Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sainmhiniu Joins Second Life: Day Two - The Freebies Which Make Me Unique

Exploring around the grid as a new avatar opens one up to a whole lot of questions - like who is this new person? Starting from some of the same roots as other accounts, who will this one become?

So far I'm set up fairly stylish, trendy without being a slave to fashion, definitely youngish with a backpack instead of a purse. Pale skinned, like my main and a couple alts; I usually try for different coloration with everyone, just to mix it up, so I wandered around white haired for a while picking up free stuff.

2011-05-15 Sainmhiniu_020

I was now mostly outfitted, not looking bad in general I think, and began to explore the more outre resources - like this Midnight Mania at Pinkmare's Collection. I went clickity click, and even sat on a lucky chair with my letter on it! I think that'll look cute on me.

2011-05-15 Sainmhiniu_023

Then I hit the FabFree headquaters, and it is a dream for a new player. Most of the items are 0$L, most of them are high quality, and there's a wide variety of styles. My one beef is how few of the pictures show the objects inside. I understand that making the box unspecific could lead more people to get your stuff, and like them, but offering people a clear choice can also be a good thing. For today, I focused on things I felt fit the person Sain was turning into, which meant only grabbing things where the picture showed the object inside.

2011-05-18 Sainmhiniu_001

One of them was a set of free skins from Imagen. Offering a bit of a variety of shades, from pale to this as the darkest hue, I was struck again by how much the shape of the face affects how the skin looks. As you can see above - not that impressive. You can also see my old skin had underwear - yay for the dress no longer sporting a white undershirt!

2011-05-18 Sainmhiniu_002

There's the before... and here's the after. I put on the casual outfit from Evie's Closet added some shoes from Duh, and a new hair I picked up at Savoir Hair, and I don't think I'm doing badly for an extreme noob! I'm not too happy with the shading of the shoes, though - so I put "free shoes" into my search engine and went freebie store hunting.

2011-05-18 Sainmhiniu_003

Most of the resources were so lackluster I didn't bother photographing them, much less picking up a link, but this set of Lucky Chairs at Shoe Fly Shoes look like they hold some promise. I'll need to hang out here for a while to pick up some good shoes, since there certainly aren't a lot available for free!

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