Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sainmhiniu Joins Second Life: Day One - Taking Advantage of the Kindness of Shop Owners

Having already run across a clone, I was anxious to set myself apart from the hoi poloi. The best way to start, of course, is with the time limited gifts some shop owners set out for new players. These go by a number of names - new resident gifts, newbie gifts, even under 30 days gifts - but the basic idea remains the same. So long as your chronological age in Second Life is under 30 days (or however many days they chose), you can get the item in question.

2011-05-15 Sainmhiniu_015

My first stop is always at Long Awkward Pose, to pick up the free, basic female or male Animation Overide. It's an excellent basic AO that covers all of the basics. It's only available if you're under 30 days, and it is SO worth it, even if you later invest in a more expensive AO. Both the men's and women's AOs come with multiple, smooth stands, and the rest of the accouterments of an AO.

2011-05-15 Sainmhiniu_016

Then I hopped over to Apple May Designs, to start the great clothing gathering efforts. Apple May Designs is fantastic for modern, classy clothing or quite sexy clothing. It's not the usual style of Deoridhe, but there's not much point in making an alt that looks just like my main, right? Above I'm trying on a cute shorts outfit I got in their little room of shiny things for new players.
2011-05-15 Sainmhiniu_017

Here's a better look! And an outfit I covet behind me. I ended up at one of the sandboxes in Second Life. You can find them by just searching "sandbox" and a bunch of places where you can rez (bring out of inventory and put in the world) items will show up. Places have rules, and some don't allow things like scripts running, so pay some attention to the rules before you start tossing things out. Also, be sure to delete your boxes after you open them! Leaving your things to clutter up the sim is just rude!

2011-05-15 Sainmhiniu_018

Next I went to a perennial favorite - Evie's Closet. She offers a bunch of gowns for new players, at this sign. You click the sign and you get things in your inventory. Yay, technology! She also gives you an updo to go with the more formal gowns, which is simply fantastic.

As you can see, I've changed into an Apple May Designs dress already - don't I look sleek and stylish?

2011-05-15 Sainmhiniu_019

Here's some pictures of what Evie's Closet offers, including a couple long gowns, a short empire waist dress, and the Ophelia hair, along with a more casual pants outfit. This pretty much sets you up for basic events in Second Life at varying levels of formality.

2011-05-15 Sainmhiniu_021

I also swung by Silent Sparrow, which is one of the first places where you can get new player outfits for men. Unfortunately, men get short shrift for freebies in Second Life, so you have to hunt harder to find things. The other nice thing about Silent Sparrow's display is that you can see the items, so you can pick and choose if they're not your style.

2011-05-15 Sainmhiniu_022

Here's some Silk & Satyr boxes I got, too. You get lingerie, jewelry, and silks from these, which is on the decidedly sexy side of Second Life - but very good quality. For those who don't know what silks are, they're from the series "Gor" which is a very popular roleplaying theme in Second Life. Slave women called Kajira wear silks when they dance to entertain people. Outside of Gor, people tend to wear them when they want to be sexy and look good when they dance.

Sainmhiniu, Day One

End of Day One, and this is how I look! I'm not sure the hair suits me, but I love the dress and I'm looking forward to trying on more of my new clothes as the days go by. Tomorrow I think I'll hunt down some freebie stores and see what else I can add to my slowly growing inventory!

Here are some more Just Rezzed Gifts!


  1. Those posts are a great idea :)

    Kuso AO has a male and a female AO for free on the marketplace and Isaura Fashion gives out a "Avatar under 30 days" package too, maybe worth to take a look at too :)

    Now I'll keep on watching :D

  2. Thanks for the tips! I'll add them to the resources asap!