Monday, May 2, 2011

Newbie Resources: Freebies and Dollarbies

Many stores offer "freebies" and "dollarbies" which are items available for 0$L or 1$L as a sample of their products. Whether you're starting as a new player, and are not sure if you want to spend money in world yet, or if you're an established player and have found a new store, these are a valuable way to try out the quality level of the store and see if you want to spend money there.

You can also look on the marketplace for items between 0-10$L, which will show you a selection of what people have available. Look out for the word "demo" in the title, though. That means a modified sample of an item. I tried to exclude demos from search, but the Markeplace search dynamics aren't very advanced. Another source for free and cheap clothing is through the links on my main page - I have an entire Freebies section that links to blogs which list current items.

Below is my working list of freebie and dollarbie area, alphabetically by the first letter/number in a store name, so non-letter/number characters won't be taken into account for the purposes of this list. Keep in mind when using this list that stores fail and are moved regularly, and some store owners take out or change their store gifts, so finding one or finding the one I listed isn't guaranteed. Where multiple gifts are in the same general area (within view of each other) I've included one link; in stores where the gifts are spread out I have included multiple links. Also keep in mind that some stores have set arrival points, so you may arrive some distance from the store gift and have to walk there. Coming from the website, there should be a red arrow pointing the way. You can also look at the coordinates to tell you where the item is.

Last Updated: 2011 December 19
Last Completely Reviewed: 2011 September 29

Items in Stores: 

1920's Berlin: Information, clothing, and hair 
BC322: Hair (must be in group, free to join)
Birmingham Library: Full avatars (free)

Calico Ingmann Creations: Hair (must be in group, but joining group is free)
Creative Chaos (must be in group, joining free; women's clothing)
Du Papillon: Female clothing (1$L)
Duh: shoes (0$L)
Fallen Gods
Gizza Creations: Male and female clothing as group gifts (must be in group, but joining group is free)
Glow Studio: Earrings (1$L)
Gothica: Clothing, Full Avatar (0$L)
Grim Bros: Rainbow Skins
Gurl 6: Ponytail hair, jewelry (0$L)
Honey Kitty:Free Group Gifts
[KUE!]: Mini-wings (also has a daily freebie inside) (1$L)
Niigata: Clothing (0$L)
Pink Fuel: Shoulder Panda (1$L)
Phoenix Design & Firefall: Little Fun Toy (0$L form blue menu when you land)
* REALE * Main Store: Tights and nail polish (glove layer) (0$L)
Skye Qi Vintage Apparel: Landmarks to helpful places, hair, and a bookcase
Sn@tch: Jewelry, gesture, tights
TuTy's Creations: Female hair and clothing (0$L)
W&Y: Hair (0$L)
Vignette: Hair and Shoes (0$L)

Entire Stores:  
B.A.Ks Freebie Store ~Newbie Center
Savoir Hair
The Free Dove


  1. Could you give me so lindens :( i cant buy them and people call me names no matter how hard i try to look non-noobish they still make fun of me :(

  2. Begging for money on a free and cheap blog page is rather... hrm.... missing the point.

    I link to many good resources for free things. Utilize them.