Monday, May 16, 2011

Newbie Resources: Just Rezzed Gifts

When you're new to Second Life, it can be hard to know if you want to stay - and because of that it can be tempting to not put any money into it initially. However, the starting avatars (and there are lots - check in the "library" under your inventory for the whole collection)are often not enough - or at least you don't want to run into ten million of yourself all over the place. Some store owners recognize this through a unique item which gives gifts to avatars under a certain age range, usually 30 days.

Below is my working list of new resident resources, divided by type of item. Keep in mind when using this list that stores fail and are moved regularly, so finding one there isn't guaranteed. Also keep in mind that some stores have set arrival points, so you may arrive some distance from the new resident resources and have to walk there. Coming from the website, there should be a red arrow pointing the way. You can also look at the coordinates to tell you where the item is.

Last Updated: 2011 June 5
Last Completely Reviewed: 2011 May 15


Long Awkward Pose (male and female AOs)
Venus Fashions (male AO)

Body Parts (hair, eyes, skin, etc...):
De La Soul (skin)

Evie's Closet (hair)
Gurl 6 (hair, through a voucher system)
Imagen (skin)
Mochi Mochi (hair)
Savoir Hair (hair)

Apple May Designs (modern style female clothes)
Elymode (female clothes)
Evie's Closet (fantasy female clothes)
Latex Fashion (woman's clothing)
Silent Sparrow (gothic style male and female clothes)
Silk & Satyr (silks and lingerie - female)

Designs by Isaura (full female avatar)

Silk & Satyr (earrings)


Duh (Unisex sneakers)

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