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Origami Hunt Guide: 鱗廻RIN-NE - Toubee's Quest

鱗廻RIN-NE is the Hunt associated with the Origami Event, ending on the 25th of July. It's a combination story, quest, and hunt all done via a HUD, and you can do any part of it or all of it in pretty much every order. You can find a variety of helpful guides on their Help Page, but I'll cover the basics in these posts. Like all of my Hunt Guides, my commentary is in italics while the plain text is quoting from the storyline. This story is enormous, so I'll be breaking it up into parts for easy of posting and reading - see the menu below.

Toubee's Quest - Gashadokuro
TOUBEE: Gashadokuro means a giant skeleton. It's made up with grudges of [the] dead who were not buried. Yes, it's originally a human. But someone says he saw it around the mountain these days. 
TOUBEE: We have no wars nor fights for now, so I can't find any reason for it becoming active. Anyway, it's so huge. No one can stand against it. He must have seen what he saw. Thus, please make sure [that] there is the Gashadokuro there. Well, if that's the case, it's us, yin-yang masters, to take charge to purify it. We'll prepare as well... please take this Shikigami, a paper manikin ghost, with you. It will connect you and us.

Once he's done talking you'll be teleported to the base of a mountain nearby. There is no direct path between this place and the shrine, though you can hop a fence, which makes it easy to know which way to go. There's a figure at the bottom of the hill that will fill you in on the local gossip, and a bunch of coins to touch while you're here. It's a pain to get back to, so try to cover the ground thoroughly before putting on your protective Shikigami from your inventory. 

Me and my Shikigami - adorable together.

TAKIJI: Oh, you're going to get rid of the Gashadokuro? I'm telling the truth. It's there, really there. That... scary huge... Please solve this problem. Yes, I went to the mountain this way. I'm counting on you. Let's go forward to the mountain.

SHIKIGAMI: I think we see more snakes...
Up at the top of the stairs is the Gashadokuro, large enough that you will be dwarfed by it. The ground around it is littered with silver snakes.

SHIKIGAMI: ... Yes, it's there. So now, we yin-yan masters... Oops.

SHIKIGAMI: First, we have to fight with them! Be careful, there are too many!
GASHADOKURO: ... Who woke me up. WHO...
SHIKIGAMI: Rin Pyou Tou Sha Kai Chin Retsu Zai Zen!
GASHADOKURO: Leave me alone... Leave me... I want to sleep. I don't need such power...
SHIKIGAMI: Ja Kon Shou Metsu Kyu Kyu Nyo Ritsu Ryo
GASHADOKURO: Now, let me sleep... You human, please clear them off, these annoying snakes.
SHIKIGAMI: Purify! Now, hurry to reseal!
This is the only quest in which we don't need to battle anything or use any runes - so thank your friendly shikigami for their help!.

GASHADOKURO:I do appreciate you, human being. Nowadays it's really bothersome here and there. I'm a specter of this human world, so I'm not interested in the other side. You human child, I've heard you go around to reseal every place. Then I'll tell you this story.
GASHADOKURO: Orochi must be a god not only to be rough, but also love-oriented. It already knew Sayo was Kushinada as soon as she was born into this world. But Yamata-no-Orochi slept too long and noticed that it lost most of its power. Orochi was planning ot possess the Kushinada's soul before Sayo was gone from this world. It used it's follower, the snakes[s]. And it succeeded to unseal what had been trapping him, Unsealed, imperfectly.
We have almost all of the story now, and it's beginning to wind down. We now know about our heritage, why Sayo was taken - now all that remains is figuring out how to save her. And so it's back to the shrine for the rest of the quests and to save our daughter.

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