Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fantasy Faire: Fantastical and Magical

Fantastical and Magical is like the daydream of a child on a sugar high. Sparkles and bright lights, wildly colored mushrooms and chocolate lakes, even the threat of a gingerbread house is here to entice you into forgetting all your troubles and having a snack.

Candy Colored Dreams

I love the layering of cotton candy tufts of grass with candy canes and donuts. All the cutest stores are here, too, tucked in among the whimsical decorations and toothsome seats. There were too many things to focus on, look at, for me to possibly capture it all. I managed to catch some of the few things, a shot here and an angle there - but every time I wander through I notice some new delight to catch my attention.

Fantastical Way to Oz?

Everything childlike is here, inviting you to delight and wonder. I loved the little crannies hidden within the stores and between them, or spread out gloriously in the middle of the sim.

It's a Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Everywhere there are things to sit on, and things to ride. The Pinocchio above spins in a circle with the donuts swinging around it - and you can sit on the donuts and go for a sweet ride while you look out across the sim. It's all set inside of a giant tea cup - which I simply loved as a feature! Especially when there was a teapot nearby to pour down tastiness for us to swim in.

Dragon Flower

The plant above had a moving head, too! I found a couple of those as I wandered around - the flowers which follow you as you move - and I never tire of bouncing back and forth, making things move. This one particularly delighted me because his expression was so affably threatening!

The Good Ship Lolipop

You can't really say there's a single centerpiece to Fantastical and Magical, but I think one of my favorite features was the chocolate lake with the boat spinning around on it. I never figured out how to sit on the cushions, but I loved just watching it spin around, cutting through the chocolate like Willy Wonka was at the wheel. I simply couldn't resist waiting until the shot took in the giant strawberry, too. Yum, chocolate and strawberries!

Mad Hatters

What I'm wearing is not, for once, something you can get at the Fantasy Faire. Instead it's one of the Flower Mini dresses by Hal Hina, a Japanese store I'm quite addicted to. I paired it with G Field shoes and jewelry, and I'm wearing the Adam n Eve skin which I've simply been refusing to take off. I paired it with her Hapsut eyeshadow, which is a classy simple black outline.

Gingerbread House

I found a ginger bread house here to go into, but luckily for me there was no old with there to try to make me into dinner! It's the cutest house ever, though, with a fireplace built inside. I simply fell in love with it, as well as the cake slide, and the donut leapy things.

Best. Candyland. Evah.

Come to the party! Check out Fantastical and Magical, while it still remains among us!

( More pictures can be found here, a couple more sims left to add! )


Eyes: Tacky Soul, Pride
Skin: Adam n Eve, Astrelle Fae (light brows) with Hatsup Eye Tattoo
Hair: Majika, Bean - Blonde
Wings: Fancy Fairy: Azarelle Iridescent Wings
Jewelry: G Field, Peart Set "Blossom" - white
Dress: Hal*Hina, Flower:mini dress [cream yellow]
Shoes: G Field, Ribbon Slingback Heels - cream

Location: Fantastical and Magical
Light Settings: Nam's Optimal Skin 2

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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