Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Meme: Flat Ebbe Linden

Flate Ebbe 1

Strawberry made us another flat CEO, this time of poor Ebbe Linden, who hasn't done anything which would deserve all of us carting him around the grid, and yet here he is. CEOs never get any respect in Second Life, huh? In any case, it took only a little while to download him and take him to my current favorite spot on the grid - Deo's grove - and then I had to think of three suggestions or things I'd like him to know. I actually made a Wants and Wishes post a while ago which had seven things I'd like to see changed, so this is a more general thing focusing on what I hope will give him an appreciation for the sections of Second Life I know. Anywhere you go as Ebbe Linden you're likely to be mobbed, so if you find a place you want to just linger in (ah, I wish World's End was still here for you to meet) I'd recommend taking an alt the second time. You can pass folders of landmarks to alts.
  1. Check out the art. Not just LEA, though their offerings are awesome, but also Immersiva and Split Screen and other art sims (Immersiva in particular is cutting edge in terms of reallly using all aspects of Second Life beautifully). Then take a flip through the destination guide. Whenever I can't find a place to take pictures, I'll flip through the offerings and try anything which seems appealing.You mentioned trying to figure out Second Life and our long time branding issue, and here is part of the problem - diversity beyond even reality. How do you brand that?

  2. Check out some blogs. If you actually make it to my blog (which seems unlikely, but who knows?), check out my blogrolls. I'm very fashion leaning, but it won't take long to get to a wide variety of stuff, and I recommend the Locations and Events lists in particular, and the personal blogs. The sheer variety of experience and expression is jaw dropping, from people who have all but abandoned SL but still circle around it like it's their dying flame, to people running pell-mell through everything SL has to offer.

  3. Check out some roleplaying sims. It's a huge, active population and a lot of land in Second Life, and it's one of the fairly odd niches which is easy to ignore, but an awful lot of people are engaged in a variety of different kinds of roleplaying, and the sims are often breath-takingly beautiful. The people also cover an enormous gamut, from amateur writers to people trying to fulfill offline needs online to people who want to remake themselves.
Also, welcome to our world. We hope you like it.

Flate Ebbe 2


  1. LOL I would love to see him do some roleplaying!

    1. Isn't the image of him dressed up in a robe with a staff going, "I attack the darkness," simply fantastic?

  2. Great pictures and great suggestions!