Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fantasy Faire: Dark Mirage

In many ways, Dark Mirage is "my" sim.

I've never been an official blogger before, so I have no idea if this is the usual way, but about a month ago  sent in an application to be an "official" blogger, and shortly before the Faire I was given "my" stores from the sim I marked as my top choice. You've seen me blog Sa-eela and De La Soul before, and when I hit Dark Mirage I decided I absolutely needed to bring out their lovely sale items again, as well as feature aspects of their stores here.

Poses: Sway, art'S #2/2

I had just been at the Pose Faire that day, so I had fun pulling out some of the odder poses I picked up there - including the art'S poses from Sway. Yay artsy! I'm showing off Sa-eela's gorgeous kirtle again, in my favorite configuration with the rope belt. The pose was complete accident - once I realize I could be the /l/ in Sa-eela, well... the picture was determined! The flow of the kirtle was really fun for wandering around in, too - I'm always struck by the delicate patterning of flowers on it. So very lovely.

Dancing by the Vendors
Poses: Sway, art'S #3/4

Her store is very Arabian in style - at least the movie Arabia I know. Lots of carpets and tent curvings and these fantastic curtains. She put her vendors on center stage - check out me feeling myself up right by them! I actually spent a little while dancing here like a very silly faerie! There's also sand dunes, which made me seriously giggle because it's inside a store yet it looks so awesome! Pocket desert, complete with well! All of her items are settled into tents like this one, organized by style which makes it fun to browse.

De La Soul

And then, bouncing along, I found myself at De La Soul! Somehow I transformed, too. Gone is the kirtle and kind of cute desert girl, and here is me as a demon again! I stuck with the rainbow accessories, because that's just how I roll, and added in some fluffies and frillies with enough skin showing that I don't lose my demon cred. Behind me you can see the male version, too, and there are more RFL things on sale which I - bad faerie! - didn't photograph. You have to make the effort - and believe me this sim is worth it (but then all of them are - seriously).

Her store is this amazing dark temple with screaming faces on the sides! Very scary, but what lurks inside is not to be missed. Gird your courage and sally forth! Or... something of the sort.

Fall from Grace

The centerpiece of this sim is in the picture above, and I have to say I think the centerpiece in Dark Mirage is the most breathtaking.

I love all the sims - as my pictures will attest I hope, but the tall tower in the colors of flame kept me entranced for quite some time. I love the stained glass quality, the flow from one color to the other, and the crystal in the center. It seems somehow both mystical and magical, with a slight air of menace as well which both threatens and allures.

Sprouting Indoors

The wonderment begins in the first store; like many stores on these sims, there are precious prims set aside to turn the mundanity of a store into something magical. I fell in love with these flowers - especially the butterfly ones - and they were placed perfectly to entice you to stop and dream a while. I love how the dull brown of the backdrop would give way to glorious spots of color; like the flush of life which blooms in the desert, there is a feel of spontaneity and playfulness.

A Resting Tree

The color is continued in these charming lanterns which hang from wizened branches and curling posts all over the sim. They come in little flashes, easy to miss if you're in a hurry but an incentive to slow down and really savor the small details of desert life, even here by an oasis.

Incarnadine View

And then there's the tower, with it's satellites.

Descent into Fire

I love the tower, in all of its aspects. Words cannot possibly do it justice.

( Other pictures found here, more being added regularly. )


Eyes: Tacky Soul, Pride
Skin: Adam and Eve, Astrelle Fae (light brows) with Eye Tattoo Fae Titania
Ears: Illusion, Fairy Ears
Hair: Truth, Mariposa - Night
Clothing: Sa-eela, Sakhon Camisk
Feet: SLink, Barefeet Low


Body: De La Soul, Daemon Violent (Infected with Cleavage)
Hair: Truth, Mariposa - Night
Collar: Violent Seduction, Sound of Silence Collar
Shirt: Falln Angel Creations, Loven Dress Black Top
Skirt: Wishbox, Reveries Dress Skirt

Location: Dark Mirage
Light Settings: Nam's Optimal Skin 2
Water Settings: [TOR] Trandshan

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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