Monday, May 2, 2011

Newbie Resources: Lucky Chairs

Lucky Chairs and Lucky Boards are longstanding means for store owners of luring people to come to and stay at their stores. They refer to an item you can find which shows a number or letter of the alphabet. When the first letter/number of your name shows up, you click it or sit on it and you win the item. Some chairs don't offer numbers, others have "other" categories or offer numbers as one whole category, 0-9. Whether people can "call" or state the letters of lucky chairs in the group chats for a store varies widely, with some stores allowing or encouraging it and others outright forbidding it. Check the group charter or ask in group if you're not sure of the rules around "calling" letters in group chat. There are also groups dedicated to lucky chairs, or groups around a theme (goth, gor, faerys, etc...) which allow for the calling of lucky chairs in addition to other things like midnight manias and advertising of  stores. There is some overlap between different deals - often a store with a lucky chairs will have midnight manias, group gifts, and probably a mobvend nearby.

Chairs vary widely in style, from recognizable chairs to birds to Santa Clause laps, and you have to sit on them. Some chairs are called "unlucky" chairs and include killing animations before giving you the item you won - you don't actually die, by the way, it's just a contrast to lucky chairs. The boards tend to be on walls and don't require you to move in order to win the prize - you just click the board and get it.

Below is my working list of lucky chair spots, divided by type of item. In parenthesis beside them is the number of minutes the lucky chair takes, if I had the time/presence of mind to record it. Keep in mind when using this list that stores fail and are moved regularly, and some store owners take out their lucky chairs semi-regularly, so finding one there isn't guaranteed. Where multiple lucky chairs are in the same general area (within view of each other) I've included one link; in stores where the lucky chairs are spread out I have included multiple links. Also keep in mind that some stores have set arrival points, so you may arrive some distance from the lucky chair and have to walk there. Coming from the website, there should be a red arrow pointing the way. You can also look at the coordinates to tell you where the item is.

Last Updated: 2011 November 20
Last Completely Reviewed: 2011 May 2

*BOOM* ()
Illusion (25 min)
Geisha Dreams (4 min)
Material Squirrel () - wings
Sanu (10 min)

Reel Expression ()

Body Parts (hair, eyes, skin, etc...):
Absentia (5 min)
Apple May Designs ()
A&Y ()
*BC322 Skull&Bones* (6 min)
Calico Ingmann Creations ()
D!va (5 min)
Falln Angel Creations ()
MOCK Cosmetics (10 min)
Fallen Gods (5 min) - temporarily down for remodel
Ivalde and L'Abel (15 min)
Styles By Kira (10 min)

Analise: Men & Women (10 min)
Angelwing (5 & 10 min)
Blue Blood (5 & 10 min)
Dare Designs (30 min)
Deviance (5 min)
DG Innovations (10 min)
Du Papillon (5 min)
+DV8+ (10 min)
Elymode (10 min)
Falln Angel Creations: Main, Dresses, Silks, Kimono, Suits (30 min)
.+* Flapper *+. ()
Frop ()
Icing (5 min)
Indigo Oddities (10 min)
katat0nik (group gift)
Latex Fetish Fashion ()
Likka House (10 min)
MiaSnow (2 min)
Mischief Fashion (group only - 8 min)
Munism Main Store (15 min)
Niigata (5 min)
Nostr@s  ()
Pas de deux (5 min)
Pinkmares ()
Pleasure Girl ()
Reasonable Desires: Lingerie Outside 1 & 2;Chairs Inside 1, 2 & 3
Rebel Hope
Ribbon (5 min)
Shadow Temple ()
Silent Sparrow (group only - 20 min)
Sn@tch (5 min)
Umi Usagi 1 and 2 ()
Venus Fashions ()
Violent Seduction (10 min)
Wishbox (20 min)
Wretched Dollies ()

Pink Fuel ()
Falln Angel Creations (30 min)
Happy Mood (1 min)
Off Brand Furniture (5-7 min)
Zen Garden and Homes: 1, 2, and 3 ()

AZE Designs (10 min)
* CCD * (20 min)
Earthstones 1 & 2 (10 min)
Primalot (5 min)
Temenos Place (30 min)

Multiple Categories:
Dark Eden (5 min)
De La Soul (5-10 min) 
Dogtooth Violet (5 min)
Envy Designs ()
Hectic Moon (5 min)
Phoenix Design & Firefall ()
::*L'Emporio di Bru*:: (10 min)
Little Girl ()
Love Soul (5 min)
Nomine (10 min)
Petit Pas Mall (all over the mall; group only - 10 min)
*Rouge Forest* 1, 2 (group only), 3 (group only),  (5-10 min)
Shoe Fly Shoes ()
Tesla Place (5 & 10 min)

Baby Monkey ()

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