Sunday, May 1, 2011

Newbie Resources: Midnight Manias

Midnight Manias are a sales and traffic driver for retail stores, whereby if the customers can get a number of people to click a board in a day, then everyone gets something for free (a newer items is a mini mania, I link to those, too). The number of people to click varies; the lowest tends to be around 25 with the upper range in some stores with rare midnight manias going as high as 400. Whether people can "call" or state the status of the midnight manias in the group chats for a store also varies widely, with some stores allowing encouragement with no numbers and others allowing for explicit calling and encouragement. Check the group charter or ask in group if you're not sure of the rules around "calling" things in group chat. There are also groups dedicated to midnight manias, or groups around a theme (goth, gor, faerys, etc...) which allow for the calling of midnight manias in addition to other things like lucky chairs and advertising of  stores. There is some overlap between different deals - often a store with a midnight mania will have lucky chairs nearby, group gifts, and probably a mobvend.

Below is my working list of midnight mania spots, divided by type of item. Keep in mind when using this list that stores fail and are moved regularly, and some store owners take out their midnight manias semi-regularly, so finding one there isn't guaranteed. Where multiple midnight manias are in the same general area (within view of each other) I've included one link; in stores where the midnight manias are spread out I have included multiple links. Also keep in mind that some stores have set arrival points, so you may arrive some distance from the midnight mania board and have to walk there. Coming from the website, there should be a red arrow pointing the way. You can also look at the coordinates to tell you where the item is.

Last Updated: 2011 November 20
Last Completely Reviewed: 2011 May 1

Falln Angel Creations

Reel Expressions

Body Parts (hair, eyes, skin, etc...):
CL Designs
Dulce Secrets
Falln Angel Creations
MiaSnow Mini-mania

Building Resources:
[E.B] Prims & Poses

Angelwing 1 (group only) and 2

::  Cilian'gel Boutique :: 
Creative Chaos
Dare Designs 
Dilly Dolls 
Du Papillon
Ely Special 5 
Envy Design
Falln Angel Creations: Dresses, Silks, Kimono, Suits
Indigo Oddities
Jenna's Whimsy  
Latex Fetish Fashion
Pinkmare's Collection 
Pleasure Girl
Thalia's Fashion Collection 1 and 2
Venus Fashions

Alexis Creations
Falln Angel Creations
House of Conan
Zen Garden and Home

* CCD * 1, 2 & 3

Multiple Types of Items:
+DV8+ (custom colors only available in Midnight Mania and other free promotionals)
::*L'Emporio di Bru*::
Phoenix Design & Firefall
Shadow Temple

Baby Monkey (there's a second MM on the other side of the pillar)

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