouse.

You're teleported to your home, a single room with a bed in it and a storehouse nearby. You can walk around and explore, but there isn't much to look at. There are a three things to click inside, and you need to find each one. The diary is by far the most heartbreaking.

SAYO'S DIARY: I'm scared of the storehouse. I'm so afraid of the ghost. But I see THAT dream every night. I mean, every night... I don't want to sleep. I'm frightened. Still I fail to stay awake. Every time I have that dream, I get close and closer to the day when I am sacrificed. Now, just one week to go...

SAYO'S DIARY: In my dream, I am inside the storehouse. In three more days, I will be the victim. I am really scared to sleep. What's going to happen to me tomorrow? I should stay away from the storehouse.

SAYO'S DIARY: Why... why [have I] gone there? I just found myself being in the storehouse without knowing why. Also, I found a portrait of a woman who looked like ME. Who [is] she? Oh my, tomorrow must be the day I'm going to be the sacrifice. I don't want to sleep.

Look on top of the shelves for the portrait that Sayo found.

Someone's portrait. It's title is Kushinada Hime. Why, she's so similar to Sayo.

The opened golden pot radiates something creepy.

I wonder why Kushinada Hime of the portrait is so similar to Sayo...?
I hurried to the Priest with the portrait.

Once you click the pot, your view should begin fading out and be teleported back to the shrine.

PRIEST: Did you find anything? ... Whoa, this is... so similar to Sayo. I guess... Sayo must be deeply related to this case.

PRIEST: If you speak to the people outside, they will tell you about each seal and some incident in detail. We should make it a priority to close all [of] the seals except for the storehouse. It's too dangerous to face the Yamata-no-Orochi without doing [so]. And you may find [out] some other things by resealing each place.

PRIEST: Please take these fuda cards. You can reseal each place by sticking one to it. You can take a quest from each person in the shrine by speaking to them. There is no quest order, but you can take only ONE of them at a time. Please do all of them.

The individual quests begin here, and I'll be addressing each of them in an individual post and linking to them in the menu at the top of this post as I do them.  This is already an enormous post that took a long time, so breaking up the quests will allow me to partition each step.

The one downside to the quests is that the areas are all connected, so it is highly possible to wander out of the quest-specific area. Always refer back to the text (either here or through your HUD) if you get lost or off track with the story and quests. Another thing to remember is that sometimes events will also begin when one moves into the proper area, so wandering within the space you're in makes a lot of sense. Good luck, and see you back here soon!

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