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Origami Hunt Guide: 鱗廻RIN-NE - Dairo's Quest

鱗廻RIN-NE is the Hunt associated with the Origami Event, ending on the 25th of July. It's a combination story, quest, and hunt all done via a HUD, and you can do any part of it or all of it in pretty much every order. You can find a variety of helpful guides on their Help Page, but I'll cover the basics in these posts. Like all of my Hunt Guides, my commentary is in italics while the plain text is quoting from the storyline. This story is enormous, so I'll be breaking it up into parts for easy of posting and reading - see the menu below.

Dairo's Quest - Peony Lamp

Someone said there is a ghost and it takes energy from people. His name is Shinzaburo... who seems to look much more pale these days, and everyone says he must be sick badly. But one night, someone saw [that] Shinzaburo was holding a skull. Not only just holding a skull, but holding it as if it was a treasure. If he was right about what he saw, it means that Shinzaburo is enchanted with the ghost.
Just in case, I tell you that a ghost means a dead spirit wandering around this world.
Now, let me think... First we have to protect Shinzaburo. The ghost will react if we stand in front of it. I'll give you this fuda card. Paste it to Shinzaburo's home. Once it is attached, it will disappear, but still works. 
Well, good luck...

Once Dairo finishes talking, you get the option to take or pass on his quest. If you take it, you'll be teleported to a neighborhood road with a group of three women chatting off to one side. Walk close to the women, and your view will change and the woman - Okuma, Osin, and Otae - will begin to talk.

OKUMA: Has anyone seen Shinzaburo today?
OTAE: Not only today, but for two or three days he's [been] staying in his home.
OGIN: I wonder if he's ok. He's single and lives alone, so what if he's sick[?]
OKUMA: I've hear that... he's not sick. When my husband came back late the other day, he passed by Shinzaburo's home. Then... he heard Shinzaburo was joyfully chatting. So my husband was worried about him and peeked [into] his home. What do you think he saw?  Don't be surprised, he was Shinzaburo holding a skull! Talking to it pleasantly. Of course, my husband heard nothing else. 
OTAE: I've heard that story, too! ...Maybe something evil targeted him... I'm afraid if my husband is ok.
OGIN: It's getting creepy these days. Here and there, something weird happens.
At this point, you are left back with yourself to explore the area further if you wish. Once you're ready to continue with the quest, approach the ladies and click on them.

OKUMA: You eavesdropped? Stop spying.

OTAE: Shinzaburo's home? ... Not too far from here. Look for an umbrella as a landmark. A line of umbrellas [are] propped up against his house.

OGIN: I've heard a beautiful woman is wandering around at midnight with a peony lamp. I wonder if she is the ghost...?
If you explored already you might have spotted this; if not, the umbrellas are very noticeable. Walk up to the door (the dark brown in between the lighter mesh and the boarded up window) and click on it.

I knocked at the door but got no answer. Is anyone home...? Can I peek inside?
Move over on the porch and angle yourself so that you can see through the gap in the boarded up windows. I am not sure if it's camera angle or if I clicked something, but once I got a clear view of Shinzaburo, the story continued.

I believe he doesn't seem to be able to talk, nor to be coming out. Now, I can secretly paste this fuda.
Click on your HUD and open up your inventory. Dairo gave you a bright yellow Fuda to use - when you click on it, it turns pink. Then you can click on the door.

I pasted the fuda.
The ghost is said to be active at night. I wonder if I can hide myself nearby. I should ask someone.
The "someone" should be relatively obvious - only three people are hanging out on the street to be talked to! Walk over to our three knowledgeable ladies and click on them.

OKUMA: Did you find Shinzaburo at home? ... Yes, he's always like that these days. I hope he eats every day.

OTAE: Are you asking if I think it's really a ghost? Well, I won't doubt it, for this town has a very strange atmosphere.

OGIN: Are you going to drive the ghost away? Really? Oh my. Um, I remember that the house diagonally across from Shinzaburo's is empty. I think you can use [it] if it's only today.

Head next to the ladies to the empty home, click on the coin on the door, then click on the door and you'll be teleported for the resolution of the story - which happens via images on your HUD.

OTSUYU: Dear Shinzaburo... It's not too far, not too far to come with me... Dear Shinzaburo, I came tonight again, I, Otsuyu...
SHINZABURO: Otsuyu, what's the matter? Come in and let me see your face.

OTSUYU: I can't, I can't... Someone must have put a spell on this house. Who on earth[?] 
 I popped out and stood in front of Otsuyu.
 OTSUYU: It's you! You must have done something! It's been almost... Damn.
SHINZABURO: Otsuyu...? Why you... Who on earth [are you?]!

OTSUYU: Grrr. How frustrating! You'll be sorry for this!
I have to follow Otsuyu.

Your HUD will now show you a series of images of Otsuyu's wake; just follow the images up the stairs towards the shrine, then right over the bridge and around the corner to a ring of stones where the story continues. Walk into the ring of stones for the rest of the story.

SNAKE: You must feel lonely. You must feel hurt. You must feel sad alone.

OTSUYU: I can't stop sobbing... My dear... Shinzaburo...

SNAKE: We can bring him here. Why not? You bear a little to open the door. And he'll come with you.

OTSUYU: No... no, no... I just, wanted him, to be happy...

SNAKE: You don't know what will make him happy. You should take your happiness. You agreed before. It's not fair to say you've changed your mind. There is no excuse for that. Bring him here!

OTSUYU: Help... help me... and help my dear Shinzaburo... Awwwwww
I have another fuda. Will this work?

OTSUYU: It's...! Please, paste it, stick it to me... to me...

I hesitated a little, but attached the fuda to Otsuyu.

OTSUYU: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
SNAKE: Goof. Do you really know what you have done! I have to start again... WIll you sacrifice yourself instead of him? 
SHINZABURO: Otsuyu!!!!!!!
SNAKE: Oh... Shinzaburo. It's you, Shinzaburo. Come with us...
It's now....!

At this point, the runes Matsunoske taught you come into play. Look at the ring of six, waiting for the countdown before seeing the order they flash in. There will be a second count down, then it's your turn to click them in order. If you mess up, the flashing will repeat so that you can catch it the second time. When you have done it correctly, the story continues.

I did my best to reseal.

SNAKE: What.....!? Grr..... You won't forget this....!

SHINZABURO: Otsuyu... Is Otsuyu.... I knew what she was... I knew she wasn't a human. But she cares for me and I care for her... from our heart[s]. Otsuya didn't take me with her. ... That means she wanted me to live... But why you? ... I understood. All came from this sealing... Well, then I'll tell you what Otsuyu told me.

SHINZABURO:Yamata-no-Orochi had been waiting over sleeping. Waiting for the Kushinada soul to be born here in this human world. And, this was the time. Yes, Sayo is. Sayo's soul was Kushinada's once. Orochi had kept silent and waited for this. Waited not in this human world, but in the other world that had sealed in the past.

SHINZABURO: Really sorry for bothering you. Thank you.
With Shinzaburo's parting words, you're teleported back to the Shrine to take your next steps. His story fills in the tail of Yamata-no-Orochi - telling us how long he has been waiting, and where.

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