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Origami Hunt Guide: 鱗廻RIN-NE - Eikichi's Quest

鱗廻RIN-NE is the Hunt associated with the Origami Event, ending on the 25th of July. It's a combination story, quest, and hunt all done via a HUD, and you can do any part of it or all of it in pretty much every order. You can find a variety of helpful guides on their Help Page, but I'll cover the basics in these posts. Like all of my Hunt Guides, my commentary is in italics while the plain text is quoting from the storyline. This story is enormous, so I'll be breaking it up into parts for easy of posting and reading - see the menu below.

Eikichi's Quest - Kappa

EIKICHI: I think you know Kappa. It's so famous. Kappa lives in a river, challenges passerby to sumo wrestling matches, and steal his Shirikodama. A Shirikodama is a kind of mythical ball said to contain the soul, which is located inside the anus.
Yes, he said anus. Yes, many of us are surprised, too. Watch out for kappa, yo!
EIKICHI: Without it, a human loses energy. If someone takes back his Shirikodama, I guess he will be alive again... What he says makes no sense. And now no one goes close to the river. Of course, we have had Kappa here for a long time, but they attack humans more now than they used to. The problem is, we can't get close to the river. How can we make Kappa to behave well? 

It's teleportation time again! This time to a little island off to one side of everything else, pretty much cut off. There's a tiny town there with a couple of houses and a couple of people. The Kappa are around the corner, by the water, but it's risky to approach them right now, all unprotected.

TOKUJIRO: Hey you, it's dangerous to go close to the river. No one can win against Kappa. These days it challenges a human when it finds him. I warn you not to go to the river. Some of my friends have lost their energy by its challenge... We can see what the river is like from here. Can you see it, there are lots of Kappa.

CHUUSHICHI: You want to cross the river? Or, to see Kappa? Yes, we are helpless against its challenge... But I know the secret to beat it. I mean, you can win if you don't let Kappa take your Shirikodama. I have something good for this plan, do you want to try to use it? ... How good to know you'd like to use it. Good, good, now I got a tester... Oh? it's nothing to worry about. Wait a second... Ta-dah! This is it! "Iron loincloth"!!! 

Yes, it's essentially a chastity belt. No, unfortunately, nothing is rezzed on you when you wear it. I was sad about that, too.

CHUUSHICHI:It will prevent Kappa from getting its hand into your anus. ... This is the first time to use it, since I finished making it only just now. So it depends on you. Good luck. ... And one more thing. Kappa's weak point is its arms. Grab its arms strongly. It's easy to pull them out.
KAPPA: A human... You see him... He's coming... He seems weak... It's been a while since seeing a human... Who wants to challenge him? I do! Not you, me! How good will his Shirikodama be... I wonder if he's good at sumo wrestling...

KAPPA: Welcome. These days humans are too careful to come here. We can get close to them, but we can't go away form water [a] long time. Well, you came here, that means you'd like to challenge us of course? Oh, no? You want to ask us something? Sumo wrestling first. If  you win, I'll answer whatever you wanna ask. If I win... I'll take your Shirikodama. Deal?

At this point, the practice you had Matsunosuke comes in handy; this is one of the hexagon puzzles, and they do everything they can to make sure you succeed. A ring of six hexagons shows up on your screen followed by a countdown. Select hexagons flash in a certain order that matches the rune in question. Kindly, if you don't do well the first time you are given other chances with help, and I'm showing the lines of that help up front in case your Simon Says skills aren't up to par. If you screw up again, the hexagons you need to hit will literally light up so you can hit them. At the end, you walk away with Kappa arms.

