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Origami Hunt Guide: 鱗廻RIN-NE - Final Quest

鱗廻RIN-NE is the Hunt associated with the Origami Event, ending on the 25th of July. It's a combination story, quest, and hunt all done via a HUD, and you can do any part of it or all of it in pretty much every order. You can find a variety of helpful guides on their Help Page, but I'll cover the basics in these posts. Like all of my Hunt Guides, my commentary is in italics while the plain text is quoting from the storyline. This story is enormous, so I'll be breaking it up into parts for easy of posting and reading - see the menu below.

Once you've finished all of the quests, head up to talk to Matsunosuke again and he'll direct you to the Priest.
MATSUNOSUKE: At last we have only one to reseal. The priest is waiting for you. Please go to see him.

PRIEST: All the other places have been resealed. ... I never thought you would make it. Really I do appreciate you... Well, but I have to refrain [from saying] thank you. From now you will face the hardest moment. Have you heard the Orochi's story before? Yes, little Sayo is alive for sure. 
PRIEST: Yamata-no-Orochi, it's planning to get Sayo forever. A human life is much shorter than that of Specters and Gods. What the snakes [were] collecting at each place was the energy to recover the Orochi. Fortunately, you prevented them from getting the energy to it. You can take it down now. Please take this, it definitely will help you.
PRIEST: Now, go to the storehouse. Go to the pot.

He gives you the squama and you're teleported back to your home. Touching the pot in the storehouse will start up the next section of the story.

... Hey, the squama is... Sayo! Sayo! Sayo!!!!

YAMATA-NO-OROCHI:... All the places were resealed again? What happened at all... I have Kushinada here already. But I need power, more power.
SAYO: No! I wanna go home!
YAMATA-NO-OROCHI: What are you saying! How long did you think I've been waiting for you. And Kishinada, you also... B ut leave it now. Who is interrupting me.
SAYO: I'm not Kushinada. I AM Sayo. I've never seen you before!
YAMATA-NO-OROCHI:That's because you're a human now. But your soul is truly that of Kushinada. You may realize this when you are no longer human.
SAYO: I'm not going to be anything unhuman. Please... help me...
YAMATA-NO-OROCHI:You, human being, how did you get here! What you have is... my squama? Oh gosh, I carelessly dropped it. But do you really think I will lose to you, human?
YAMATA-NO-OROCHI:What, the Kisanagi's sword....!? Who on Earth [are you]. I remember. The relative of Kushinada! Grr.... My power's not back... 
Say give up!

This starts the most complicated of your battles - Yamata-no-Orochi is doing, you need to use a different rune and select different items in your inventory - bow and arrow for arrow rune, sword for power rune, etc... The order is different each time, which makes it a lot of fun! Below I'll reproduce what you think when you use each rune, but the order is not necessarily the order you will be using.

Yamata-no-Orochi raised its necks and was looking down on me. 
It is beyond the reach of my sword...

An arrow with shooting rune gathered into a line of light, which deeply got stuck in Orochi.

I made shield rune, which build a barrier in front of me. Yamata-no-Orochi crushed 
into the barrier, which bounced Orochi in a reflection of its intensity and lost its balance.

I managed to protect myself from Yamata-no-Orochi's strong blow, which made it unguarded.

I found how powerful onslaught rune was. 
It slashed unguarded Yamata-no-Orochi with my sword.

Yamata-no-Orochi used its necks one after another to attack me. 
I have to break its hard squama or it won't be damaged.

I used power rune to my sword and slashed Yamata-no-Orochi. 
My sword penetrated Orochi's hard squama and flesh.

Yamata-no-Orochi was injured all over, stopped moving 
and emitted light to cure the wounds. Now is the chance!

Yamata-no-Orochi, injured and lost its resistance, gradually transformed 
its big body into fog and was focused into a light sphere by sealing rune.

The light sphere, with holding Yamata-no-Orochi, slowly moved into the pot.
YAMATA-NO-OROCHI: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Yamata-no-Orochi, which had not recovered fully, got a slash of the Kusanagi's sword and went [in]to a long sleeping slumber again. The town, where the specters were, will soon get back to the way it used to be. I won't be able to think [of] what really happened between Kushinada and Yamata-no-Orochi. It was such a long time ago that Gods could turn into a human, and that's beyond my thought. But I wonder if the Orochi will keep sleeping with his dear love on his mind again.

SAYO: Hey, I saw a dream again. There I were Kushinada. I as Kushinada talked with Yamata-no-Orochi. Before, I could only see Orochi in my dreams. But today, I had a conversation with it for the first time in my dream. 
SAYO: We have to perform a prayer ritual to slow the recovery of the Yamata-no-Orochi.
This ends the storyline proper. While the credits roll (see below) you'll be teleported to a spot for the endgame - picking up a physical sword Chuushichi made - and then you can teleport to the shopping area where you can collect your prizes. Images of the prizes are above a coin bowl by each store that is participating - if you found the coin while playing the game, you can touch the coin bowl and get your prize. There is some wonderful stuff out there; if you need to teleport back to the story sim, click on "Function" on your HUD and click "Teleport to Shrine" and it will take you.


CHUUSHICHI: How on earth could you defeat Orochi? I can't believe it! So, this is my new sword, Kusanagi, which is made of Orochi's tail. You touch and take it, bye!

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