KAPPA: Goof... You did well, human. As I promised, I'll answer your question. Are we attacking humans more [than] ever? Well, yes, and it keeps humans away from here. That's not what we hoped, but... we got more buddies these days. They want more Shirikodamas and we can't afford it. More Kappas keep coming rom outside, but they're still Kappa friends. We can't ignore them. But we know we can't leave it as it is now... And that's all, please give my arms back. 
KAPPAS: What, no you can't? Hey, I beg you to return them please... Hah? For the return of the Shirikodamas? Mmm, I'm sorry but I'll talk to you later. Please go back now, will you?
Head back toward the fire to check back in with Chuushichi.
CHUUSHICHI: I'm so surprised. You did well. But I couldn't get the result of the secret item. Hah... Anyway, it was good for you to be able to come back safely. What did you do? Did you... bring the Kappa's arms? Well, well, how wonderful. You made a deal with that Kappa. Good, then. I'll welcome you to my home. It's there, that hut. You'll see my old wife there. She will recognize you as my visitor with that loincloth.
You don't actually go into the hut - you just walk toward it and the rest of the story unfolds.

KAPPA: Sorry, I came here to get my arms back. Of course, I'll honor your request. But before that, please listen to my little story. Some of my buddies, who came here recently, seem to go to place Shirikodamas somewhere. I don't know in detail, but they seem to need lots of the Shirikodamas. I wonder where they go... Anyway, they hang out every night. 
KAPPA: I think you can find out who is collecting the Shirikodama by following my buddies. Are you satisfied now? Would you return my arms? Thank you. And one more thing, I suggest you to take this with you. It's Kappa's panacea. This works for human as well. That's all, bye.
We took by Kappa's advice, waited till night and followed those new Kappa.

KAPPA: ... Hey, we can't catch humans any more. We can do nothing... 
SNAKE: No, what are you saying? This is not enough. Why don't you go to the humans if they don't come to you?
KAPPA: We're Kappa. We can't go away from water. Out head plate will dry out and our lives will be in danger.
SNAKE: How useless you are...
KAPPA: I tell you that this is not the story you told! I came here because you told us here as an enjoyable place. If this continues, we'll go back to our river.
SNAKE: Shut up! If you run away, I'll eat you one by one.
KAPPA: No way...
A snake... We have to get it down first. I looked around to find some weapons.

There is a big bag next to the snake. I guess the Shirikodamas must be inside of it?

CHUUSHICHI: Now I found you, what are you doing here? ... Oh, I see a Kappa there, and, what, also a snake? I can't win against Kappa but I'm good at snakes.
The old man, surprisingly, took out a machete.
CHUUSHICHI: What, the bag? You need that bag? Okay, you go to take the bag. I'll knock down the snake.
He and I moved closer to them. 

A little closer... a little closer... Yes I got the bag! At that moment,
SNAKE: What are YOU doing there! Leave the bag here.
CHUUSHICHI: Wooooooooooooooooooooo!
SNAKE: What, what do you do! Damn, let's run away!

KAPPA: You, I saw you hours ago... No, I'm not going to fight you. We came here from the other side. That snake seduced us. We do appreciate you for driving those snakes away. Really you saved us... We've decided to go back now. If you meet my buddies, please tell them thank you and sorry. Bye.

CHUUSHICHI: Whoa... Is this a seal? I got it, this place is almost unsealed. And, you came here to reseal? Then do your work. Before the snakes come back.


CHUUSHICHI: You are human, aren't you? You are extraordinarily strong... Now, go to tell the Kappa's message. Now there's no worry to go to the river. And, what's inside the bag? ... Ok, they are the Shirikodamas of our residents. Good, with this their energy will be returned. OK, I'll be in charge of their Shirikodama then. You go and see the Kappa.

KAPPA: No need to come. I'm sorry for listening in on your conversation. You human, sorry. And thank you. Now I knew my buddies from the other side was suffering. You can make the humans lively by using the Shirikodamas and the medicine I gave.
I handed over the Kappa's medicine to the old man.
KAPPA: That snake... I see, the rumor was true. Now Yamata-no-Orochi is revived and causing a lot of disasters on people. But it is true that Kushinada and Orochi loved each other. Orochi is longing to marry the Kushinada's soul. And this time, it's not going to free her soul, but rather it will keep her soul beside him forever.
KAPPA: Thank you again, human. You're really strong. I can't believe that you are human. I'm sure you can reseal every place.
With the Kappa sealed we get another piece of the story, this time about Orochi's plans for our daughter and the soul that inhabits her. It's time to head back to the shrine again!

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